Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Ten

10. Saturday morning I went out for my first deliberate exercise since my foot imploded.  I did a 3.1 mile walk.  It felt sooooo good to move, but boy-oh-boy do I have a lot of work to do!  I hope everyone who keeps telling me that I'll bounce back faster than I expect is right.

9. While my brain was feasting on the endorphins, at the end of my walk my foot wasn't happy.  That was pretty discouraging to me. Did I mention the doctor said he couldn't believe I'd not been in an accident based on how my MRI looked?  I know it's going to take however long it takes but I just want to be better!  Finding it hard to be positive about this right now, especially with my black belt test looming.

8. Saturday evening we were invited to an engagement party.  Mr. Helen worked with the young man for 5 years at one of the karate dojos.  He recently left the martial arts to pursue another career but we've stayed in touch as he always thought of Mr. Helen as a mentor/father-figure.  The invitation said, "Cocktail Attire" and was being held at a yacht club, so I told Mr. Helen he needed to either wear a shirt with a tie or he could go tieless if he wore a jacket.  When I showed him the dress I was wearing he said, "Why so fancy?"  Uh, because this dress is what cocktail attire means.  Do you know that man googled "Proper cocktail attire for a man?" Then he came upstairs and told me I was right.  Yes!  Here's a self-portrait.  The full length shot was blurry, taken by Mr. Can't Take a Picture Helen.

7.  So off we went to the engagement party in our cocktail attire planning that we'd stay a couple hours then go home.  Of course we knew most everyone at the party - lots of our martial arts friends - so we were enjoying socializing, and the food was good too.  We had been there about an hour or so and decided to get a plate and take a seat.  As we sat there chatting with friends, the bride-to-be's aunt came towards our end of the room and said she had a couple of announcements and asked everyone to take a seat.  The next words out of her mouth were: "M&S decided that since all the people they love are here right now, there really isn't any reason to wait for a wedding, tonight's the perfect night."  And just like that we were in the midst of a wedding!

6. Needless to say, we did not go home.  We spent the next 4 hours partying and dancing and celebrating!  What a fun, fun, night.  Mr. Helen was really glad he'd worn the proper attire.  He's a handsome man if I do say so myself but I especially love it when he dresses up a bit.  Here he is in the midst of the Senseis who run three of the dojos.   They're all really special to Mr. Helen because he's known them since they were 11, 12, 13 years old. The guy who got married is second from the left.

5. Debby said she'd be interested to see how I felt about the elliptical.  I already knew that I'd like it as I've been on one before.  Those machines are probably about as close as you can get to simulating running without actually running, so what's not to like?  Well, maybe the monotony of being on a machine in a gym is not to like but I'll deal with it for now.  I also like the Arc Trainer which is sort of a cross between an elliptical and a stair stepper.  I'll be using that too.

4. Sunday I did not do a work out, but I definitely got worked out as I shampooed carpets.  What a job that is - moving furniture and hauling the Rug Doctor back and forth.  Normally I wouldn't even have considered doing that this time of year but our temperatures went up to 60 over the weekend so it sort of felt like a last hurrah to get it done.  I'd intended to get to it all summer but in the summer the beach seemed more important.  I have to admit by the afternoon when I finished I was questioning my decision to do that chore without Mr. Helen around to help.

3.  After walking Saturday, dancing and partying Saturday night, shampooing the carpets on Sunday, and doing the elliptical on Monday, I felt my age and then some.  I'm pretty sure maybe my teeth were the only thing on my body that didn't hurt a little bit.  Not only is it a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way back to fitness.

2.  The weekend I had Gracie, she became completely obsessed with the dress I wore to Em's wedding.  She told me I looked like a princess. Then she told me later on that when she got bigger she was going to wear that dress so I should save it for her.  Off and on throughout the day she talked about that dress.  When I took her upstairs and she saw it hanging in the closet I thought she was going to faint she was so excited to see it.  She asked me if she could touch it, so I let her.  Later on I was cleaning up after dinner and she needed to get her pajamas on so Uncle Mr. Helen went with her.  As I wiped down the table, I heard, "Aunt Helen, look."  I lifted my head and saw this and my heart absolutely swelled with love.

1.  November 13:  I am thankful for reminders that real love never ends, whether the reminders be big ones like a wedding, or small ones like a little niece who wants to be just like you.


  1. I was so shocked when I read that on facebook that the engagement party turned into the wedding - so fun!

    And Gracie? Melts my heart - I hope you hang on to that dress - maybe she'll wear it to Homecoming one day!

    I definitely prefer the arc trainer to the elliptical - when I use the elliptical my feel always fall asleep!

    Hang in there Helen!

  2. What and adorable niece you have! What fun that the engagement party turned into a wedding. It sounds like it was a real success

  3. She is too adorable in that dress. I can totally see why your heart melted.

    And how much fun that engagement party that ended up in a wedding. Love it, in fact I've been thinking about doing something like that if I ever should marry.

    Great weekend you had Helen and still happy for you the boot is off!

  4. That is just too precious for words. Gracie's absolute delight at actually being in the dress is really caught in that picture.

    It sounds like a really great weekend. LOL at Mr. Helen googling cocktail attire.

  5. Awww! Love the Gracie picture - I bet she'll remember that moment for as long as you will! And I agree with Biz - your dress would make for an awesome prom/homecoming dress for her in the future.

    How fun on the engagement party/wedding. No stress, just being in the moment - that bride and groom have a great attitude!

  6. A surprise wedding - how cool and fun!

  7. The wedding sounds perfect, so romantic! Gracie is lovely in that dress :).

  8. Gracie looks absolutely enchanted and wonder struck to be wearing her Auntie's dress. She looks like a precious princess.

  9. Responding here at your comment on my blog yesterday as I don't know if you subscribe to comments.

    I haven't been tested, yet. But I thought about it and if eating less carbs doesn't help, I think I will do the test.
    By carbs I do mean bread, potatoes and pasta. I need some carbs and I don't want to give up my fruits and veggies. I eat fruits as a snack during the day and don't want to replace it with something else. The plan I used to follow allowed only 1 piece of fruit a day which isn't enough for me. I'm also not skipping diary (yet) but I never eat/drink that much of it anyway.

    1. When I ask a question I either subscribe or go back to see if I'm answered so you can always feel free to answer on your own blog. I think you should put this answer there too as maybe there are other people who might be interested in your answer.

    and we are married to the same man---although methinks mine takes blurry pics because he just!wants!to!be!done! :-)


  11. Awww, besides the wonderful surprise of the engagement party turning into a wedding, wasn't it so satisfying to be RIGHT about dressing up like the invitation requested? ;-D So many people ignore dress code and go too casual, I am glad to see it pay off for once!

    I don't know who looked better in that dress, you or Gracie. It was just perfect on both of you, for different reasons. :)

  12. What a beautiful weekend you had! And a beautiful Gracie, too... Re the elliptical, my machine has a program called Sprint 8, which is a 20 minute HIIT.

  13. OOOH...a surprise wedding!? How FUN! Gracie looks sooo adorable in the dress. And very pleased with herself. At the risk of sounding like a dirty cougar, Mr. Helen is surrounded by hot men in that photo. That is all!