Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10. Dare I say when I got out of bed this morning, it felt different?  My bare foot on the wood floor, I mean.  I think this dumb boot is actually making me better. Still a ways to go though.  I could feel that too.

9. I made wedge salads to go with filet mignon for our stay in the house date night on Saturday.  I know this looks like a lot of bacon but that's more like bacon dust since I crumbled the heck out of it to make it look like more.  The bigger one with one with more dust is Mr. Helen's.

8. The more seasoned I get when it comes to eating and weight loss, the more I truly do believe in everything in moderation. Unless you have a medical reason not to eat something, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy everything, including dessert.  Portion control really is the key and specifically for me deprivation does not work.

7. The big debate on calories in, calories out?  Can you really ever undo a big splurge of eating?  I don't know but this guy tried - read his account of going to the Texas State Fair and then trying to work off the food. Not sure I could survive the workout he did, even if I had the time to do it.

6. Some years I seem to pick the perfect mum for the front yard.  This was one of those years.  Every time I pull in my driveway or look out the window, this makes me happy. What a difference in just a month!

5. I'm not loving the stationery bike.  I wanted to.  I want to.  But I just don't.  I think maybe if I had been a regular cyclist first (on a bike outdoors I mean) it might have been a better transition for me. But I'm doing it anyway though not for very long.  I've actually increased the amount of strength training, functional fitness type moves I'm doing and I only do the bike for about 15 minutes.  It's truly all I can take.

4. Last night I had a dream that I went to an early morning movie (we don't even have those around here) and Rahm Emanuel walked in with a group of people.  After I paid for my ticket I walked over to him and asked him if we could take a picture together.  His body guards tried to shoo me away but I pulled out my phone and showed him that he had taken several photos with Little Helen and I just wanted one to show her.  He acquiesced then dipped me back for the photo.  I don't know if it's all the political stuff I've been seeing on Facebook or something I ate but I rarely remember a dream.  At least this one was funny!

3. Speaking of Little Helen she turned 33 on Sunday.  In true adult fashion she went on a trip to celebrate her birthday.  Maybe it's really her fault I had that dream as she's always hobnobbing with Very Important People.  Here was her latest adventure prior to leaving for her trip.  Recognize these people?

2. Last week Miz wrote a post that I must have read about 10 times. Timely post for me as I sit here Humpty-Dumpty-ish looking to be put back together again.  Because if what you think defines you is taken away, it all has to be reassessed now, doesn't it?

1. What I keep telling myself these days...


  1. Sorry I don't recognize the VIP people. Can you help me out who they are?

    We had a stationary bike once, I insisted we should buy one and I would use it everyday. Well, like you, I hated it very much. We ended up giving it to my Mom who needs to use it everyday for her legs and she hates it too but she sits on it everyday for 15 minutes because it's good for her.

    1. Fran, that is Joe and Dr. Jill Biden, the United States Vice-President and his wife. Little Helen was invited to an event at their home!

    2. Cool! Your beautiful girl has friends in high places!

  2. Yay! for your foot feeling better! and yay! for bacon! I agree that anything in moderation is OK.
    I do think calories in should equal calories out but when you binge on crap you're gonna feel like crap and extreme exercising when you're not used to it, is dangerous. Another example of everything in moderation!
    Happy birthday to little Helen. My daughter turned 33 this year! How exciting she gets to meet people like that!


  3. I love wedge salads!

    I'm going to keep #8 in mind as I leave on my trip this morning!

  4. "Because if what you think defines you is taken away, it all has to be reassessed now, doesn't it?" No truer words!!

    Little Helen is the same age as my oldest stepson and their birthdays are within a few weeks of each other. I love what she is doing in the world!

  5. That is one heck of a MUM! Talk about a flower explosion - gorgeous!

    Love that Little Helen is getting such amazing opportunities. Can you believe she's 33? Amazing how time flies.

    I am not an exercise bike person either - found that out FOR SURE last year when it was one of my few options. Kudos to you for sticking it out for any length of time...I know it seems to drag when you're on it.

