Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Got Mr. Helen to Share!

I thought instead of replying to comments on my last post, I just answer questions here.

First of all thank you Lori for writing the word I'd been trying to remember since Monday!  "Displaced."  That's what they kept telling me at the doctor - be glad the fractures are not displaced.  That type of fracture is exactly what it sounds like - the two ends of the bone are separated.  My fractures look like cracks.  Think of cutting your finger: you don't need stitches but if you pamper it for a few days, the two sides of the cut join themselves back together.  That's what is being accomplished by the boot - joining the two sides of the crack back together.

Several of you suggested and/or asked me about swimming.  The issue for swimming with me is that there is only one gym (a YMCA) in the area that has a pool and it is a couple of towns over - not convenient or even on my way to or from work.  The open swim times in the morning would not allow me to swim and then get to work and the evening swim times are too late - not to mention the fees (over $300).  All of this adds up to  just too many roadblocks for me to get around.

The local high school pool which is free to residents and does have some weekend open swim times is closed right now.  And those are pretty much my only options as it is now Autumn in New England and all my friends who have pools have also closed them down!

A co-worker, who had an extra, was gracious enough to give me a handicap hanger for my car and that has already come in handy. It takes approximately a month to go through the process to get one here so I really appreciate the loan.  Because you know I'm hoping I don't have to wear this boot for more than a month.

I do feel I am already getting around better, as some of you said I would, but of course I won't ever feel completely comfortable in this dumb thing.  I have a touch of claustrophobia and while I was sitting at my desk Tuesday afternoon it kicked in.  Suddenly I felt like if I didn't get the boot off I was going to scream or pass out or both.  I quickly undid it and took my leg out until I calmed down a few minutes later. Tuesday night, I was so anxious to take it off, I went to bed at 7:45!

While I am working on getting into a flow with strength training, I am sorely missing my cardio.  I was able to go to a Muay Thai class the other night and just stand in front of the bag and do the punching. Though that made me a little sweaty, it still wasn't hard enough to really get my heart rate up.  I guess that's a hazard of being a regular exerciser.  I've decided to go to my FILs to try the bike before Mr. Helen schleps it home.  If it works, it will go in the garage next to the treadmill.  I'm also going to buy thinking about a hula hoop.  That is something I could definitely do standing in place and I think it will help with the cardio.  Of course, I'm assuming I still know how to hula hoop as it's been years since I tried!

I'm trying very hard to focus on forward momentum and remember how fast all the other months in 2012 have passed!

Stylin'!  One of my friends said she's enjoying the way I ruche my slacks these days.

Last weekend it was my turn to have a football pick winner dinner.  I thought I'd made up my mind about where I wanted to go but when Saturday rolled around, I didn't feel like going there anymore.  I was having such a hard time making up my mind that Mr. Helen finally suggested that we go to one of our favorite Italian restaurants.  One of the reasons it's a favorite is because we love the bar area which is full of old, dark, shiny wood.  

I protested because to go there would be much more money than we'd agreed on spending but he said he wanted to go, he was willing to pay, and we could always just get appetizers.  When we got there and looked at the menu, he immediately ordered my favorite appetizer.  As I didn't want to get two of the same, I decided to order a main dish and in the end we shared everything.  I'm always trying to get him to share but normally he wants the leftovers to take home.  I think money got him to agree this time - whatever, I was just happy he agreed! The color on these photos isn't the greatest because they were taken in a dark bar with my iPhone but you'll see we had a great time and good food.

Here is the loser, giving me the fingers

My favorite appetizer:  Grilled Cajun Shrimp with grilled peppers over grilled polenta.  I can eat this as a meal.  We'd already eaten some most of the shrimp which is why you can see the tails there lol!

Since we decided to split an entree, we got to have the delicious house salad and homemade foccacia that is served with homemade olive tapenade on the side.  Other than the bread basket all the rest of the photos (including the one of the salad) I'm going to show you are the SPLIT/HALF portion. Now you'll understand why I want to share!

The house salad is simply chopped greens with a creamy raspberry-garlic-balsamic vinaigrette

Veal Picatta with Fine Linguine and Red "Gravy" on the Side

So while we only each ate half a meal, we left completely full and satisfied. Additionally we each had one glass of wine and the total with tax and gratuity was only $50.  Still that's more than we'd normally spend but it turned out to be fine. Mr. Helen made his football picks for this past week early Sunday morning then left for work.  When I finally got our sheets side by side, we had picked exactly the same teams for every single game!  So, a tie this week which means no dinner out this weekend.  Glad he suggested this after all and really glad he was willing to share.


