Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aggravated and Agitated

I have decided that Americans - or rather citizens of the United States of America - are spoiled rotten. Spoiled rotten to their own detriment in fact.

This past week has been challenging for many people on the Connecticut shoreline but honestly, except for a couple of areas that were really hard hit, it's nothing compared to what the people of New York and New Jersey are dealing with. In spite of the fact that homes are still standing, flood waters are receding, and the power is slowly but surely coming back on, the continual griping about every damn thing has reminded me why I don't like people very much and why I tend to get a bit hermit-y at times.

I do realize that it's hard to be without power for so many days in a row. I actually experienced 7 days with no power and a 7 year old during Hurricane Gloria.  I realize we've come to totally depend on it and that it's even harder when there are children around and school is canceled.  Still, shouldn't we be grateful that our family members survived and our homes are standing?  Shouldn't we sort of suck it up and figure it out because you know the power will be back on and schools will resume eventually?  Shouldn't parents be using this opportunity to teach their children?

Halloween - oh my goodness the uproar over this NON-holiday.  People were mad that their local government rescheduled it (how that is done, I'm not really sure and the whole thing so ridiculous I refuse to think about it); people were mad that their local government did not reschedule it; people were mad that local government said parents should use common sense and they'd leave it up to them.    The vitriol was so harsh that I honestly could not believe the things I was reading and watching on TV.

I tried to remember back to my own childhood and I'm sure there must have been times when the weather was simply not good so we didn't go out to trick or treat - and yet somehow I managed to survive that unscathed.  Not only that, I couldn't even remember an instance where I was so severely disappointed about Halloween.  I simply do not understand parents who just can't say to their children that there will be no trick or treating this year. Give your children the candy you bought.  My goodness, don't we have bigger fish to fry?  For example, children who currently have NO HOME because Hurricane Sandy washed it away!

Parents have become so afraid of "disappointing" their children they will go to any lengths, including being unreasonable, to stop it from happening.  It's as if parents are afraid to be parents any more because they have given their children such a sense of entitlement that the wagon (children) is driving the horse (parents). Why can't they see they are not doing those children a favor?

We are a nation in trouble if we don't start teaching our children some very basic things. Life is not always fair. It has disappointments and they can be small or they can be big.  But life must go on and we must stick to the very basic tenet of concern for fellow man over greedily grabbing for our own pleasure.


  1. It's weird how people were so upset over Halloween - I agree, they are not seeing the big picture with this storm (or maybe choosing to ignore it?), but yeah, seeing stuff like this can really turn you off of people.

  2. I couldn't agree more. The fact that people feel entitled to so much is very disappointing to me. My gosh, there are so many things to be thankful for in the wake of that terrible storm! Why not count those blessings instead of candy wrappers and silly costumes!

    So glad to hear you made it through!


  3. As a Dutch very down to earth girl I don't understand all the exciment about Halloween at all :) I think it's something very commercial.

    About the children, it's the same here in Holland. I don't like most children anymore. They have no basics, they are inpolite, they get everything they want from mommy or daddy. They take everything for granted. Sure it's a result of the good life we had for years but it's not the way it should be.

  4. I think a lot of parents are too worried about being friends with their children and not parents, which leads to all kinds of discipline problems. Of course, this comes from someone without children, so maybe it means nothing.

    I think it is up to the parents whether or not they feel they should take their kids out for trick or treating. Yeah, it may be disappointing to the kids to not go, but it isn't life scarring, know what I mean?

  5. I couldn't have written it any better Helen! While I do enjoy Halloween, if I were in the storm area, I would certainly be putting my concentration on the important stuff, like food to eat and having a roof over your head.

    And I agree that some parents go so overboard not to disappoint their kids, or make sure that everything goes the way the kids want it to go. Only one problem with that rearing method - when the parents can no longer do that when they get older, the kids get pissed because they have never had to suffer - one of Hannah's friends went completely off the deep end when she discovered at age 19 that she couldn't get everything she wanted when she wanted it.

  6. Totally agree! Don't get me started on the inability of parents to set limits for kids; I can go off on a 3 day rant over this.

    And can I say I just LOVE the fact you have a post label "I don't like people?" I need to steal that one!

  7. well, I agree. You know, if they are that disappointed...have a little holloween party at home? I think kids make a big deal when parents do. I have a feeling that kids will learn when tough times come....that's when we all learn.

  8. Oh this is when I am so happy that I don't have tv. Really, parents were worried that their kids couldn't trick or treat on Halloween? Aren't there a ton of organized Halloween parties for kids nowadays? I thought trick or treating was kind of passé, you know, d/t the 'danger' of it. I guess I'm really out of it!

  9. Halloween is a huge event in our house. It's bigger than Christmas or birthdays in the McGee household because we like spooky/creepy things and we have fun being "someone else" for one day each year (it's not about the candy...I swear). It's my favorite holiday and I do like to "go all out" to celebrate it because I'm an October baby who adores horror movies, ghosts, and anything supernatural (I love the feeling of being scared and the rush it gives me).

    (That makes me sound shitty, but I'll get to my point in just a second.)

    When my kids found out about the postponement of trick-or-treating, I immediately told them that it's not a big deal and that it's for the best for everyone. We talked about WHY they canceled the trick-or-treating, too, in the wake of the devastating storm. We discussed that there are many who didn't even survive the storm or who lost everything in it. We talked about gratefulness and compassion, too.

    Right away, with no whining, pouting, or freak-outs, my kids were absolutely okay with it and we made quick, alternate plans for Halloween night. We still dressed up as monsters and such, snuggled, had a visit with my lonely mom-in-law...and we watched lots of scary movies and told ghost stories about the haunted house I grew up in). They didn't miss out on ANYTHING and they still had a great, child-experience-laden Halloween. My big kid even said it was the best Halloween he's had (and we may even do the same next year!).

    Parents need to get their heads out of their butts and look at the bigger picture. I hope that many moms and dads had a similar talk about what's really happening so that their kids see that there's more to life than loads of free candy, selfishness, and gluttony. I also think it's the parents' jobs to get their kids involved in the clean-up (we're going out on Saturday to do that) so that they can see just how blessed they are and so they learn how to be proper, compassionate, selfless humans.

    Cuz most American kids these days...tsk-tsk....Sheesh.

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    1. Don't be sorry Chubby! I wish I could copy your comment and pass it out to all the whiners I encountered. You did exactly what should have been done and your boys are as lucky as they can be that you are their mom!

  11. I'm catching up, Helen, but I so agree with this post. Glad you made it through Sandy okay!