Monday, February 10, 2014

Diary of a Diet Detox: The First Week

DAY ONE:  Yum, this smoothie actually tastes pretty good.  I'm going to sip it slow and make it last. It sounds silly but I feel sad. I miss my eggs!

I'm so hungry - eat vegetables - I'm so hungry - eat some more vegetables - I'm so hungry - is it lunch time yet?

Dang, this ratatouille might be the best I've ever made.  Sooooo good.  I wish I'd brought some of my chicken.  I miss protein.

I can't believe I'm hungry again! Let me have a couple tablespoons of hummus with some pepper strips.  (Seriously I could eat this entire container of hummus!)

Hungry again!  Eat a baby cucumber dipped in the rest of the yogurt that has been flavored with dill and shallot salt. Eat 1/2 an avocado - good fat that should calm me down. Hmmmm is it time for dinner yet?  Drink a big glass of unsweetened decaf iced tea.  Still hungry.  Sigh.

Dinner time!  Measure out 6 oz. of chicken, put 8 roasted asparagus spears on the plate.  Grab another bowl and measure out 1/2 cup of brown rice, add 1/2 cup cauliflower rice and put 1 cup of roasted broccoli on top.  Heat it all up and... finally I feel full!  Except.... I sure do wish I could have a couple of Dove Dark Chocolate Promises.  Only 13 more days to go.  Sigh.

DAY TWO: No wonder Dr. Oz said don't do any 'extra' exercise.  I'm waking up sooooo hungry.

Decide to take 3 oz. of chicken for lunch - maybe that will help with the all day long hunger.  Or maybe it won't.  Sucked down my breakfast shake in about 5 minutes flat.  Hope I don't regret that.

Ok, I'm just going to give in and have a handful of nuts.  I think I've eaten every vegetable under the sun and now it's a satisfaction issue.

Whoops!  That was two handfuls, which is why I was trying to avoid them...

Yoga was good AND calmed me down.  That feels better.  Ann and I got to talk and she's struggling with the hidden Hershey bars at her house but she said she wouldn't eat one simply because she knew she'd have to 'fess up.

Good grief, why did I say I'd do this?  I want chocolate!  Just one piece! Just ONE Dove Promise! I don't think I can take do this another 12 days.

DAY THREE: Home with a winter storm today.  I am going to be very conscious of my hunger to make sure I don't eat mindlessly.

Spent a good amount of time texting back and forth with Ann whose husband and grandkids were at her house.  They'd had a dozen Dunkin' Donuts and pizza.  She said if she made it through today she'd definitely make it all the way.

Mr. Helen made himself breakfast... I still miss eggs and it smelled soooooo good.  My response was to get out of the house, go to the garage and run for a whole hour on the treadmill.  Exercise always calms me.  Smoothie tastes really delicious after that.

Not feeling as crazy hungry today... such a relief.  Makes it easier to think about what I really want to eat instead of grabbing at food. Really astonished that I wasn't wanting to eat all day, especially since I was at home.

11 more days.

DAY FOUR: Didn't wake up hungry this morning!  I wonder if the nuts I've eat the last two days have helped with that?  Maybe I need to just suck it up and measure out an ounce of nuts to eat each day.

Hmmmmm my running is beginning to "feel" better and easier.  I bet I'm losing weight.  It's tempting to get on the scale but NO.  I don't want to be over excited or completely discouraged by a dumb number.

Tired of eating the same food over and over.

Definitely a person who needs more variety, but it's only for 10 more days, right?

Still missing my breakfast eggs/egg beaters.  Also miss oatmeal and quinoa.  I wonder why he didn't offer a choice, instead of only 1/2 cup brown rice all the time.

Weirdly, I'm not missing cheese all that much.

DAY 5:  Found an article where Dr. Oz was interviewed about this plan and he said he would have approved coffee except that people won't just drink it black.  Black coffee is OK.  Ahhhhh now I don't feel like I've been cheating.  I'm glad I didn't give up my coffee!

I read a blog of a (young) woman who did this for just one week (she also got sick of the same food over and over) and lost 10 pounds!  That would be so cool... next to impossible given my age and hormones but jeepers!

Now that I think about it, I've been fighting mind hunger all day.  At least I've been able to stop and ask myself if I'm really physically hungry.

