Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rutabaga Hash Browns

Even though I've chosen not eat 100% Paleo, I do eat an awful lot of Paleo-type recipes, because I like them.  One of my favorite Paleo recipe blogs is paleOMG.  She is quite creative in the things that she comes up with. So creative she's getting ready to release her first cookbook.

Last week she had a recipe for what she called Egg Nests and as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try it.  Well, I'm not sure what I did wrong but I just couldn't get it to come out the way she did.  No matter though, I'm creative and experienced enough in the kitchen to go with the flow. Basically, you peel and shred rutabaga, then add some seasonings and what you end up with is very, very similar to hash browns.

A rutabaga is a root vegetable that is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip.  Both the root and the leafy greens are edible, though you've most likely only seen the root in your grocery store.  They look like this:

Rutabaga "Hash Browns"
(2 servings)

    1 medium rutabaga, peeled
    2 small shallots, thinly sliced
    1 clove garlic, minced
    1 T olive oil

Peel rutabaga then cut into chunks and feed into food processor with the shredding attachment. If you don't have a food processor you can use a hand grater.

Slice shallots and mince garlic. Heat olive oil in a large skillet (cast iron is great if you have one). Put the shallots and garlic into the hot skillet and saute for 1 minute. Add the shredded rutabaga, stir well, then let cook without touching for a minute or so. Stir again and let cook without touching. Continue to do this until the mixture is golden.

One I had these cooked, I put about 3/4 cup in a small casserole dish and cracked an egg on top.  Put it in a 400-degree oven and then baked it for 15 minutes.  

The end result of this recipe came out so good that it will go into my regular repertoire.  Next time I'm making a double batch as I can see myself not only eating this as a breakfast but also as a side dish.  Yummy!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Thaw

After weeks of bone chilling cold, it was 47 degrees this morning at 4:30.  I had looked out the window when I was pouring my coffee, saw the roads were wet and assumed the rain that is coming in today and tomorrow had started.  When I stepped out the door 15 minutes later (headed for the treadmill) and realized it was not raining but was just warm, humid, and the road wetness was because all the ice and snow had melted, I turned right back around, got my headlamp and reflective vest and ran outside.

As I happily ran along, I got to thinking about perspective again because my current 'running' pace is my old 'jogging' pace.  But the perceived effort is as if I'm working hard so I know this is the best I can do for now. This is not really unexpected based on my current weight and coming off of months of injury and I reminded myself of that.  

The great news is that the prednisone I've been taking seems to have not only helped my bronchial pathways but also my lower back.  Additionally, I've noticed that the touch of achiness I usually have in my thumbs (which my RN brother long ago diagnosed as the beginnings of arthritis) is nearly non-existent.  I think this is worth noting and talking in depth about with my doctor on my next visit in March.

The result is that not only did I have the best Muay Thai Boxing class last night that I can remember but this morning, after 10 long months, I had a completely pain free run.  No pain in my foot before, during or after, no pain in my back, no gasping for breath.  

I swear to you I could feel my very soul thawing out as I ran along.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Frozen Stiff

I don't seem to have much to say these days.  Sometimes during the course of the day I have a fleeting thought on one thing or another and think I ought to write that down for the blog.  Then I don't and of course I can't remember what in heck it was I wanted to write about.

The weather is warming up around here this week.  "Warming" is, of course, relative, but anything will be better than the minus zero temperatures and wind chills we've been having during the past couple of weeks' deep freeze. Seriously, the temperature never went over 20 degrees during the day and sometimes not even over 10 or 12, dropping to zero or less at night.  I commented on Lori's blog that I actually have felt stunned by the cold.  It has made it hard to want to do much more than get to work and come straight home to pajamas and the fireplace.  To help you understand, here is a photo of some falls that are near my place of work, taken on Saturday by a co-worker.

I struggled so much with exercise last week that Mr. Helen finally told me I should just let it go and think of the week as a rest week.  I didn't quite take a full week off but did very little exercise compared to what I normally do. This was the temperature inside our garage when I went out there to run on Saturday morning.

Yes, just 20 degrees.  The only advantage is the lack of windchill. Do you blame me for not wanting to exercise in these conditions?  Of course I dressed appropriately and once I got going, I ended up having one of the best runs I've had in recent memory.

I think I've also struggled because, truly, I haven't been feeling well.  It's not like it was any one thing, just a bunch of minor irritations that added up to a general feeling of malaise.

