Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tuesday Ten

1.  This was a very thought provoking post for me.  Enough so that I am thinking hard about doing at least 3 of those things.  The entertainment one I'd like to do, but I'm not sure Mr. Helen would agree to all streaming all the time, mostly because he loves sports.  But still if I could do 3 out of 4, WOW.

2.  I'm pretty much a hermit these days.  My full time job can be very solitary and this winter I can't seem to find the energy to want to do much more than put on my pajamas and wait for bedtime once I'm home.  Same on the weekends.  Lately, once I'm home I don't go back out my door until Monday morning to go to work.


4, I did go out Sunday morning to have brunch with my friend Em.  Hadn't seen her since her wedding so it was nice to have a leisurely meal and catch up.  Bonus: she brought me a present!  I love this woman's blog so I was absolutely thrilled to receive this - and it's signed to me too.  I've already book marked a couple of recipes to try.

5.  If you color your hair at home, here is a new way to get your hair color that you may not know about.  You take a simple survey, upload a photo and they custom mix a color for you just like a salon would.  Best thing may be that it's delivered right to your door. Click on the box on the bottom to get a special offer for 50% off your first order.  I've ordered my first color - I'll let you know what I think once I've tried it.

6.  Physical therapy on my back is going ok, but just ok.  Once my scheduled sessions are finished I'm not going back.  I guess I expected more than I'm getting, not to mention the financial output.

7.  Watching the Biggest Loser and Jillian tells a contestant that they need to stop looking at what may be going right or wrong at any given moment and starting thinking about and working towards what they want their personal finale to be.  I like that idea a lot because I know I can get all caught up in what is right in front of me and then let that derail what I'm ultimately working towards.



9.  I am really jonesing for spring/summer to get here already.  It's more than just wanting warmer weather.  I'm ready for my soul to feel lighter, for life to feel better.

10.  I realized the other day that this year is my 11th anniversary of running.  I've had good runs and bad, good races and bad, run in all kinds of weather (including Hurricane Ike), and weathered all kinds of injuries.  I don't really consider myself a racer anymore and I feel like the day is coming when I no longer will consider myself a runner.  But for now, it's still my favorite exercise so I'm still putting one foot in front of the other and plugging along.


  1. This stretch of winter is my toughest. Here in the South, we've got daffodils and forsythia in bloom, which makes my mind think, "It's Spring! It's Spring!" Only it's not.

    Thanks for the link to the article in #1. I'm in a shedding mood at the moment and this was a nice bit of motivation to keep going. :)

    1. I cannot wait to see my daffodils come up! Right now they are covered with about 6 inches of snow :(

  2. I never hated Winter but since the Winters are much colder and we have more snow I'm starting to hate it. Think I have the Winter blues at the moment because like you I don't want to do anything.
    I had to promise R. that I won't complain this Summer on a very hot day because I'm complaining about Winter every day now :)

    Congrats on 11 years of running, the fact that you're still doing this after 11 years means probably you had far more good than bad runs. Here's to another 11 years and more!

    And now I'm going to do my Spring dance again and hope it gets here soon for you and also for me.

    Oh and .... did you watch Downton Abbey yet? :)

  3. I can't wait for flip-flops. I got Apple TV set up by myself - it was really easy but we still have cable for the same reason (soccer)! Hang in there my friend - spring will be here soon!

  4. That link was interesting. I've done a lot of those things, but my life (house) is still cluttered. That blog that you linked to had a really interesting link to a place to get glasses really cheap! I'm very interested in that!

    Hoping for some warm days for you soon, Helen!

    1. I actually looked into those glasses too Debby! I think when I have some extra cash I'm going to invest in another pair of prescription sunglasses.

  5. We could get rid of cable were it not for college football. And considering that the local team produced this year's Heisman winner, there's no way Jeff is going to not watch. I think a lot of us are in the same boat as you with this one.

    Running for 11 years! Wow. That's a long time to do anything, really.

    Your winters do seem long. We get such a mix out here, with freezing cold one week and then short and flip flop weather the next - yes, in January - it definitely helps to keep the winter blues at bay.

    1. Shelley my friend, Winter is an actual season in Connecticut, as opposed to Texas winter of a couple of weeks of cooler weather lol! That's why it seems long to you. I do realize there are those who have even longer winters than us, which is why I don't live wherever that is!

    2. You should move to Texas. Just sayin'...

  6. I watched the Biggest Loser too and remembered that phrase from Jillian too. It is really hard to imagine the personal finale for me, but I know it will happen. Also, I can hardly wait to see even a little inkling of spring starting soon.

  7. Sending warm wishes for warmer days soon Helen!!!!

  8. We were thinking of getting rid of cable and streaming, but there are a few channels we really want (nbc sports for cycling). That said, I don't watch much TV on my own. Since John has been gone on Friday, I have had the TV on twice. Downton Abbey, some Saturday morning 'noise' and a little playstation LOL!

    I am eager for spring and tulips. Heck, I just want the temps to stay above freezing for a while!

  9. I am having a hermit winter too. Not really sure why, but it feels like it is going by fast, so that's good.

    I have already done 3 out of the 4 uncluttering things, and it really does make things easier. But I don't want to get rid of cable; I still really like watching random reruns sometimes, and I can't stand the idea of watching seasons of TV shows in one sitting.

    But doing my closet was an absolutely life-changing experience. I love it so much, and it has killed my buying urge.

  10. Great article about simplifying! Add me to the Winter hermit group when the weather is dark, cloudy and rainy - which is our winter I just want to hide out at home and stay warm and dry.

    Love that cartoon and I can't wait for warmer weather!

  11. LOL

    get us flip flops...and pedicures? stat :)