Finally thought to look at paleOMG to see if she had any recipes I could use.  Whaddaya know, her Friday recipe was for a Southwest Turkey Meatball with no grains or breadcrumbs!  Didn't want the dipping sauce but I could have made it with yogurt in place of the mayo to make it fit what I'm doing. Got to thinking I wanted a different vegetable so I went for green beans and ended up with homemade stir-fried Szechuan green beans.  Criminy these were as good as what I'd get at a restaurant... but I controlled the ingredients.  Gonna make a big batch of these to have next week for lunches - think the spicy goodness also hit the satisfaction note I've been looking for!

DAY 6: Finally it's Saturday and I'm NOT eating chicken or turkey or ratatouille or any one single thing I've eaten all week.  I'm having a nice piece of fish!  So excited for that protein change, although I have to say the turkey meatballs hit a very good spot.

Glad my mind - and the hungries - have calmed the heck down.  It has made it easier to think clearly about what I want to eat and also to use my creativity to come up with things like with the green beans yesterday.

Mr. Helen is being super supportive - it's almost funny that he asks me if it will bother me if he has his ice cream.  I appreciate it though.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm not afraid of the scale for a change.

DAY 7: I have been reminded once again that all calories are not equal.  Well, maybe the calories are equal but what the body does with calories from various sources is not equal.  As the week wore on my hunger died down to the point that I decided to track my intake for a couple of days.  One day I ate 1340 calories and the second day I ate 1550.  So, no undereating for sure and right about what I try to eat any time I'm losing weight.  Usually I lose 1-2 pounds a week eating like that.  Except lately when I've just been stuck.

When I stepped on the scale, I was shocked.  I lost 8.6 pounds.  I don't think I've ever in my life lost that much in a single week.  And I did it without tracking and being nuts about my food and definitely no starvation.

Needless to say that gave me the push I needed to menu plan and prep food for one more week.  I made a double batch of those Szechuan green beans, roasted broccoli, marinated and grilled chicken and made Summer Squash Soup.  I also have asparagus to roast later in the week if need be.

I am most definitely ready to have a bit more variety but I can do this for 7 more days.  Seems like it's giving me the exact sort of reset I was looking for. I'm planning on celebrating the end with a nice petite filet mignon - and I still miss eggs for breakfast!


  1. Congratulations Helen! Especially on the sticking to it. I'm wondering if you ate the cup of non-fat yogurt during the day--you didn't mention it. The smoothie really sounds tasty, I need to try that one. And I'm very glad that you got to have your coffee legally : )

    1. The program calls for 2% Greek Yogurt. I lucked out and got the Fage for $1 each. I only bought 14 because I can be weird with yogurt. So here's the thing, right away I decided I would half the container in the breakfast smoothie. The other half, I've been using to make dips and dressings for salads... but now I'm at the point where sometimes I don't even eat or want the other half, so I don't!. That 2% yogurt is crazy filling IMO.

  2. I'm cracking up because your day one reminds me so much of my day one when I started my's TORTURE!!!! But you survived and got a lovely reward via the scale - congratulations!

    1. Well, I've pretty much decided the torture of not having eggs or a small piece of chocolate just isn't going to go away. But I can get through the next few days by pretending I'm a grown up lol!

  3. Bravo Helen! I know you could do it. You are a determined and focused lady :D

  4. Great job Helen! And I was actually curious to see how many calories you were actually eating, and you are spot on!

    But I will never understand that you aren't missing cheese! :D Kudos!

    1. It's Biz by the way - not sure why I commented under Google! :D

    2. The cheese thing is weird. All I can figure is I'm just not eating the types of things where I'd want to have cheese.

  5. You've made it a lot longer than I would have, and look at the nice rewards you got! (Both the scale and the satisfaction of honoring a commitment you made to yourself.)

    1. I don't believe you Cammy. You are proof that if one just keeps at it, they can do anything!

  6. Congrats on a fantastic weight loss! I'm so proud of you for sticking to it. After reading this post and finishing reading day 2 I knew I could never do this which makes me extra proud of you that you can.

    Good luck this week, it's Tuesday morning here that means only 6 more days to go for you.

    1. Fran, if your health depended on it, you could do it, I know you could. It's not fun or pleasant, but it's doable.

    2. I agree to that. I've seen it with my Dad when he got cancer. If it's really necessary our inner strength comes above and we can do it.

  7. Wow on the weight loss! I lost 5 pounds in nine days way back in the 1970's doing a protein only diet. I felt awful and quit after 5 days, but I definitely wasn't hungry. Your food sounds good to me. Green beans are my favorite vegetable and I never get tired of them. :)

  8. Amazing weight loss! I love the way you wrote your daily feelings and experiences--so genuine, Helen! Congrats on sticking with it.