Last Monday I went to the doctor for my annual physical, but also wanting to talk with her about a couple of things that I know were contributing to my not feeling 100%.  As she went through the physical, she was listening to my lungs and heart and then asked me to breath deeply and to cough a couple of times.  She sort of diagnoses out loud while she's moving around and as she listened to my lungs she said, "good clear lungs" then as she had me cough she said, "What the heck?  Cough again please!"  So I did.  Then she asked me if I'd been feeling short of breath and I told her yes that I'd been having trouble breathing deeply while running and also noticed that the 3 flights of stairs I take each day when I get to work left me completely winded.  Turns out, she feels I never completely got over the bronchitis I had last September.  Plus she feels I've developed asthma.  I left the office with prescriptions for antibiotics, prednisone, and a nebulizer to inhale albuterol.   I'm taking the drugs and using the nebulizer in hopes of wiping out this bronchitis and asthma. Even though the albuterol leaves me feeling pretty jittery for a bit, I am breathing better - and that's probably why my run was better on Saturday.

I also spoke with her about the pain I've been having in my back.  It's very odd pain - gets worse when I sleep at night and once I'm up and about, by the end of the day I feel nothing.  Doesn't bother me with sitting or standing for long periods, but once I go to sleep after about 4-5 hours it's so painful it wakes me up.  This actually started last spring and we ended up buying a new mattress.  That didn't solve the problem but we needed a new mattress anyway.  She ended up sending me to get an x-ray to rule out disastrous things like tumors/cancer (which are usually indicated with night time back pain).  She called on Friday to let me know that I am cancer and tumor free and that I have no bulging discs or anything like that. Great news! What I do have is a touch of arthritis in my lower spine along with a tiny bit of narrowing of the spinal column.  Did you know most people over the age of 50 have a bit of that?  I wasn't surprised as arthritis runs in my mother's family.  Additionally, I was surprised to learn where the bulk of my pain is coming from.  It's coming from muscles, tendons and ligaments, just to the right of the spinal column.  Guess what caused that?  My stupid stupid fractured foot!

Because of the fractured foot and torn tendons on my left side, evidently I changed my stride and gait enough that I messed up my back.  Deep in my heart I knew that diagnosis was right because the back pain started soon after my foot started hurting.  And remember, long before I was in the cam boot, I never stopped running, so pretty much I did this to myself.  The recommended treatment is physical therapy, which I will start this week.

I am beginning to feel that maybe I have Humpty Dumpty syndrome!  But what I HOPE is that this is the beginning of healing and feeling better and a brighter, happier 2013 for me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

What's Your Perspective?

Perspective is a funny thing isn't it?  If your perspective on something is out of whack, it can color everything around the issue.  I've been thinking a lot about this ever since I wrote that post about deciding to be fat.  What got me going on it was part of one of the comments:

"As for being fat, I don't know what your BMI is but your picture looks in a normal-ish range??"

This person who made that comment, like so many of those who read our blogs, doesn't know me at all in real life.  So it was fascinating to me that he saw me as someone with a normal-ish BMI.  Truth be told, my BMI is not normal at all and I'm probably close to, if not in, the obese category.  I guess because I'm somewhat athletic, I carry my weight good enough that I don't look like anyone who would typically weigh what I do.  As I said before, I don't know what that number is right now, but I DO know what size clothes I'm wearing, so there's that.  Of course the whole BMI thing is a bit nutty to me anyway as I know many people who I would consider to be normal weight and who would be overweight by that chart, Mr. Helen included!

Anyway, the point here is that in his perspective I looked normal-ish.  Which makes me ponder my own stringent view.


I had a vice-versa situation while reading another blog.  This blogger had not gotten the result they thought they were going to get from their scale and the despair that was oozing out of that post made me sad.  Because she has already lost over 75 pounds and her photos of late have been remarkable.  Good grief I would love to look like she does right now!  But she was so upset - not to the point where she had or was about to blow it or give up, but to the point where I wished I could just shake her and say, "The scale is just a snapshot of the moment you step on it, it's not you and it's not how you are perceiving your looks!"

My perspective of the situation vs. hers.


