Monday, October 29, 2012

Riders on the Storm

There's a little storm called Sandy that is wreaking havoc up in these parts.  My small coastal city is under partial evacuation orders due to the fear of flooding from the storm surge Monday and Tuesday.  There are some other areas of town that tend to flood and Mr. Helen's father lives in that area so he has had to leave.  He went over to the next town to stay with Mr. Helen's sister because she lives in a town where the utility operators are known to get the electricity back on fast. Mr. Helen and I live nearby that area but are on a hill so we are able to stay home for the time being.  There's also a bridge that goes over the Thames River that is going to be closed if the winds get sustained at 40 mph.  I don't remember that happening in all the years I've lived here but Mr. Helen doesn't remember that ever happening since the bridge was built.  Maybe it has and we were young and carefree and just didn't pay attention. There's also a Weather Channel guy in Mystic, which is the town Mama Helen and my sister live in.  At least it's not Jim Cantore!  In any case, we've done all we can so now, we're just gonna sit here, hope no trees fall on our house or on the homes of people we love, that the flood waters just don't rise, and ride it out.

Now, to happier things: Em's wedding!  I don't know too many men who have very much to say about any weddings, except maybe if it's their own.  Mr. Helen has been talking non-stop (and telling everyone who asked) about this wedding.  He actually declared it the best wedding he's ever been to.  And, let me tell you it was spectacular.  I think he summed it up perfectly when he said, "It had everything a wedding and a reception should have without all the pomp and circumstance."  It really was a celebration of Em and Steve and their personalities.  Though I can't bring the party ambiance to you, I can try to show you.

First off, I hoped to not wear the boot, but we prepped it just in case.  The hotel we were staying at was right across the street from where the ceremony was being held so Mr. Helen said he'd run back and get it if I needed it.

Here's my outfit.  Mr. Helen actually took this photo - I am so proud of him!  I love, love LOVED this dress.  It was super comfortable and I felt pretty in it. As we all know feeling pretty is just as important as actually looking pretty.

The wedding was held at the Connecticut Science Center.  Yes, a museum.  The ceremony was set up on the first floor and then we went up to the fourth floor for the reception.  We were allowed to play with any of the exhibits that we wanted to.  It was quite unique and so much fun!

Her color scheme was such that each of the attendants wore black and then had a particular color as their accent.  So one man and one woman each wore, orange, yellow, pink, or red.  All the wedding accents, i.e., the napkins on the table, the program, etc. brought the theme together and Em's bouquet had all the colors.  So beautiful and seasonally appropriate.

 This was their card box

Em was a beautiful bride. I loved her dress too.  It was so flattering and she looked like the queen she was.  Gorgeous. The first photo was taken by one of her bridesmaids prior to the wedding.  She wore orange shoes!

Coming down the aisle with her mom and dad

Steve is on the left.  That's his face when he saw her coming.

Vows and rings were exchanged and then, "You may take your first kiss as husband and wife!"

I think what impressed Mr. Helen the most and maybe why he thinks it was the best wedding ever was the length.  Em probably came down the aisle around 6:10.  I took this photo just at the end of the wedding.

Time to party!  And what would a reception be without fabulous food?  They had food stations  and tables set up throughout the fourth floor party area.  The food truly was some of the best I've had at a wedding - gotta love it when the caterer keeps the cold food cold, the hot food hot, and the tables full.

There was a cheese table with grissini and toasts and crackers, along with passed hot hors d'oeuvres.

There was a short rib table with delicious beef short ribs and all the vegetable fixings to go with. 

 Mr. Helen's favorite table was the Asian Chop Chop.  It was like a giant salad bar with all sorts of fruits and vegetables.  The salad dressing were Asian inspired:  Citrus, Ginger and Sesame.  You picked what you wanted, they tossed it in a bowl and then you had a choice of grilled flank steak, chicken or salmon to top. Delicious!

