Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Not Usually a Lush: Wine and Margaritas?

On Day 3 I slept until 7:30.  Oh my goodness I was exhausted from all that walking and touring and partying!  But soldier on I must.

Little Helen had arranged for a tasting at a Virginia winery so that meant driving instead of taking the metro for a change.  We got up and took off for Whole Foods where we bought items to take with us for a picnic lunch.  Fortunately, the direction we were driving was not the direction where all the traffic was and we got to the winery just before noon for our tasting. The drive itself is absolutely gorgeous and the word "Gentry" kept coming to mind as we went by mile after mile of rolling lawns with mansions and huge gorgeous farms.

Willowcroft Winery has been going since 1984 just outside of Leesburg, VA.  The tasting room is located in an old barn that they have renovated to include an event area.

Just beautiful!

We headed back for the DC area and once again were fortunately that now the heavy traffic was coming out of DC while we were going in.  After getting cleaned up, we headed out to meet Spark Friends for a meal at  Cactus Cantina.  The Cantina is known for not only its Tex Mex but also they create dished with a Latin flair.  We chose this because one of the Sparkers loves this sort of food while her husband does not.  It was a little bit of a pain to get to as it's outside of the metro system so we had to metro then bus, but once we got there, all was made good by a pitcher of their famous Frozen Margaritas.  I've never had anything like this Margarita and from now on will compare any other I partake of against these!

This was my meal: Carne Ranchero.  Grilled skirt steak smothered with onions, peppers, and mushrooms and melted Monterey Jack Cheese.  We got a kick out of the carrots and broccoli on the side which is sort of random lol!  This was also served with homemade warm tortillas, rice and beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo.  It was delicious but I had to give up on the extras and concentrated on the meat as it was a whole lotta food!

Another great day in the books... and a late one at that as I didn't end up getting to bed until after midnight!


  1. What a great trip you had Helen. You did so many fun things every day. I love the recaps of your days.

    Dinner looks absolutely delicious.

  2. Another fun day! It's a good thing you had that relaxing vacation in St. Martin beforehand, to gear up for all the action you did during this one!

  3. What's wrong with being a lush? Looks fun!

  4. Such a great day! I love that old barn! Thanks for sharing all this with me!
    Did someone say margarita?


  5. Ooh, that steak looks good! I think I might have to have that for dinner tonight!

  6. Sometimes I feel like I am missing out by not liking wine.

    This trip sure looks like a blast!

  7. Sans the onions, I am all over your dish! I love Virginia - probably the prettiest state - growing up we went to different parts every year as both my parents are from there.

    Glad you had such a great time!

  8. Like Lori, I don't like wine, but I do feel that I'm missing out sometimes. It looks like a fabulous day! Your food looks so delicious, and there's just something very freeing about sightseeing on vacation! You all look very happy and beautiful besides!