Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Ten

1. I went to the doctor on Friday morning and he did not give me shots in my foot.  He views those as a last resort prior to possible surgical intervention so he wanted me to try an anti-inflammatory gel that I rub on my foot 3 times a day.  I'm not sure still how I feel about it but if it doesn't work, I will go back and then get the shots.  He wanted me back in a week but I couldn't get a followup appointment until the 21st so I have 3 weeks of gel rubbing to do.

2.  My sweet niece Gracie started first grade last week.  My sister is always telling me how Gracie should have been my daughter what with her love of sparkly, blingy things. In fact she says Gracie's motto is "the more bling, the better."  And shoes.  She loves shoes.  Look at her first day outfit - the shoes are the bomb!

3.  Gracie's brother Jacob started 4th grade this year and has lost all looks of being a baby boy.  He's so grown up and handsome.  Did you know Mr. Helen takes him every single Wednesday for 'man time' ever since Gary died?   3 1/2 years now.  We sure are going to miss these kids when they move in a couple weeks but I think Mr. Helen is going to really feel the void.

4.  We had to go shopping for a new mattress.  Ours was somewhere between 10-15 years old and my lower back was starting to feel every inner spring in the dumb thing. We went to the place where we've bought all our furniture and as we are such great customers we always end up getting something extra.  So, we're in the bed department laying on one mattress after another - plush, firm, gel, memory foam, etc. and the salesman says, "Be sure to lay on it like you sleep, don't just lay on your back."  Mr. Helen pipes up and says, "Oh, I'm a back sleeper anyway, but she's a roller."  HEY!  You try being me for one night:  hot, cold, sweaty, cold, shoulder aching because I laid on it too long, hot again, need water, need the bathroom... I deserve to roll around all I want!

5. I spent part of the long weekend doing some of those troublesome chores that I haven't wanted to do all summer.  Like cleaning up and reorganizing my shelves in the garage.  They had become so choked with stuff that I hated to try to find something.  We ended up taking a truckload of stuff to the local thrift store that sells household goods then uses the money to feed and shelter the homeless.  Every single time I've gone in the garage the past few days I just feel... happier.

6. I have decided I do not like Stevia.  No matter what form it comes in or how it's used it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth that I do not like.  Therefore, I am consciously avoiding it and products that contain it.  I'm not a big sugar user in the first place so if I need something, I'd rather have a little bit of regular sugar.

7.  Speaking of food "substitutes," if you didn't see Lori's post on the Faking of Food, click right there and read it.  I couldn't agree more with everything she said.  Food faking has got to come to an end.  I loved her reference to the Snackwell cookie syndrome because I was a WW leader during that time and had so many members who got caught up in that low-fat trap.

8.  The other thing I did was refurbish the bottom cabinets in the kitchen.  Previous owners had done a refacing so the cabinets look new but they're not.  The bottoms had pieces of shelf paper that were constantly moving and hard to keep clean.  I saw an idea on Pinterest to use peel and stick vinyl tiles to refurbish so I went out and bought the materials.  Yesterday it was finally not too hot and humid so I went for it.  It took me 2 hours to do 3 cabinets but look how great the finished project is.  I feel so crafty now that I've actually completed something I Pinned!

9. Been thinking a lot about this:

10.  Sunday was Doing A 180's third anniversary .  Part of me can't believe it's been three years already and the other part can't believe I'm still blogging.


  1. That "don't give up" quote is one of my favorites. I should Mod Podge it onto the front of the pantry. And fridge. (Because tape is too easy to remove.)

    1. Debbi this comment just made me laugh out loud! :D

  2. First off, Happy Anniversary! It has been such a pleasure getting to know you. I always appreciate your wisdom and experience. Thank you for sharing it with us so graciously.

    Secondly, my heart just melted when you told of Mr. Helen's Wednesdays with the nephew. As someone who lost a parent at an early age, Mr. Helen's care and time is so important. I know you will miss them all when they move away to start this new chapter of their lives.

    Ha! I was just thinking about the whole Snackwell/fat free thing just yesterday. I was in Dallas and they have one of the few remaining TCBY (frozen yogurt store from the 1990's) and Pebbles wanted to stop off for "a cold one". She and I were talking about the FF thing and how I lived on FF stuff - including ff (or low0fat) white chocolate mousse frozen yogurt. I had one yesterday just for nostalgia's sake. I am vehemently opposed to "frankenfood".

    Again, Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you are here.

    1. Thank you Roxie. I sincerely believe that Jacob and Mr. Helen will have a special relationship for their entire lives because of these past years.

