Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday Ten

10.  Much to my surprise, several of the recipes I've shared have ended up on Pinterest.  Which makes me wonder if anyone ever actually makes them? Believe it or not, I often come to my own Recipe tab at the top of the page to find a recipe!

9.  Life feels peaceful and hopeful right now and this is quite unusual for me this time of year.  I think it might have something to do with the longer than normal and warmer fall season we've had.  I mean, I literally just cleared the flowers and herbs off the patio on November 1st!  But then it got cold.

8. We had two full on days of winter last week:  20-ish with wind chills in the teens overnight and not even hitting 40 during the day.  I dragged out my winter running gear but I wasn't cheerful about it.

7.  Speaking of running gear, I have a secret/trick I'll share.  In the winter, my shirts are covered up by a jacket or vest when I run, so I don't care that much about them being super cute. I also like them to be long enough so that the bottom of the vest or jacket doesn't grab the shirt and pull it up. So, I often check in the men's section at TJ Maxx or Marshall's because I have found that the men's technical wicking stuff is anywhere from $5-$10 less than womens!  I can buy a men's medium and they fit exactly the way I like - the length being almost to the bottom of my hips.  Last week I got 2 new shirts for $9.99 each!

6.  I also got a new running vest from LL Bean.  Man do I love this thing.  It's a woman's cut but it's long enough (lol!), it's just the right weight for the 40-50 degree temps I usually wear it in, and it has pockets which are big enough to hold the water bottle from my Fuel Belt. That means on cooler days when I don't need as much water during a run I don't have to wear my whole belt and can just throw one bottle in the pocket.  I love it so much, I've put the jacket version on my Christmas wish list.

5.  I read this in an article last week and thought it was really interesting as I've always known that the calories burned number on machines are quite inflated.  If you want to calculate your actual calories burned on a treadmill use these formulas: For running (5 mph and higher): Total calories burned per mile = .75 x body weight (in pounds); net calories burned per mile = .63 x weight. For walking (3 to 4 mph): Total calories burned per mile = .53 x body weight; net calories burned per mile = .30 x weight.

4. Did you see this video?  This woman lost hundreds of pounds in her 60's!  And conquered her demons to boot.

3.  I've recently read a couple of books with eating plans for losing weight (diet books? - I hate that term) and will be reviewing one of them Friday.  Not because I've been paid to do so, just because I want to :)

2. I am going to run a $25 DietBet from November 30th to December 27th.  If you haven't heard of DietBet, check it out. Basically how it works is that you weigh in and bet a dollar amount that you can lose 4% of your starting weight in 28 days. You can use any plan you want, as this is more social and for accountability - with the added motivation of not losing your money. It will be a closed bet, meaning you have to have an invitation to join.  If you'd like to join me, email me at doing a 180 at gmail dot com (put that all together in the usual way) and I'll send you the invite link once I have it set up.

1.  Maybe because Thanksgiving is falling a little bit later this year I'm not minding the occasional Christmas song I've been hearing the last few days.  I bid you adieu with a little laugh out loud holiday cheer!


  1. Great Tuesday 10!

    Fortunately Fall has been pretty okay here too. Hopefully Winter will be mild too.

    At this moment I'm not thinking about or working on my weight. I have to solve my other issues first (get back on that in a post later today). After that I will focus on weight loss again.

    1. I agree Fran, you have plenty you are dealing with right now healthwise - weight can wait!

  2. I had read once to put your weight into the treadmill 10 pounds less than you actually weigh to get a more accurate burn number.

    I would do the diet bet except that I won't use a scale with numbers, so I don't think the could work.

    1. Yeah, I had to give up and look at the number to participate in DietBet. Actually you could enter and have someone else submit your weight photo but the problem is that every time you go on the site they greet you with your current weight lol!

  3. I love that running vest! Great tips on the men's shirts...the long sleeves tend to be comically long on me, but it's worth a try - like you, I layer my winter gear and most of it isn't seen.

    It's weird but so far it doesn't feel like Christmas is nearing soon. Hopefully I won't have a December 1st panic because of this, lol!

    1. The sleeves are long on me sometimes too but I just roll them up!

  4. I love your Tuesday Ten posts Helen. I like the looks of the vest, keeps you warm but allows your arms to swing! The video of the lady who lost weight was inspiring and she didn't have any surgery and looks amazing. I am pretty short wasted so women's shirts work fine for me as far as length but what a great tip for taller women!