Thursday, October 17, 2013

Taking a Stroll

The city I live in has a Main Street organization that sponsor two food stolls a year as fundraisers. Last night was the fall edition and Mr. Helen, who has never been (I have) wanted to go.

My little city has been undergoing a renaissance of sorts and though we have a long way to go, there is something really nice about walking the city you live in.  There were about 70 businesses and restaurants that participated and while we couldn't get to all of them, we went into so many we felt completely stuffed and full even though we were walking and the food is given out in bite size portions. Here are some magnificent iPhone photos of the event.

You pay one price for a button that gets you the food samples and a drink ticket.

Even our Fire Headquarters got in on the action, serving chili.

Lots of delicious bites!  This was a Shrimp BLT.  This restaurant ended up winning 3rd place.  It was definitely one of our favorites.

We had to wait in a line to get the seafood chowder and garlic buffalo wing.

The place across the street had a mini turkey pot pie which I forgot to take a photo of, and entertainment!

More seafood: A scallop with angel hair and an orange cream sauce -we loved this!

There were several places serving desserts.  This was an apple bar from a local coffee shop.  Not pictured are the piece of fudge and ice cream/brownie shot I had from the downtown ice cream shop.

This pub was giving our samples of Safe Harbor American Blonde Ale, a local brew.

At another stop we got this delicious mushroom ravioli with red pepper pesto on their rooftop.  And a spectacular view of The Parade Plaza downtown.

The 1896 Soldiers and Sailors Monument, honoring the city's Civil War Veterans. If you look closely (or click the photo to make larger) the little red building in the back is the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse.

The Whale's Tail sculpture.  We've been having an extraordinarily mild fall but pretty soon that water will be turned off.

Also on the Parade is the Nathan Hale School House.  A one room schoolhouse where the patriot spy Nathan Hale taught until the beginning of the American Revolution.  I couldn't get a photo of the school because it had so many people in front of it. They were doing a Connecticut beer tasting in there which we found out about from this guy.

We decided to stop for our cocktail and also got a taste of a seafood stuffed artichoke.  Delicious.

When you come out of this establishment there are beautiful murals on the building across the street.  My city actually has several nice murals.  Maybe I'll go around one day and take pictures of them all.

Just when we thought we were done eating, as we walked back to our car, we got sucked in a couple more times.  Borscht "shot" and a Pulled Chicken Slider.

I can't even begin to tell you all the things we didn't try: bisques and soups and pizza and cupcakes. Seriously, so much food!  But what a fun night and a great time remembering why we love to live here!


  1. What a fun event and a fantastic way to try so many different menu items!

    Also, I got distracted by that picture of you and the soldier - the purses in the window look cute and now I want to go shopping with you in your town!

    1. I wish you would come shop with me! My little city only has boutiques but there's a TON of great shopping around... huge malls, designer outlets... you'd be in heaven Shelley!

  2. I am so jealous of your night - it's perfect, tiny bits, a bit of wine and drinks AND getting in some walking! Tony would hate that - too much walking for him! :D

    1. Mr. Helen's knee was hurting by the end of it all but of course he's still recovering from his surgery. Honestly though Biz, Tony could have handled this - it's very slow walking with some sitting inbetween!

  3. That event sounds so up my alley! Is your town seasonal touristy or are all those shops open year round? Thinking if I get out there and it might be winter!

    1. All the shops are open year round around here. Even in Mystic,which is probably the most touristy area around here, the shops stay open. Locals look forward to the "quiet."

  4. Can I say just one thing: I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!

    I wish we had something like this in our town but then again we don't have many restaurants. The next town does something like this in Spring. If I remember it, I might try it next year.