Sunday morning I woke up with a bad case of the Seriously Fats.  While I'm not going to say much more about this just yet, I've been having some issues with my back that have been discouraging and making exercise quite difficult lately.  Sunday I got up with considerable concern about the issues I'm having, but it was nearly 50 degrees and sunny here, so I was determined to get outside for either a run or a walk depending on what my back would allow.  Due to a number of reasons I hadn't gotten to exercise on Saturday so mentally I was really craving it.  But even in my excitement about the sunshine and being able to be outside, I could not get past my Seriously Fats and changed my workout clothes 3 times before I had something on I thought I might be able to go down the street in and people wouldn't be completely mortified.  

I took off and was having a hard time enjoying the beautiful sunshine simply because I felt so Seriously Fat that it was messing with me.  I was waiting for a car to drive by and yell something rude - sure it was going to happen.  As I got about a mile into the workout, I was passing the Subway and a guy came out and started down the sidewalk towards me.  As I went by him he said, "Gorgeous day for a workout, isn't it?"  I suddenly realized that he didn't see a Seriously Fat person chugging down the sidewalk, he saw someone working out.  It was so gorgeous I ended up purposefully adding on a bit more and as I was nearing home, I saw  2 men walking in the opposite direction side by side.  I was nearing them and wondering if they would yield any of the sidewalk to me or if I'd have to run up on someone's lawn, when they parted like the Red Sea.  As I went through them, one of them said, "Good job girl, keep it up, keep it up!"  Again, they just saw a woman working out.  Their perspective vs. mine.

Perspective.  Something for me to think about for sure.  Is yours out of whack?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Simply Delicious: Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

In December, when I went to visit Little Helen and go the White House, I took the train.  While it's still a 7 hour or so trip, Amtrak does all the driving and you can sit there and enjoy their new modern amenities, like wifi.

Because I was arriving later in the evening, Little Helen asked me what I thought I'd want to eat and I told her I'd let her know.  When I was about 30 minutes away I texted her and told her I wanted a salad and a glass of wine.

Once I got off the train, we walked to her condo to drop off my suitcase, then went right back out the door and walked to a restaurant in her neighborhood that even she had not been to, but had heard they had great salads. When we perused the menu we both remarked that while the selection of salads wasn't huge, they sounded unique and delicious and both of us appreciated that they gave the choice of a full size dinner salad or a smaller version.  We ended up ordering smaller salads and a small pizza to share.  We would later regret that we'd not gotten the large salads and skipped the pizza - it was good but the salads were fabulous.

Even while we were sitting there eating, I started making plans to try to recreate the salads at home.  When she came home for Christmas, Little Helen remembered that I had mentioned trying to do that and gave me some specialty vinegar in my stocking towards the cause.

When I started working on the re-creation, all I had to go on was their list of ingredients so I knew it could come out really good or it could be a disaster.  But I have faith in my cooking ability so I was willing to give it a whirl.  Here's the information I started with:

spinach, pumpkin seeds, parmesan,
pomegranates, cranberry vinaigrette

And here's how I did it step-by-step.  Now mind you this was in the course of an afternoon while I was doing some other cooking but all the prep to get to the finished dish was sooooo worth it!

1.  I bought a package of pre-cut butternut squash because it was on sale.  However, the squash in the salad was in cubes so I spent a couple minutes cubing it then I spread it on a cookie sheet, drizzled it with a bit of olive oil, sprinkled it with salt and pepper and roasted it in a 425 degree oven for about 20 minutes.

2.  Spread 1 cup of pepitas (pumpkin seeds - that I had leftover from my fabulous annual Thanksgiving cake) on a pizza pan.  Drizzled them with 1 tsp. of olive oil and sprinkled them with sea salt.  Roasted at 325 degrees for 15 minutes. Took them out of the oven and put on a paper towel covered plate to crisp up.  Pepitas are fun - you'll hear them snapping and popping for a while after you take them out of the oven.

3.  Prepped a pomegranate to get the arils out.  I've never done that before but went on You Tube and found a video.  You can find anything on You Tube I think.  Put the arils in a dish and set aside.

4.  Decided to make a homemade cranberry vinaigrette with the Cranberry Balsamic Vinegar Little Helen had given me.  Went online to find a recipe and I couldn't find one that I either had all the ingredients or that sounded good.  So I made one up.  Here's my recipe:

Helen's Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
3 Tablespoons Balsamic Vinegar (I happened to have Cranberry Balsamic but it would be fine with regular)
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
l/4 cup whole berry cranberry sauce
1 Tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 small clove garlic, put through a press, or minced
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/4 tsp. finely ground black pepper
2 Tablespoons of water

Put everything in a bowl and whisk it or put it in a jar and shake it really well.  Store leftovers in the refrigerator.

