Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday Ten

10.  All this talk about the health benefits of coconut:  oil, meat, butter, water and also of dark chocolate has me thinking that maybe, just maybe, Mounds candy bars are the perfect health food.  In moderation of course.

9. You know all those crazy Halloween costumes for babies on Pinterest?  My friend actually did one!  Isn't he adorable?

8.  Mr. Helen was called back to work starting today as he is a DoD employee.  We actually don't even know if he's getting paid as usual or will have to wait to be back paid.   I'm still sad for all the other people furloughed though.  I just want Congress to get their act together and give us a budget!

7.  Speaking of the furlough, I was a little bit shocked by how strongly my feeling of "I want to eat everything to relieve stress" kicked in.  It literally felt like a battle for a few days.  Of course it didn't help that Mr. Helen sort of went into "I'm on VAAAACAAAATION!" mode and started eating and drinking like he really was.  Just say no became my motto.

6.  Also speaking of the furlough, and the sequester over the summer, and meniscus surgery... I don't think I'm going to handle Mr. Helen's retirement very well.  Oh my goodness people, he is always home.  Always home.  I hadn't realized how much I enjoyed a little time in the house all to myself lol!

5. I'm off fruit again.  The last fruit I bought literally rotted and I threw it away.  I don't know why I get like this as I really want to like fruit.  This means instead of fresh seasonal apples I am having things like baby carrots and a couple Tablespoons of dill dip or hummus for a snack.  Apples can be turned into pie though, so there's that.

4. I made the first apple pie of the season over the weekend.  Mr. Helen won an apple basket full of just about everything you need to make the pie.  The apples were Granny Smith so I looked a recipe up online since I don't usually use those.  Wow, did this pie ever come out good! Definitely a keeper recipe.  What I loved most was that when I cut the pie, it stayed together - no watery runoff!

3. I'm off yogurt again too.  I'm desperately trying to use the yogurt I have in recipes as I really don't want to throw it out.  Speaking of yogurt, I tried the new Yoplait Greek Blended Coconut yogurt and found it was way too sweet for me.  I definitely won't be buying that again, even when I'm back "on."

2. Gracie and Jacob got to go to Disney to celebrate their birthdays this year.  Gracie got a makeover into a Princess at the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique.  Glamour! Sparkles!  Tiara! Sash!

1. I reassessed my fitness goals that I had wanted to reach by year's end. That's definitely looking like it's not happening, so I came up with an alternate goal.  I'm not quitting!


  1. Hmmm, certain foods are turning you off? Could there be another mini Helen on the way??? HAHAHAHA, you know I had to say it!

    (I get that way about certain foods sometimes, too - don't know why it happens, but eventually it goes away)

    That pumpkin baby is too cute! And I like your Mounds bar theory. You may have something there. ;)

    Glad Mr. Helen is back at work and I do hope a paycheck goes along with that. I'm right with you on the retirement thing and husbands, though...Jeff keeps saying he wants to build a water feature in our backyard when he retires, and you know what? I think a big project will be a good thing to keep him occupied and out of my hair! Luckily we're a few years from that...

  2. Hi Helen! That furlough thing is scary for the people affected. Glad Mr. Helen got to go back, but it's so crazy! It is stressful to go into "eating mode" when faced with uncertainty... not fun!

  3. I find all the sweetened yogurts to be TOO sweet. I haven't made yogurt in quite a while so I'm now buying plain yogurt and adding my own fruit, cinnamon and protein powder. Much better. :)

  4. I get that way with foods. Tuna crossed over to that food I don't want anymore. The only emotional eating I do is stress eating. When hormonal eating and stress eating cross beams, it's disastrous.

    I sure hope that Mr. Helen is getting paid while back at work now.

    And send your fruit my way!! I will eat it all!

  5. OMG, don't even get me started about your husband being home - we are empty nesters and I don't think I have been in my home by myself in months. He's always there when I leave, always there when I am home. I can't just sit and watch t.v. with him every night, even though he's been home all day - it would drive me nuts, so I do my workout, cook, clean, etc. and then finally settle down to t.v. at 9 - I sit on my butt all day at work, when I get home that's when I finally come to life! :D

    p.s. love that Tuesday 10 came back!!

  6. Gracie is truly a little princess, she's beautiful.

    Adjusting your goals is better than keep on going knowing you won't reach them. I constantly adjust my exercise goals (just did actually :) )

    If you don't like fruits, don't eat it. You can replace it with vegetables. I have stopped with most diary. I only use it in a recipe if needed. I use almond milk in my coffee and use soy yogurt for breakfast. I feel better by not using diary.

    Good to hear Mr. Helen is back at work, now hopefully everything is sorted out soon and he will get paid again too.

  7. waaah
    it must be my rickety laptop?!
    Theres no pic of your childs baby all dudded up for Halloween!

  8. The pumpkin baby is adorable! What no fruit? I love fresh fruit but we all have different taste buds and that's okay. I too get tired of certain foods at different times and stop eating them for a time. Congrats on Mr Helen getting called back to work.

  9. I go through spurts where I will absolutely love a food and eat it practically every day (a few times a day) and then one day I almost gag when I go to eat it. I'm 'over' it for a while. :-)

  10. Woohoo, glad Mr H is back at work!

    I go through the same phases of liking food and being over it. Right now it's yogurt.