    I saw a post where one man tried a bunch of the fried foods at the TX state fair - honestly, it all looked pretty disgusting to me. If I splurge, it's not going to be on deep fried mac and cheese, believe me!

  6. Your daughter is beautiful Helen, but did you mean 23? She looks so youthful. How did she come to rub elbows with the Bidens? I love your daughter's dress in that photo.

    I'm glad to hear that you feel some positive progress in your foot. I give you credit for doing the exercise bike. It's better than not doing anything, but I do understand your feelings towards it. I was never a fan of the stationary bike. For some reason it is even more boring that the treadmill. I want to feel wind in my hair and see the scenery changing. Plus I never truly felt the workout. Maybe I did it wrong.

    I hope you continue to feel better every day. Thanks for sharing that quote and the post by Miz; both very timely for me.

    1. Thank you for all of your kind words Aimee. I COMPLETELY agree with you - the stationary bike IS more boring than the treadmill. I wish I could get permission to use an elliptical or arc trainer. She's definitely 33 - gets carded quite often but I told her enjoy that youthful look while it lasts!

  7. Bacon dust sounds like it should be marketed. Bacon is just one of the truest food pleasures on the planet.

    Happy to hear the foot is responding to the boot.

    And not to get all political here, but I hope Joe Biden stays as famous and in the same role as he is currently. Nuff said.

    1. OOOOOOH maybe I should market Bacon Dust!! You will be happy to know that Little Helen says politics aside, Joe Biden is one of her favorite people in DC - he's genuinely nice and very funny.

  8. Hi Helen, lots of yays in this post. The foot healing, the wedge salads, the giant and gorgeous Mum, Miz's post, and your beautiful daughter with the Bidens. Happy belated 33rd to her and happy Tuesday to you!!!!

  9. Learn to love the boot. It's making you better, which you couldn't get without it!

    My mums look great this year, too. I just love looking at them! I bought 3 and they have been going strong for a month now.

    and your bike - as a cyclist, it makes me cringe LOL! I don't blame you for not loving it.

  10. Bacon dust...sounds fantastic. lol. I am glad your daughter got to meet people she admires...that's cool. And that yellow mum with the blue house is just gorgeous...makes me wish I could find a blue mum to put in front of my yellow house..I guess I could find a purple reddish one. anywhoozle..

  11. 10. Way, glad it is working!
    8. I wish I was better at portion control and moderation when I am stressed.
    6. Pretty mums!
    5. Aww, yeah, sorry about that.
    4. Rahm Emanuel is one sexy MF. We love when they get a good shot of him here in Chicagoland. :)
    3. Aww, Little Helen is 33? Impossible! What a great photo.
    1. I like that.

    Hang in there, Helen!

    1. Your #4 makes me feel better about my silly dream now!

  12. so so so glad youre on the mend mentally and physically.
    IM ON THE MENTAL MEND as nothing makes me <> more than stumbling on a link love.

    THANK YOU!!!

  13. You must be so proud of your daughter!! Love.

    sorry you don't like the exercise bike - I watch t.v. when I do it at the gym, so it makes it go by faster, but then its a fancier bike, so who knows.

    The wedge salad is my husbands favorite! I need to make that for him - lettuce is the only approved green for him! :D

    1. I've watched TV and listened to music while riding that bike. It's boring and tedious. The end.

  14. So many good things here Helen. Love that the boot is helping - that gives me hope for my foot. That mum is awesome, I want to get a couple to plant in my back yard.

    Bacon? yes, I love it! Dreams? I don't often remember mine but when I do they are usually strange.

    Little Helen looks amazing and she sure is socializing with the right crowd! Wow, whats the story behind that?

    I am not a fan of the exercise bike or the treadmill but have been known to do either when I have too. After my ankle surgery the exercise bike was the only thing the doc let me do for quite some time and it was better than not doing anything. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

    Miz Fit always has the best posts! She is so insightful and gets me to think differently about my life and how I approach things.

  15. yep. and now I wants filet mignon, too.
    Jill Biden was once jogging in the park here in Delaware. All these secret service men were following close behind her. What a way to jog the trails.