When I was ready to assemble the salad for our dinner, I decided to make individual salads rather than combining everything - a great idea as we didn't end up with soggy leftovers and had the salad a couple more times last week!

For each salad bowl, I put a couple handfuls of baby spinach, then I sprinkled that with about 2 Tablespoons of the roasted pepitas.  Added about 3 Tablespoons of the pomegranate tendrils and 1/2- 3/4 cup of the butternut squash cubes.  Tossed it all a little then topped with shaved Parmesan.  Dressing was served on the side.  (All these measurements are approximate as I was just eyeballing it.)

Plus, I made this Brown Sugar and Balsamic Glazed Pork Tenderloin in the crockpot to go with. The result? FAB-U-LOUS.  Mr. Helen said, "Some restaurant needs to have this on their menu."  Which made me laugh right out loud and then inform him that they did!  Of course, I have no idea if this is how they do it, but it's how it will go down in the Helen household.  

I'm telling you, try this salad, it's company worthy!

The next one I'm tackling - from the same restaurant:

baby arugula, walnuts, shallots
goat cheese fondue, orange vinaigrette

I'm off to You Tube to find out how to salt roast beets ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Maybe I've Decided to Just Be Fat?

Note:  This post is a bit of a mind dump but I fully expect it to rocket to the top of my most read post stats. It seems whenever I write a blog with a self deprecating or depressing title - even if the content is not - it gets hundreds and hundreds of views.  Which I find hilarious... and a little sad.  Like people are so miserable they want everyone else to be miserable too.


"It's food. It's 90% food."

"It's exercise.  You've got to move."

"It's a combination of exercise and food!"

We've all heard these statements in regards to being healthy and getting to an ideal weight, right?  But what is it?  Is it different for each of us or is one of those things right? Maybe health and 'ideal' weight means something different for each of us too?  Maybe it means I'll be fat.

I've gotten right back into my regular workouts over the last couple of weeks, although I'm still not back at the running levels I used to be at.  In any case, I've been getting up every day Monday-Friday at 4 am and am exercising by about 4:45 be it at running or at the gym on the Arc Trainer or Elliptical.  I also go to 2-3 Muay Thai Boxing classes.  On Saturdays, I sleep in a bit later but still end up running.  Sundays are a toss - I either take a walk or just take a day of rest.   To some people, that's a lot of working out and to others, it's a drop in the bucket. For me, it's all I can do right now, even though on some levels it's minimal for me as I used to run a lot when I was training for races. I'm talking hours and hours of running, even in the mornings.  But even at minimal, I feel good, I feel better than I have in a while.

Still?  I find myself after MT classes or while driving to work feeling discouraged that I do all this working out yet can't seem to get my body where I want it to be.  I wonder, will I ever, ever be satisfied? I mean, I know I don't want to diet right now but I am so very DISsatisfied right now. Miserable on some levels, truth be told.

The other night I was looking through old photo files looking for a specific picture, which led me to surf through my files.  As I came on some photos from just last spring I found myself thinking how good (and happy) I looked - and yet I know at the time, where I was, where my body was, was not good enough. At the time I had no satisfaction.  While I felt better, it still wasn't good enough. But right now?  Right now I'd given ANYTHING to dial back to those pre-fracture months and have that body back.  Have that weight back.  I won't be re-posting any of those photos here because if you are determined you can go to my archives and see them.  Besides, I don't need to have it rubbed in any more than I did the other night, when I had to stop looking at photos for fear of bursting into tears.

On some level, even though I know the weight I gained is because of the fractures and torn tendons, I'm so mad.  Mad that I couldn't didn't just control my damn eating when I was unable to exercise. The truth is not only did I not control it, I gave into quite a bit of "I'm feeling sorry for myself" eating, which resulted in yet another big gain.  A gain I can little afford what with my stupid thyroid and its mechanism that makes me gain weight in a blink and lose it slow as molasses.