 My salad

Finally, instead of a traditional wedding cake, there were cupcake stations!  Yay!  I'm not even going to deny it, I had one vanilla and one chocolate.

 There were also these little raspberry cups, with a vanilla cream in the bottom.  I ate a couple of these too.

The DJ was fantastic and kept the dancing going and the party went on all night.  So much more I could show you but I think you get the idea that a fabulous time was had by all!  At the end of the night, we were allowed to take a bouquet of flowers with us.  Since I didn't have to do anything but sleep in the hotel and then drive home on Sunday, I took one.  It's going to be a lovely remind of this celebration all week long.

Thank you Em and Steve for allowing us to be a small part of your new beginning.  We look forward to sharing many more years of love and laughter with you!


  1. It sure looks like a fabulous wedding. I love it what she did with the color accents.

    And Helen girl, you look smoking hot! That dress looks fantastic on you.

  2. LOVE the dress on you! Glad it was such a good time :-)

    Yeah, I was relieved this morning when they moved the evacuation line to just south of us on Ocean Ave. Prior to that, it was just north of us. I believe we're on high ground, relatively speaking. Glad to hear that family is safe...hope their homes are spared!

  3. That wedding looks like it was all kinds of fun - LOVE that the bride wore orange shoes, and I love how she incorporated the bright colors into the wedding while still keeping it classy. The food looked delicious - that chopped salad bar? So stealing that idea for my next wedding! ;) Your dress was perfect. Bet you felt like a million bucks in it - you sure looked like it!!!

    OK, fingers crossed that the storm does not impact y'all too much.

    1. That dress is actually one that if I lose weight out of that size, I'd consider having it altered. I love it that much.

  4. What a gorgeous wedding! I absolutely love the colors and the bride's shoes were fantastic. How unique to have it at the CT Science Center. It is a very cool place. Wow the food looks fabulous. You look beautiful Helen.

    We are all anxiously awaiting Sandy up here in Western Mass. No school today for my son. Looks like I will be heading to work tonight in the midst of it. The winds seems to be picking up a bit now but no rain yet. Stay safe.

  5. Oh my goodness. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with such fantastic food!!

    I'm mostly obsessed with the fact that you were able to keep HEELS on all night! Wow! I'm hoping the ortho doc will have a solution for me so that I can wear heels again someday.

    Stay safe and warm. Do you get to miss work?

    1. Thankfully, my office closed until Wednesday so all I have to do is sit here and wait it out!

  6. You looked beautiful in that gorgeous dress. What a happy occasion!

    We're already getting our asses kicked with the storm - some street flooding in places - gonna be nasty! Be safe!

  7. Oh wow, what a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Em looked stunning. And your dress? Gorgeous!!! Stay safe Helen. If you have power, keep us posted on how you are. Hugs.

  8. What a beautiful wedding and beautiful bride! I love how you look in the dress, too. Very fun and flirty.

    I had to laugh at your remark about Jim Cantore because I asked John yesterday "Where did Cantore end up?"

    Looks like we may not get as much wind as predicted, thank goodness. The rain is another story. We live on top of a hill, so even though we are by the river, we are safe from flooding. Stay safe!

  9. Beautiful bride and wedding! Looks and sounds like a wonderful night. You looked awesome Helen. Love that dress.

    Hope you stay safe and sound today - do keep us posted.

  10. What a wonderful weekend and I absolutely LOVE that dress on you! So glad a good time was had by all - the food looks amazeballs.

    Keep your head down - hope the storm isn't too bad for you!! Hugs!

  11. She looked REGAL. I loved that necklace...epic. I loved your dress as well...very pretty. I love weddings. They give me faith in humanity.

  12. Hope you stayed safe through the storm! My family lost power for a bit, but they aren't near the shore like you. Fingers crossed!

    What a fabulous wedding! Looks like it was wonderful (and delicious) for all. Love, love, love that dress on you!