Friday, November 9, 2012


November 9: I am thankful for advances in medicine.  When I broke my ankle 30 years ago I had to wear a plaster walking cast for 8 weeks, so while wearing this book was uncomfortable at times, it was nothing compared to the misery of that cast. Even though I've had to wear this boot for the last five weeks to heal stress fractures and torn tendons, I was able to take it off at times - to shower and to sleep (and even illegally to go to Em's wedding!).  And today, I got to take it off completely!


Yes indeed as of 7:35 this morning I am boot-free!  

I met with my own doctor this morning and got the full low-down on just exactly what was going on.  As it turns out, not only did I have the two stress fractures and the torn Plantar Tendon, I also had severe heel bruising and my Peroneal Tendon was getting ready to tear. Or as the doc said, "I'm not sure how you did this but you really managed to mess that foot up!"

Today, the only thing I'm feeling is some tenderness at the back of the heel.  The doctor believes this to be continued bruising, which he says takes a long time to heal.  So, he told me to avoid things that would put pressure there.  For example, when I lay down to do crunches or ab work, If I put my leg so that I'm resting on the heel, I feel the bruising then. Therefore when I do ab work, I need to put my foot flat.

Of course this also means I still have other restrictions - i.e., no running.  But, the doctor did say I could do the elliptical, so this weekend I'll be off to Planet Fitness to join up.  They're even running a deal right now - $10 to join and $10 a month.  Can't beat that and at least being on the elliptical will help me to get my cardio endurance back in shape.

I also was not cleared for all the running I will need to do for my black belt test but I have to check back in with him in two weeks and he will make a determination then.  He said if I'm very, very good there's a chance he'll clear me for at least some of the running.

Hello matching shoes!


  1. Hooray for giving the boot to the boot! Now don't even think about attempting any running just to test the foot.

    That is a good deal for PF. I am considered a lunkhead there, though, because I do deadlifts :D

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations on being boot-free. And SCORE with the great gym membership offer.

  3. Cute shoes!! Great news Helen. Though I know this has been a long road for you. I admire your patience.

    I have belonged to PF for about 10 years and have never paid any more than $10/month. It's no frills for sure, but I love the convenience of having a gym membership when the weather is bad or I want to do something other than run. My PF is large, spacious and very clean.

    I will send positive thoughts your way that you will be running soon. Have a great weekend.

  4. So happy to see two shoes! Do not run...don't even THINK about it, young lady. And if the elliptical gives you even an iota of pain, stop - we don't want any backsliding! Let the healing continue, and let's hope this will be the end of heel pain forever!

  5. That is awesome news Helen! You are so close to being back to normal and I am so happy for you! I have to second what Shelley wrote - be so careful and stop if it hurts.

    Matching shoes - its the small things that make us happy. :)

  6. Great News for you Helen! When is the black belt party? It is just a matter of when, not if...right?

  7. Yay, on the boot coming off. Please Helen, do not push it with the elliptical. Just give it a little more time and then we can celebrate your black belt.

  8. Agh! I was out driving around and it occurred to me I didn't leave a comment on your blog! Congratulations on getting the boot off. Its funny, on blogs it seems like no time at all has passed before a major event happens in someone's life. I'm sure, for you, it seemed like a long time.

    I'll be interested to hear how you like the eliptical.

  9. I loved seeing your running shoes on Facebook yesterday Helen - that's progress!

    Planet Fitness is just like my Charter Fitness - its near my house since my other gym is near my office, and for $10 bucks a month, you can't beat it.

    You'll be running before you know it!

    Guess what? I even went wine free last night - on a Friday night!! Woot!

  10. YAYAYAYAYAY, matching shoes again!!

  11. Woohoo for matching shoes! I can't believe those 5 weeks are already over, time sure flies.

    Good for you for joining a gym for now to keep in shape.