All of this, along with my decision to stop dieting and weighing myself, has collided to make me ask the question, "Have I truly given up and decided to just be fat?"  My BIF and maintenance blogger Shelley (current motto: Get Lean in 2013!) has openly admitted that she gave in to eating anything and everything she wanted for a period of years and gained 100 pounds.  While not liking the physical effects, she will tell you flat out she enjoyed the food and never, ever worrying about what went into her mouth.

There are lots of times I feel I would like that too.  Especially times like now when I'm working on getting back into a good solid routine with my exercise and feel slightly fatigued most of the time.  On the other hand I feel if I gave into that I might just spiral downward so far I wouldn't be able to pick myself back up.

Besides, we all know whether you diet and weigh yourself or you don't, your appearance and your clothing will tell the story, and my story isn't a happy one right now.  I have gotten victory over one thing though. In the past, I have put off real living for far too long, simply based on what I weighed and looked like.  I missed participating in some really wonderful things. Believe it or not there was a time I literally would not have gone to the White House if I felt my weight wasn't exactly right.  Over the past couple of years I have managed to put a stop to that and thank goodness, those days are over!  At least I've got that straightened out.  But other issues definitely remain.

Here's the thing: even though getting my black belt was an amazing accomplishment, in some ways I don't think it was good for me.  Because if I can do that while I'm fat, I can do anything fat, right?  I can, in fact, shut down the fat voices in my head and get bigger and just keep buying clothes that fit so at least I look OK.

It's not what I want, but it is what I've been wondering if I've decided to do. Yeah, in case you couldn't tell, I'm frustrated and discouraged after seeing those pictures.  I'm questioning myself but I'm not certain there is an answer.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Hibernation Effect

We got almost a foot of snow the weekend before New Year's Day and it has been cold, cold, cold so none of it has melted.  Then yesterday we woke up to another dusting, which sort of refreshed the dirty snow.  Whenever the weather gets like this, it truly makes me want to hibernate.  This is the time of year when I struggle to want to do much of anything other than come home and put on my pajamas every night.  The other thing that happens is that this throws me right into Sunday cooking day mode, so you can expect that I'll be sharing some recipes again.

First up, is this DELICIOUS soup that I made the day it snowed.  Besides the cold weather this was prompted by the fact that I had some light cream left over from Christmas dinner and wanted to use it up rather than let it go bad.

I saw the original recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website and as usual, because I'm a good, experienced cook, I adapted it to fit what I had on hand and what would make it less time intensive.  This soup is positively delicious and a very nice twist on regular chicken noodle soup.  It made so much I ended up freezing half of it right away and still ate it for an entire week with what was left in the fridge.  Give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it!

Italian Chicken Noodle Soup
about 16 one cup servings
adapted from The Pioneer Woman

  • 8 oz Ditalini Pasta
  • 1 whole Cut Up Fryer Chicken, or pick a rotisserie chicken clean
  • 8 cups Low Sodium Chicken Broth or homemade Chicken Stock
  • 1 whole medium onion, diced
  • 1 large green bell pepper, diced
  • 2 stalks celery, diced
  • 2 whole Fresh Jalapenos, Diced
  • 1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
  • 2 14 1/2 oz. cans petite diced tomatoes with juice
  • 1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
  • 1 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 cup half and half
  • 1 cup light cream
  • 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons dried oregano or 4 Tablespoons fresh oregano, diced
  • Parmesan Cheese Shavings, For Serving
Cook pasta in a pot according to package directions. Drain and rinse in cold water to cool. Set aside.
Place chicken in a large pot or dutch oven and cover in chicken stock. Bring to a boil, then simmer chicken, covered, for 30 minutes. Turn off heat and leave covered for 30 minutes. Remove chicken from pot and shred meat. Discard bones and set meat aside.
Heat a small skillet over medium high heat. Add olive oil and oregano and turn off heat, stirring over the next minute to keep oregano from burning. Set this aside.
In a medium pot to onion, green pepper, celery, and jalapenos in 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium heat until tender and golden brown, about 10 minutes. Add chicken broth, salt, pepper, shredded chicken, and tomatoes with their juice. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Simmer about 15 minutes to let flavors meld. Add cream and half and half, and all the oregano and olive oil from the small skillet. Bring back to a simmer then add cooked pasta, stir to combine. Turn off heat.
If you want to be fancy you can serve with shaved Parmesan on the top but I forgot this step and my soup still tasted delicious!
This is hearty and one cup was enough to fill me.  Also because of using full-fat products, I think it made it more filling, although I would have no objection to trying this with fat free or skim dairy products, which is what I usually have on hand.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Resolutions, Only Aspirations

I had very definitely decided that I was NOT making any resolutions or really even setting any goals for 2013.  But as the new year approached I realized I have several things that I would like to see accomplished or at the very least get better.  I'm calling them aspirations rather than resolutions, which to me means I will do my best rather than I have to meet a goal. In no particular order, here they are.

