Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grand Canyon Adventure Part 7: Elks and Sunset

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When we got back from our hike to Skeleton Point, we were hungry and tired so we went to the village supermarket and got lunch from their small deli/restaurant.  Again, why does food taste so extraordinarily good when you're really hungry?  

After our late lunch we went back to our rooms to clean up and rest prior to dinner. We planned waiting until after dark to have dinner to see if we could catch any type of sunset since we'd heard they were spectacular.  The staff who live and work at the South Rim were talking about how odd the weather was for May:  cooler than normal and a bit rainy. The issue that day was clouds and some rain that had moved in just as we finished our hike so we were keeping our fingers crossed that it would partially clear up.

The other thing we wanted to see was the Elk.  They come right up onto the property every evening and early morning to feed on the grass.  Mr. Helen in particular was quite excited that we might see some.  

We came out of the lodge just prior to sunset and voila!

Oh my goodness he was like a little boy he was so excited.

Now to concentrate on the sunset.  These photos are a bit different because, sure enough, clouds hovered right where the sun was setting,  But still beautiful and again, amazing to see the Canyon in a different light.

It was fascinating to photograph the Canyon itself because on the opposite side, there was a rainstorm that was clearly visible.  Not to mention that when the setting sun would hit various parts of the Canyon, they looked like they were on fire.  

It was a great way to cap off our first full day on the South Rim. Pictures do not do it justice! Oh, and it's true what they say:  when the sun goes down, it gets cold!  The temperatures were around 37 degrees in the evenings.  

"Wow, this is the 'darkest' sunset I think I've ever experienced."
Take off your glasses and then you'll be able to see!

Next up:  A little over 24 hours left.  How much more of the South Rim can we cram in?


  1. Stunning pics and you had me laughing twice at poor Mr. Helen: the remark about the little boy had me smiling but the last sentence about taking your glasses off had me laughing out loud :)

  2. You can never have too many pictures of clouds, rain, sunsets, etc. in my book - thank you for sharing these! My husband has NO interest in going to the Grand Canyon, so I'll live vicariously through your trip!

  3. When we lived in Colorado, we would go to Estes Park and the elk would just be walking around like that, blocking traffic. It was so cool!

  4. Lolers on the "darkest sunset"!!!