  3. Congrats on your 3rd blogging anniversary. We almost started at the same time. If I'm correct I started in June 2009. I haven't been around since the start of your blog, but the time I did follow you: I enjoyed every post of it.

    Look at Gracie, she's so cute and such a fashion girl, I love it.

    I'm sure Mr. Helen and Jacob will miss their man-time on Wednesday.

  4. Gracie is adorable. Love her style! And Jacob - I love the look boys get when they are "miniature men" - wearing pretty much the same clothes they'll wear in another 10 years, but they're still little guys. So sweet - thanks for sharing their pictures!

    Ahhh to organizing. It feels good to get it done, and I am right with you on having viewing parties with the finished product!

    So did you get a bed? You have to get it up the stairs, correct? Don't forget to PIVOT! ;)

    I am right with you on Stevia, and all artificial sweeteners. I can taste them immediately, and would much rather just have sugar. Like you, I don't eat a ton of sweetened things (plain iced tea, plain coffee) so when I do eat sweet, I want to like it. And yes, Lori's post was dead on when it comes to fake foods.

    Big congrats on your blogiversary! So we've only known each other for 3 years? It feels like much longer!!!

    1. We got a bed but won't have it until Thursday. Thankfully this time it's not us that has to get it up those stairs - it's the delivery men lol!

  5. Doesn't it feel so good to purge closets/shelves, etc? It's so liberating. Makes me wonder why we collect stuff to begin with LOL!

    Thanks for the shout out. I agree with Stevia. John uses it because I was ever so gently nagging about Splenda and I would rather he use Stevia than Splenda. Me, just give me sugar LOL!

    Is that Voltaren gel you got for your foot? Hope that helps. I know that foot shots are actually fairly painful to get, but they do help.

    1. Yes it is Voltaren and if it's working, it's not working fast enough for my taste. Although he did tell me 5 days, which would be tomorrow. I suspect I'm too far gone and now will have to gut it out until the 21st and get the shots. Sigh...

  6. I love your Tuesday 10 posts!! Hope the gel works for your feet. And hooray for being crafty! I love all the ideas I've pinned, have yet to do one thing though.

    Love Gracie's outfit - and Hannah is much more like my sister than me. I was the one who rolled out of bed 5 minutes before I had to leave. Hannah is up 1.5 hours before she has to leave, will change her outfit 10 times and try three different hair styles before leaving!

  7. That poster at the end is fantastic...delay gratification! I needed to see that today as I'm getting a withdrawal headache from sugar as I'm giving it up a day at a time - starting yesterday!

    I agree on the Stevia - nasty stuff. Takes like old penicillin. Your shelves look great. I need to do my dining room table which is the catchall for everything. Maybe I need to schedule a dinner party to force me into it.

    1. Old penicillin!

      Invite me to your dinner party, please.

  8. Congratulations on your third blogiversary Helen. I 'aww'd out loud at little Gracie in such a cute outfit, and I aww'd at Mr. Helen having man time with Jacob. They are so lucky to have you both in their lives!!!! Love, love, love the don't give up quote, and soooo hoping you get some foot relief soon. Hugs to you Helen.

  9. Happy Blog Anniversary Helen! I am so happy you are still blogging. Love the Tuesday Ten too.

    The kids look amazing - they are growing up fast!

    That is a great idea for using the stick on tiles. Gonna remember that one in case I need to do something like that down the road.

    I like the sounds of that gel for your foot. I found the shot in my toe to be very painful but I do think it's helping so it was worth the pain! Hope the gel works for you. Keep us posted.

    The garage looks amazing - I love it when we get organized around here. It makes it so much easier to find things.

    Have a great week!

  10. Happy blogging anniversary! Your niece and nephew are really cute. My 9 year old niece is a fashion diva too (9 going on 40). I am glad I wasn't the only one cleaning on the long weekend. It was a pain but did feel good after.

  11. Well, I am very glad you are still blogging! Happy anniversary!

    Yes, I agree with the re-organizing and how good it makes you feel, and why do we avoid it for so long and why do we collect the stuff in the first place. Aaagh. Read an old journal last night and I've been working on this problem for 25 years...

    Mr. Helen is a winner in so many ways.

    LOL on you being a 'roller.' Are any of us NOT rollers at this age? I'm dying to know what kind of mattress you got!

  12. Happy Blog Anniversary!!

    I am so with you on Stevia. I've read recently about how great coconut sugar is supposed to be in terms of being low glycemic index. It's still sugar, but "better" than plain old white sugar. I bought some today at Fiddleheads...will let you know what I think.

    and you had me at GRACIE.
    she is 100% like my girl...and Im 100% the opposite :-)