Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Modern Convenience

November 20:  I am thankful that I was born when I was - in a time of great innovation, invention and development.  I sometimes hear people say they wish they could have lived in another era.  Not me.  While I wouldn't mind visiting some of times in the past, I am very glad to be living with my modern conveniences.


A while back I was contacted by the folks at Chef's Planet and asked if I would review their non-stick oven liner.  As you know, I love to cook so any product that might make some aspect easier is something I'd be interested in. The timing of me receiving the oven liner could not have been more perfect - I had just cleaned my oven.  If this product could keep it clean, in my book it would be a winner!  

I decided to cook sweet potatoes in preparation for making my Sweet Potato Breakfast Cakes. Usually when I bake sweet potatoes I end up with a sugar drip on the oven floor unless I put them on a pan.  When I bake potatoes I prefer to cook them right on the oven rack.  If this product worked like they claimed, I would be able to do that and clean-up would be easy.

Because I have a gas oven, the correct use was to put it on the lowest rack in the oven, rather than on the oven floor.

Then I put the my potatoes in there directly on the rack and baked them for about an hour.

When I opened the oven door to get them out, this is what I saw:

Normally those drips would be on the bottom of the oven scorching and making the house stink!  The final test was to see how the liner cleaned up.  Once cool, I took it out of the oven and went over to the sink.  I didn't even have to use soap to clean it as the scorched sugars literally just wiped off!  This is the liner sitting on my counter just before I rolled it up and put it away.

What a great product!  I can think of so many things that I make that have spillage: Scalloped Potatoes, Fruit Pies, even an overfull casserole.  You can bet from now on this liner will go down before those dishes go in the oven.  While Chef's Planet gave me the liner, my hearty endorsement is all my own!

Now, here's the thing, if you would like to try to win an oven liner of your own, Chef's Planet is looking for messy recipes.  They are having a contest, which you can enter here.  Through Friday, November 30, they are seeking recipes that drip, crumble and spill. Submissions should include an original recipe – one you created – and a photo of your masterpiece. Submit main dishes, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. If you have a personal story pertaining to your recipe, please share it.

Ten grand prize winners will be featured in the special edition Chef’s Planet® 10th anniversary cookbook. Additionally, the 10 finalists will receive a Baking Basket from Chef’s Planet®, including our Nonstick Ovenliner, Universal Nonstick Bakeliner and Ovenglove. Ten runner-ups will also be featured in the special edition 10th anniversary cookbook and receive a Gadget Basket from Chef’s Planet®,  including the Nonstick Ovenliner, 2-Cup Measuring Colander and Preptaxi® Food Scoop. 

OR if you're not into that sort of thing, you can just buy one!  I think it's perfect timing for all the holiday cooking most of us will be embarking on.


  1. So handy! I'm going to look for this in Holland so I can buy it too! Thanks for the great review.

  2. Nothing's up at the grocery stores LOL. I didn't explain clear enough. I was referring to the economic crisis (recession) in my country which means we have to pay a lot more for taxes and health insurance next year which leaves us with less money to spend on other things.

  3. What a great product - I hate having a baked on mess in my oven, but it's also too hot to use the self-cleaning feature most of the year. Looks like nice solution!

  4. I am all for anything that keeps my oven clean! Now you just gave me a dinner idea for this week-sweet potato fries :-)

  5. Love that - these really are the best of times....

  6. I got the same thing but have yet to use it because I still need to clean my oven!! Glad to hear it cleans up well. :D

  7. Thanks for the review and the info, Helen! I am heading to Amazon to see if I can purchase, or maybe to their website. This is right up my lazy ass alley!!

  8. It is nice to be born in a time of such innovation. I think technologically though, I can't keep up and kinda long for a time when everyone isn't attached to their smartphone. God, I sound old....

  9. Oh, interesting! I usually just use a cookie sheet underneath anything I think is going to spill over (like a frittata or casserole). I may have to try this, thanks for the tip!