Friday, October 19, 2012

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

Our foliage is hitting peak.  Mr. Helen is off on Sunday so I'm hoping to get him to take a drive and maybe go get our annual cider donut at the cider mill.  Here's a partial view from a window in the hallway at work.


I've been feeling antsy and worried all week, simply because of an announcement that was made Tuesday in my Muay Thai class:

Pre-test will be held at 7 am on Saturday, November 3rd.  We're meeting at the track for the run and then will test your material and fitness.

Normally I would have been excited about that but people, I'm in a boot.  I can't run at least until after I see my doctor on November 9th.  Which means the kyoshi has the right to tell me not to bother to test if I can't get through the pre-test.

I had to wait it out until I could see her last night.  Didn't make for a good week for me.  I was just frustrated and upset all week long.  This is NOT where I thought I'd be right now!!! I'm supposed to be in the best shape of my life and demonstrating mad Muay Thai skillz.

I didn't sleep well, and I already feel tired by the end of most days because of this dumb boot, so not sleeping is making things feel worse than normal.  Plus you know I had some crazy dreams, although I could only remember one.

So last night prior to my class when she asked me how I was doing, I replied, "Feeling very frustrated."  She told me I should hang in there so I felt it was a good time to ask about the pre-test.  She replied, "Helen, I know you can run.  Come to the pretest and then after you go see your doctor we'll go from there to decide what to do about test day itself."  So that means I got the waiver because they are considering the first tested run (which I ran with the 2 fractures and torn tendon, I just didn't know it) as good enough for me to move on!!

Load off my mind. Maybe the crazy dreams will stop now.


Em's bachelorette is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to an afternoon of girl time.  We are starting at a local orchard that has hard cider and fruit wines (fruit other than grapes I mean) and will eventually end up at one of her favorite restaurants for dinner.  A week from tomorrow, I'll be at her wedding - such an exciting time for her, and me too since I get to play dress up!


My feelings exactly.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the cartoon! Not a bit surprised that you've been granted clemency for your pretesting. Your work ethic and capability is not a mystery to anyone, especially those who work with you on a regular basis. Hope you have a dreamless sleep, or dreams of glory and grandeur of getting your black belt!

  2. That's great news that you can do the pretest Helen. I totally understand that was a big relief for you to hear.

    I have to say the view from your office is much better than mine. All I see is other buildings, at least you have a forest in the background.

    Have fun tomorrow afternoon but I'm sure you will.

  3. This is great news! What a relief.

    Beautiful photo and colours.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, Helen all that worry and lack of sleep isn't helping your mood. Glad you got good news and of course they already knew you could run!

    A fun day is just what you need right now. Enjoy the weekend and the wonderful fall colors.

  5. So happy for you with the pretest drama over - they KNOW you can do that run; heck, you're the strongest candidate for the black belt this go-round anyway! They would have been foolish to deny you...glad they saw reason. :)

    You have a fun weekend ahead - hope you have a blast both days!

  6. I am totally not surprised they waived the running for you. That would just be playing stickler if they didn't.

    Enjoy the foliage - it's soooo beautiful!

  7. Great news Helen! Woo Hoo. Enjoy the bachelorette party and those gorgeous fall colors!!! (what a gorgeous view) Happy Friday!!!

  8. Peak in Connecticut is the most beautiful sight on Earth. I am so jealous of you!

    Enjoy the bachelorette party!

  9. Yep...I'm with everyone else in regards to the pretest and the waiver. They know you can do it! Sweet dreams from now on :-)

  10. Glad you received such good news, Helen! I love your photo and this time of the year!! Take care...

  11. Im late but IM YAYing anyway!!
    and hoping you had time for a slow long restorative chatting drive this weekend too.