Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Eatin' and Peepin'

Last Saturday was forecast to be an absolutely gorgeous, sunny day so Mr. Helen and I decided we would take our annual outing to B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill, followed by a drive around to do some leaf peeping.

B.F. Clydes Cider Mill is the oldest steam powered mill in the United States.  You can actually go there and watch them press the apples for their delicious cider.  They're a big deal around here as they are only open seasonally so it's an outing we look forward to.  Nowadays, especially on the weekends, they are packed because they've developed from a simple mill into a tourist attraction. Mr. Helen and I were talking about how we used to come and we'd be two of maybe 20 people there. Now we're two of hundreds.

This is the actual mill.  What you can't see is the sign that tells people to go around back
 to get hard cider!

Load of apples waiting to be dumped into the chute and be pressed

Barrels of apples for sale by the pound with signs that say "These are not free" because the barrels are right where everyone lines up to go into the General Store.

While Mr. Helen stood in the line to get our goodies, I went into the store to take some photos. Years ago, there was only a small building where you could go in and buy the fresh pressed cider. Now if there's a thing to be made from apples you can find it here!

But what we really come for... donuts and apple turnovers. Mr. Helen just loves their warm apple turnovers and I can't resist the warm pumpkin and apple cider donuts.  I don't even really like donuts but these are so good and maybe because this is the only time I'll eat them until next year, they seem more special.  They also sell pies and bread and dumplings, all homemade. 

Two of these are mine and I make no apology for that!

NOW we can take off for our drive!

The foliage is not peaking around here until maybe this weekend or next but the day was so gorgeous we couldn't resist a drive around.  Mr. Helen likes to take me to his fishing holes where I look for pretty leaves and he reminisces about the big one that got away.  

This sign says "First burial 1691" Which got us thinking about what it would have been like to live here then...

One of the lanes leading to a pond.  You can see we've already had quite a bit of leaves fall from the windy days we'd had.

It was a really nice day.  The kind that memories are made of and I don't think you can ask for more than that.


  1. Looks like a truely awesome day!!!

  2. Oh how pretty - the cider mill, the drive, the donuts, everything! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures that make me home sick. Even though I've lived in the south for over 30 years, I still miss fall in Canada.

  4. I love cider mills! I swear that the cider tastes so much better fresh. Or maybe it is the donuts along with it. We lived by the one in Binghamton growing up and it was always fun to go there and watch the press - and of course come home with donuts!

    We are just passing peak here now and lots of leaves on the ground. Fall color is just too short.

  5. What a fun day Helen. We have an area near here called Apple Hill with lots of apple orchards and way too many good eats for sale! Fall is such a beautiful time of year.

  6. Oh my what a great day and such beautiful weather. The leaf pics with the blue sky are fantastic.

    The first photo in this post I thought "hey they have a sign with Helen's photo on it, she's famous there" then I looked better and saw you were standing behind it but you could have fooled me :)

  7. SUCH a fantastic day....and it reminds me of home.

  8. That sounds like an amazing time!! I love country stores like that and um, for the record - fresh apple/pumpkin donuts are worth it!! I miss going apple picking with Hannah. :(

  9. I seriously wonder if 20 years ago we passed each other when I lived in the area... that was one of the last places I visited before I moved out west!!

  10. Been to Clyde's 3 times this season already including Saturday. Just love the donuts!