I've had something nagging at me and irritating me for quite a while now.  Mr. Helen and I had reached the point where nearly every dinner meal was being eaten on a tray in front of the television.  The more this happened, the more I've disliked it until by the end of this year I actually was resentful of it.  When Little Helen was growing up we always ate our dinner meal at the table together.  It started falling apart once she left home - 12 years ago!  It got particularly bad over the last 4 years as I got involved in martial arts and we were eating later and later.

So as I prepared our New Year's Eve meal, I decided right then and there that my aspiration would be that the few times a week we actually are home together for our dinner meal, we will sit at the table.  The end.  I truly believe this is one of those things that we just have to do.  When Mr. Helen got home from work on New Year's Eve and walked through the dining room, this is what he saw:

I heard him say, "Oh wow," but he never said anything to me directly.  I made us a lovely seafood dinner and we spent an hour eating and talking.  It was wonderful.  On New Year's Day, he grilled some steaks and while he was outside, I set the table again.  He came in and said, "Oooooookay..." but you know what?  He sat down and we had another lovely dinner.   Honestly, we are only together at dinner time maybe half the days of the week.  It won't kill us to sit down and eat together and talk to each other - and it may do a world of good.


I've been doing a lot of pondering about my running.  Truth be told my foot isn't 100% yet - if I push during a run, it hurts afterwards.  In fact, I'm not sure that the cuboid fracture is completely healed just based on how it feels.  As I've been running a long time, it's quite easy for me to get into the mindset that each and every run has to be harder, stronger, faster than the last - and that's including when I'm not even in a race.  That's a bit ridiculous.  Last Saturday I went out to get a run in prior to our big snowstorm as I knew it would probably be the last outside one I'd have for a while since people don't clear the sidewalks, therefore making it too dangerous for me to run outside in the early mornings.  As I ran along I felt myself getting frustrated with my pace and time.  All of a sudden, I thought, 'WHY?  Why not forget about pace and time and distance for a while and just get back to enjoying your running?"  Because running is what I truly love to do.  So that's what I'm working on and if it means I leave the Garmin at home, so be it.


I saw something written about a person who was trying to describe why they were not interested in being Vegan, though they're basically Vegetarian due to moral convictions.  I'm only roughly summarizing here and I can't find the original source to credit them (sorry!).  They said they were not interested in soaking nuts to make milk and using 14 different kinds of flour to get a pancake, or using substitutes for so many things.  That really struck a chord with me.  While I've had success at weight loss using various diets and eating styles - and I've retained good things from many of them - the truth about me is that I like many kinds of foods and don't want to restrict anything.  One evening as Mr. Helen and I were heading home from an event, I told him that I had enjoyed the last couple of months where I tried to just eat healthfully and had the occasional indulgence.  I admitted to him that going on 8 years of fighting my thyroid and trying to get back to pre-thyroid weight, I am very tired of dieting and restricting and counting and weighing and measuring, So I made the bold statement that even though I want to weigh less, I'm going to exercise and eat healthy and be  good and kind to myself, even if it means my weight and/or size never changes.  His response?  "I've been waiting 8 years to hear you say that.  I'm happy for you and I think you'll be happier too."

While some people are addicted to their scale and weigh themselves every day - or multiple times a day, I am a bit addicted to counting, weighing and measuring food.  It will definitely be a brain shift for me to look for moderation rather than calorie counts; to be kind and self encouraging rather than looking to see if the day's numbers jive and beating myself when they don't - which is absolutely one of the things I want to give up. And moderation/health/kindness does not mean shoveling anything and everything in my mouth in unlimited amounts.  This could be the hardest of my aspirations, but as it's similar to what I've been working on already, I'm going to continue it.


If you missed it, my last post of 2012 was the recap and photos of my White House visit.  You can see it here.

P.S. Did anyone else notice today's date is 1-3-13 - maybe I should play the 4 number lottery tonight!