Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10. In the last 24 hours, the search words that have brought people to my blog are "beef and broccoli."  There was also a "beef and broccoli helen" search.  All of that then led them to the Crockpot Beef and Broccoli recipe post I wrote back in February.  So, whoever searched with the word Helen - just come straight here to this blog and then you can click on the recipe tab at the top of the page and you'll find all the recipes I've shared, including that one.

9. The gel the doctor prescribed for my foot is not working.  Well, it does work but only temporarily. I think the injury is too far gone at this point. Thankfully, I didn't waste money on it as it seems to be working great on Mr. Helen's tennis elbow, so he's happy I got it.  Thursday I go back to the doctor and will begin a series of shots.  Thursday cannot come fast enough.

8. We are enjoying our new mattress.  We bought a Sealy Posturpedic and were able to get one of the nicer ones between the sale and our best customer discount.  I did try the iComfort and also a Tempurpedic.  One day maybe, when I have $2000 to spend on a mattress.  In the meantime we're sleeping better, although Mr. Helen swears that I still sleep as illustrated by this diagram:

7. Ran in capris and a long-sleeved shirt this morning as it was only 49 degrees.  Yes, that's below normal temps for this time of year.  Brrrrr!

6.  I am the only woman candidate from my dojo for black belt in Muay Thai this cycle.  Last Saturday during the black belt prep class I completely showed up the other 2 (male) candidates, who for some reason don't know their material.  To the point where they were singled out at the end of class and told to get their act together or they wouldn't be considered further and I was told great job.  Proud of myself for not letting them drag me down with them, because they tried to.  Both of them seem to have "issues" with women.

5.  "Life exists beyond 50."  Good to know.

4. My friend Em's bridal shower was on Saturday.  It was a blast.  There was an ocean theme and we made our own "favors" when we painted t-shirts by pressing them with rubber fish paint had been applied to.  Here's my shirt, the awesome octopus cake with jelly-fish and oyster cupcakes made by Em's sister, a closeup of the cupcake I ate, and the shark hat that was decorated with ribbons from her gifts and that she will wear to her rehearsal.

3. While perusing Facebook this morning I saw this.  I think karma (and Chris Powell) are trying to tell me something. "Call upon every ounce of your discipline today. You simply must stick to the plan."

2.  I've decided to use this blog once again for accountability.  Maybe if I put out here how ridiculous I'm being it will help me to stop the insanity (remember her?).   I want to lose 35 pounds.  Well I think that's what I want to lose as I don't know what I weigh right now and I'm using my Zero Scale again.  Adjustments may be made to that number but based on clothing it's what I'm aiming for right now.

1. Why do you think it's as hard to lose 35 pounds as it is to lose 100?


  1. I think losing 35 is even harder than losing 100. The less one has to lose, the more difficult it is. I have to lose about 15 lbs but it's so hard (okay, I'll admit, I'm not trying very hard).

    I'm sorry to hear the gel isn't working and hope the shots will help you. This has taken way to long and all I want for you is to walk and run painfree again.

    Autumn is my favorite season but the only downside is that it's dark again in the mornings and I have to use lights and safety vests again, boohoo!

  2. Losing weight, any amount of weight, is difficult. Period. If it were easy, we would all be at our perfect-health weight.

    I'm sorry the shots weren't the cure you needed. Here's hoping Thursday provides some relief!

    Here in Texas, we are experiencing fall-like weather and I was able to get outside some yesterday to enjoy it. I, too, love fall. And pumpkins!

    Those bridal shower ideas are darling~ someone is very creative.

    Have a great day, Helen.

  3. Love the fall--it's my favorite time of the year! Sorry the gel didn't help your foot. I know that foot injuries can take time, but the fact that they can hamper activities for such a long period of time is hard to deal with.

    There is nothing like a good night's sleep, and a mattress can make so much diffference! I hope you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud...

    As for losing weight, I think it's all hard--even 5 pounds. There are physiological, as well as psychological reasons that weight loss is so difficult, not to mention the expectations of our culture when it comes to food and socialization. But nevertheless, it can be done, and you are a very strong woman, Helen. Take good care of yourself!

  4. I can't believe how much the Tempurpedic mattresses have gone up since we bought ours 11 years ago...and according to the bed manufacturers, it's time to replace it. Not likely, although there is nothing like a nice new bed!

    Love the bridal shower theme - looks like it was a lot of fun.

    Very nice that your bad self is showing up the men in the black belt classes...girl power!!! :)

    One could say that being faced with losing 100 pounds seems so insurmountable, so why even try? But losing 35? That's nothing! HAHAHAHA. Losing any amount of weight is a challenge for just about everyone (well, except for husbands who seem to drop it way too easily).

  5. Heck - it is harder to lose just 10 pounds than 100! Go figure.

    You are so prepared and so disciplined, why would it surprise you that you showed up the men for black belt? Go Helen!!

  6. Sorry your foot is causing you such grief Helen. Hopefully the shots on Thursday work. Let us know!!!! What a fantastic shower theme. Love it. (and I think I may be singing "Under the Sea" to myself for the rest of the day. Oh dear!!)
    Take care Helen, hope your Tuesday is a good one.

  7. I've heard people say it's just as hard to lose five pounds as 100 pounds. I know that I tried for about a year to get to 135 (a loss of five pounds) and I thought if I did that I would change my goal weight with Weight Watchers. I also thought that if I made it to that weight, it would be an incentive to keep it off. I would get close but I finally gave up and stayed with 140 as my goal weight. To lose another five pounds means I have to eat even less. :(

  8. Although at the moment your 35 pounds sounds a lot easier than my 80 odd, I can appreciate that it can be crazy losing any amount of weight. If at all, I think it probably gets harder the closer you are to your goal. Best of luck with your goal :)

  9. I thinks no matter how much weight someone has to lose its difficult. So much of it has to do with our mindset and what we believe about ourselves and how we cope with life. The more times we have lost and gained the more difficult it seems to be to take the weight off again.

    Sorry the gel isn't working for your foot Helen. I pray that the shots work well for you. I am having some improvement from the cortisone shot I got in my toe two weeks ago. It isn't the miracle I was hoping for but hey a little improvement is better than none.

  10. well I am a bit biased :) but believe it is WAY HARDER SISTER to lose 35.
    but NOT with the community you have here cheering you on to success.



  11. If I had the answer to #1 I'd be a zillionaire! Here's to both of us losing 35 pounds!! Hugs!

    p.s. how did the Italian sausage soup turn out?

    1. Fabulous. I knew it would though - it always does. Recipe tomorrow!