  1. I can totally understand now why you don't want/can't go swimming. If it was close and cheap it's a different story.

    So sweet of Mr. Helen to suggest the Italian restaurant for dinner. The food looks amazing and delicious. That makes it "easier" that you don't go to dinner this week because it's a tie.

    Take care dear Helen.

  2. Yummy! I am with you on swimming. I just don't care for it, the cost of going to the only gym with a pool, the chlorine, the crowds. That's why I won't do another tri - unless I do open water training, no tri.

    John will split with me most times and I am so grateful for that because restaurant food can really be the undoing of a great week of eating.

    Funny, when we have all the same picks (or an even number), one of us will 'fall on the sword' so to speak and make a change :D

    1. We usually do the same Lori but by the time I realized what had happened, he had gone to work (almost impossible to contact him there) and the games had already started. He already agreed he'd get his picks done by Saturday this week, although I don't think it will happen again as I made some chancy picks!

  3. Awww, love the sharing! It's a great work around to the volume and cost of restaurant food - Jeff and I always marvel at how little we end up spending when we eat out because we almost always share the meal. The dinner looked delicious - I can tell my appetite is coming back! ;)

    Swimming takes a hell of a lot of effort and while I did it, I was very very happy to stop. Don't blame you one bit for not wanting to go that route.

  4. Bummer that swimming wont work out for you. When I was in rehab years ago with my ankle I bought a recumbent exercise bike (it had a seat with a back -more like a chair seat) and it worked out great for me. What a pity I gave it away - as I am sure it would come in handy for me right now. I hope the exercise bike will work for you.

    Hubby Tom and I went out to PF Changs the other night and I got him to share won ton soup - it comes in a big soup urn and we also shared an entree. Normally he likes to have his own entree so this is a new thing to get him to share with me. I love it!

    When I had to wear an orthopedic boot I wore a lot of skirts and dresses so I wouldn't have to deal with a pant leg. The challenge was finding a shoe that was the same heel hight as the boot so I didn't have to hobble around.

    Happy Healing. :)

  5. I love meal sharing. Hang in there Helen, if anyone can make a boot look stylish, it's YOU!!!!!

  6. Hulu Hooping isn't for everybody. I don't think I ever hulu hooped before in my life. But now I can. I just had to make my own. And now my wife (66 yrs old) has been getting her hulu hoop out for 30 to 45 minutes per day and working it. She said her abdomen really felt it after day 1 of hooping. Yesterday after school my granddaughters hooped continuously for 10 minutes without dropping it, and took 1 minute rests but continued for an hour. They said it's very addicting.

  7. Hooray for sharing! While we haven't done that while eating out, I now split one chicken breast, steak, etc. for the two of us. Since Tony's cancer surgery, his appetite isn't nearly as big as it used to be - which saves a lot of $$!

    I just keep thinking of all the shoes you won't be able to wear! And now that its fall/winter, you'll be happy to know I have three pairs of shoes to wear: my slip on Born shoes, gym shoes and . . . winter boots! Ha!

    I am probably the only woman in America who only has 3 pairs of shoes!

  8. The hula hooping sounds like fun. I have never been able to do it properly, even in my younger days, but my daughter can go on and on with the hula hoop. The only thing I worry about this is the weightbearing on your foot while standing with the hula hoop. Let us know how it goes.

  9. Have you ever tried pilates? It was the first exercise I started when I was extremely overweight/out of shape and couldn't do anything else, and it is still my go-to when I'm injured and can't keep up the cardio like I want to. I am always suprised/amazed and how toned I get when I do it regularly -- you wouldn't think that 20 minutes of exercise mostly spent in some variation of "lying on the floor" could do that much for you, but you really do get amazing results. I've had long-standing back issues and once I got into pilates, it "cured" them -- now when I feel a twinge, I bust out the DVDs and in a day or two, I am better. And the bun & thigh workout, especially, is great for runners -- lots of core, hip and glute strengthening just like they make you do in PT. I use the original Winsor Pilates series - 20 minute workout, Bun & Thigh workout, Ab workout and 20 minute maximum burn workout. They are out of print but you can find them on ebay or in the amazon used sellers section for cheap. I'd definitely recommend trying them. You might like them so much you'll want to keep doing them even after you get back to your other stuff! Happy healing!