Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10.  Disassembled the patio over the weekend.  Bittersweet end of summer.  Last of the tomatoes pulled off the topsy turvey:

9.  I can't believe how fast it has cooled down.  Makes me want to eat heartier food, which I'm not sure is a good thing.  That's why portion control is important. I made my first batch of Roasted Zucchini Soup for lunches this week and I changed over the decorations to reflect the season.

8.  Friday, while eating my lunch salad, I thought I felt a tooth wigglilng.  By Saturday morning I was sure.  I only have one crown in my mouth and it was loose.  I spent the whole weekend worrying that it was going to come off while I was sleeping and I'd swallow it.  Thankfully that did not happen and my dentist got me right in Monday morning and was able to recement it.

7. Saturday, we went out and celebrated last week's football pick win.  Yep, he was the loser - but he's such a good sport. Or maybe he was just happy that I also had a coupon for the restaurant I chose.

6.  Shared an order of these chips and a salad to start.  These were Buffalo Kettle Chips:  warm chips with pieces of melty blue cheese and hot sauce!  Ended up taking about half of them home and as we never ate dinner since we had such a late lunch, I enjoyed the rest of them around 8 o'clock with a glass of wine.

5.  The reason I wanted to come to this restaurant:  Macaroni & Cheese pizza.  Plus they do an 8" personal size pizza. I had them add some bacon.  Comfort food, which I needed due to my foot and loose tooth and a really sucky black belt cycle class on Saturday morning.  It hit the spot and I had half of it left which is now in the freezer to have as a treat another day.

4.  While I was at the dentist Monday morning, I stopped by the OB-GYN to make an appointment.  They're in the same building and the last couple times I called to try to make one they told me he was fully booked and they didn't have his schedule past when he was booked.  As it has now been too long since I last went, I thought maybe standing there in person would better help me get an appointment.  The scheduler looked right at me and said, "He's quite busy, fully booked until December and I don't have his calendar after that."  So I said, "This is why I haven't been here in 3 years.  Because every single time I've called this is what I was told.  Do I need to find another doctor?  Can you perhaps recommend one?"  Next thing I knew the office manager was standing there and I left with an appointment for October 16th.

3.  My foot was ignorant all weekend long.  I pretty much spent the entire weekend with it on ice any time I was at home.  I called the doctor Friday and asked for a call back.  He never called.  I was not a happy camper but I called again yesterday morning and asked for him to be left another message and decided I'd make another appointment to go back in, not even knowing if I need to.  When they told me he couldn't see me until October 12th, I lost it, but not yelling lost it.  I started crying and told them their service was lousy for a current patient and that I didn't think they even cared about their patients.  Next thing I knew I was getting a call from the doctor's nurse/personal assistant/office manager.  About an hour after that, I had an appointment to see him today at 4:15.

2.  How sad is it that these doctors are so overbooked like that?  This country's medical systems needs an overhaul!  But let's hear it for proactive office managers.

1.  'Nuff said!


  1. Oh my goodness - mac and cheese pizza? If only it had bacon with it, I would never want to eat another thing ever!

    I can almost understand the docs' being booked up, but there is no excuse for no call back. Thanks for reminding me - I need to reschedule with my endocrinologist and I've made two calls with no call-backs. My PCP says the endocrinologist won't return HIS calls either, so I guess it's not personal :/.

    Hope the ignorant foot gets smarter soon.

  2. When you need to see your "normal" doctor here, you can usually get an appointment the same week but when you need a specialist in a hospital the waiting lists are that long too. Not good in my opinion.

    Never seen a pizza like that, not sure if I would like it. Hmmmm there's half of it left in your freezer? Bye!

    Is checking cheap flights so I can come over and test it ....

  3. The squeaky wheel gets the grease...but it's sad that it comes down to that. You've reminded me that I need to make a couple calls for overdue doctor appointments - thanks? ;)

    Love the return of the L picture (especially when it's Mr. Helen)!

  4. Good for you getting that appointment so soon. Amazing what a little persistence and presence can do. What a crock they were trying to pull!

    Back in February-April, I had to have a crown redone (actually a bridge with 2 crowns that was 15 years old), to the tune of almost $3500. My copay was $1300 - gasp. Glad you got yours back tight before an unfortunate incident! I'm

    I'm gonna Autumn up the yard this weekend. Yours looks nice.

  5. Yum, on the mac and cheese pizza. I never knew such a thing existed.
    I also find we have to stick up for ourselves with some of these appointments, especially when my kids were younger, I just had to go with my gut feeling.
    You just reminded me I have to clean up my garden.

