Monday, June 25, 2012


Even though I'm somewhat in weight loss mode again, I'm feeling impatient with it.  I had the opportunity to have a conversation with someone at the birthday party I attended Friday night regarding finding our happy weight.  I stated that I no longer want to weigh what I did umpteen years ago but I do want to lose 15-20 more pounds - and - and this is a BIG AND - stay there.  Being able to stay there would make me so happy.

The issue is that the impatience can make it near to impossible to get there.  For example on that same day prior to that conversation I was 'feeling' fat.  The feeling was completely ridiculous because I was wearing the very outfit that I wore on the plane to St. Martin.  That means that my weight hasn't changed enough to make a difference in my clothing yet when I went to St. Martin I felt terrific and proud and that Friday I felt 'fat.'

On Saturday morning, I came across a blog of someone who is feeling that same impatience.  Interesting to me because Karen and I do not approach weight loss in the same way.  She has worked very hard at NOT dieting and being an intuitive eater.  Good for her.  And yet, here we are, a dieter and an intuitive eater having the same feelings.

If you read that blog, you'll see that my comment to her was that I know it's important to treat our bodies with kindness as we go through the process.  I feel that way because I don't think it matters how you are getting to your happy weight, I truly believe you will get there faster if you are kind to yourself.

As I further thought about Karen's post and the conversation I had on Friday night I had sort of an *a-ha* moment.  Not only does this while process require patience, it requires consistency. Unfortunately, whether one is eating intuitively or following a structured diet plan, or even trying to maintain the weight loss achieved, you have to do it consistently, day in and day out.  And, for me that night be the hardest thing of all.

At this moment in my weight loss process, it's not just all the extra events that come this time of year, it's also what I call diet 'fatigue.'  I've mentioned it before:  while I'm not truly happy where I am, I am happy 'enough.' I'm able to wear some really pretty clothing and most of the time (Friday excepted) I like the way I look and feel. While I feel so much better when I weigh less than I do now, the fact that I feel 'good enough' makes it easy for me to justify the extra handful of this or that, the extra bite of this or that, or the extra drink of this or that.   This behavior, of course,  is the opposite of consistency, unless I am consistently trying to gain weight.

So now that I've had these moments of clarity, the real trick is going to be to put the thoughts into action.  I know I'm capable, but can I?  Will I?  I'm not actually sure what I'm going to do to be quite honest.


  1. Twins - I actually have had a post in draft mode titled "Patience"! And yes, patience, or impatience, consistency or inconsistency - those are the diet deal-breakers. It IS hard to do something, day in and day out, and keep believing that one day you will reach your goal, especially with all of the zig-zags that comes with dieting.

    All we can do is keep trying - honestly trying, not just giving it lip service. And you, my friend, do not give this thing lip service - you are the real deal. You'll get there. :)

  2. I couldn't agree more with Shelley's comment. I think I'll steal that for my mantra this week "consistency!"

    Happy Monday!

  3. Fantastic post containing much food for thought for this food-issued blogger.

  4. The 2nd to last paragraph is exactly where I am.. Part of me think just to accept it and maintain until the summer is over. I started in Sept last year and went through to the end of March.. since then I have struggled with routine and consistency. I am not happy where I am, but I am happy enough for now.

  5. Consistency is key that's for sure. You know that from running and the same damn thing applies to dieting. Doing both at once and being consistent is the hardest for me. Maybe try something new to lose the last 10 or 15 pounds. I know you can do it!

  6. Well, I have written on this before. There is so much to weight loss that goes beyond calories in/ calories out to get to goal. For me, I would like to shed 15-20 pounds as well. But then, have I not been saying that for 3 years now?

    You have to figure out what price are you willing to pay to get there. And will you be happy paying that price?

    I am not sure I am willing to pay the price, but I wonder if wanting it and semi-working for it has been what has kept me from gaining 100 pounds back?

    Losing weight (and even maintaining sometimes) is exhausting to do 24/7, which is pretty much what it is. Some people are lucky in that they don't have to be focused so much, but there are a lot of us who do have to be that focused all.the.time. just to see a bit of progress.

    I also think the body gets diet fatigue. You can only stay in a calorie deficit for so long before the body resets the metabolism to fight it. Certainly changing up the diet can sometimes kick it back into gear because it is different and the body recognizes it being different and gets going again.

    Enjoy my latest novel LOL!

  7. Patience, consistency, and kindness. Yep, that about wraps it up, no matter which way you approach it! And by the way, what the hell is it that makes us feel beautiful, slim, and proud one day, and like ugly fat slobs the next? Oh yeah...hormones LOL.

  8. Oh, yes, do I have a "wait" problem too! I want to be where I want to be, weight wise, NOW!
    Consistancy is the key and the hard part for me. I try to convince myself that this is the way I need to eat forever, not just a diet, not just till the weight comes off, FOREVER! The cravings and wishing I could eat things like others do is hard! It always results in gains for me! You'd think I'd learn!
    I'm trying!


  9. I think consistency is important to any goal and also difficult! Being aware certainly helps. You will prevail!

  10. Helen you said, "While I feel so much better when I weigh less than I do now, the fact that I feel 'good enough' makes it easy for me to justify the extra handful of this or that, the extra bite of this or that, or the extra drink of this or that." and for me that is why maintenance can be so difficult!

    At my happy weight I feel like I "deserve" some freedom and some extras but actually the less I weigh the fewer calories I need and those extras cause extra pounds! It's so unfair.

  11. Helen- I am giving up the scale for the summer. I am focusing on consistency and working out. I have been trying to lose weight to little avail. I decided that eating healthy consistently and working out consistently were the more important factors. I just can't handle dieting any more. It was seeming very self-defeating.

  12. for me consistency is key in everything.
    fitness food relationships work writing --- all of it.


  13. Good post Helen and one I need to also. I'm with you that consistency is the key and I'm like you that the minute I feel good about myself I start eating a bit more. Which eventually leads to unhappy feelings again.

    I'm sure you can and you will. For me? I'm not sure I can be consistent but we'll see next week if I can surprise myself. You know what my reason behind it is, same reason as you have. Maybe we have to keep that in mind?

  14. I can relate. I always do that. I get to a point where I feel pretty good about myself then sabotage myself by thinking I can have a couple of cheat meals that lead into cheat weeks. Then feel fat then start dieting again. A vicious cycle.

    For what it's worth I think you're looking great.

  15. Great post Helen. Too bad we can't all wave a magic wand and be where we want to be in our lives. Not just our weight and our bodies, but in our jobs, our relationships, etc. I think you've hit the nail on the head that consistency is key, but so is forgiveness when things don't go as we'd planned. have a great day.

  16. I so agree with you about the "consistency," and everything else. Patience is also a real virtue when it comes to weight loss, but it is a tough one for me.

    I have found that when I have lost weight in the past and currently, I have a "food routine" of eating pretty much the same things (or perhaps in the same food groups) at the same time every day. It seems that even when I allow 1500 calories instead of 1200, I lose more weight, because I am consistent and not up and down with my calories. I have also written about this in some of my posts, because I think it's so important. Great post!

  17. One day at a time!! remember you didn't get fat overnight, it probably took many years.


  18. Consistency and balance is key when one is trying to do everything in life. I have been doing mild exercises and walks because of time limitations. I am slowly seeing the effect of what i have been doing in moderation and I love it. As long as i am doing something to lose or maintain my current weight i am quite comfortable with myself. I had an interesting read.