  6. "a busted can of biscuits" LOL.

    That makes me so mad about the doctors. Good for you on being pro-active. But I feel bad for the people who don't know/aren't like that. I have to say that when I have had referrals from my doctor, the referring doctors offices have called ME, and even pestered me to make an appointment.

    We are finally starting to feel some cool weather around here. Maybe I should work in the yard today too.

  7. We actually never fully put up our gazebo this summer - just the top for shade - we never needed to put up the netting because we had hardly any mosquitos! When I put the patio chairs in the basement is when summer is "officially" over in my book.

    Yep, doctors offices suck as - I'll never understand it. I had one diabetes doctor just leave the practice to go back to teaching, and when I tried to be a patient of any of the other doctors in the group, no one was taking on "new clients" even though I'd been going there for 2 years.

    For the record? Today I feel like a can of biscuits! Bring on the lunch time workout!!

  8. Well I'm glad you got your appointments, but I would be MAD to find out patients had to "lose it" to get one in my office. I don't know about mac & cheese pizza. Hmmm.... Anyway, I hope your foot is better very soon.

    1. I thought of you many times yesterday Ann! What was really ironic about the GYN is that when they input me as both GYN and a new patient, an open time popped up. So that means that I, a patient of that doctor for 20 years has been constantly told no appointments are available but a new patient could get right in? Makes absolutely no sense to me!

  9. Your tomatoes look so much better than ours...am thinking we'd be better off with a Topsy Turvy! Speaking of doctors and women's health, I recently went to see Olympia Gregory in Norwich. She is an APRN who specializes in OB/GYN and hormones and she embraces "alternative" views as necessary. I am "firing" my other hormone doc (who is in Glastonbury and who's "bedside manner" leaves a lot to be desired, as well as my PCP who just wanted to prescribe "bandaid" medications.

  10. Ridiculous! Absolutely maddening. I go to this really old school PCP now. He works alone rather than in a big practice. If you are late for your appointment you have to reschedule. The office only takes cash or checks. They will bump a well visit for a sick visit. My concern is that my doctor will retire soon. The good ones are so hard to find. As a nurse I couldn't agree more that this country's medical system is in need of major change.

    Those chips...wow!!! Hope you are feeling a little better today.

  11. I'm SO glad you were able to get in to see the doc - that is such an irritant, when a power-tripper of a receptionist or scheduler messes around when she/he should mind what they're doing. I got a series of no-call-backs for a question on a scheduled colonoscopy, and rescheduled with another gastroenterologist. Actually got a call from the surgeon the morning of the original date, apologizing for his office staff!

    We have a local place (Mystic) that has mac and cheese pizza - it's good, but a little goes a long way!

    Feel better soon, Helen!

  12. Don't even get me started on the medical system! Even the doctors complain about it in their dictations, if you can believe that (usually regarding Worker's Comp or insurance issues). I have a shoulder problem and can't get in until the end of next week, which will be 3 weeks after my injury. Gotta love it. So glad you got what you needed, although getting it without a meltdown would really be ideal.

    I *want* those chips!! Need them!!

    1. Mr. Helen has been talking all week about how he's going to make them at home - just as soon as I buy some kettle chips lol!

  13. WAY TO GO on standing your ground and getting that appointment Helen. It's shameful that routine maintenance is "put off" because the docs are overbooked. EXACTLY the same thing for me...I am WAY overdue for my checkup down there, and getting an appointment was BRUTAL. I need a new doc...but soooo few doctors here accept new patients. It's a vicious circle. And sorry you had to burst into tears for the foot appointment. sigh. Hang in Helen!!!

  14. Wow that is amazing Helen. Good for you for standing up for yourself and getting appointments. It seems that the "good" doctors do have a very full patient load. There have been a few times that I have had to go to a walk in clinic because I couldn't get in to see my primary care physcian when I was sick and couldn't wait 2-3 weeks for an opening. It's not right.

    I am so sorry you are still having foot issues. Not that it will make you feel any better but I am still dealing with my own foot problems. I am no where near being normal yet and it's wearing me down emotionally. I realize it's not life threatening but it is life altering.

    1. This is exactly what I said to my doctor Tami: "This is affecting my quality of life. I can't take it anymore and you need to help me find an answer!"

      The life altering emotional wear down is as bad as the pain. I hope that you too get some answers and relief soon!

  15. ahhh the docs thing.
    I called to resched.an appointment for october and was told they were booked till 2014.
    I kept my appt....