Monday, February 17, 2014

Dr. Oz Diet: Pros, Cons, and What Now?

For the past two weeks, I did the Dr. Oz. Two Week Rapid Weight Loss Plan.  I did it not thinking about weight loss per se but hoping to sort of reset my body as I'd had weeks and weeks and MONTHS of being completely stuck and going no where fast.  I tried to console myself that at least I kept off some of the weight I lost last year, but ultimately, it came down to a health decision and wanting to feel better to say I'd give something a try one last time.  If it took something a bit drastic so be it.  My friend Ann was dealing with her own health issues so we held hands and jumped in the deep end together!  Here's the wrap-up from my perspective.

  • Obviously the weight loss:  This week I lost another 2 pounds.  Now, that doesn't seem like much given what I was doing but traditionally on any diet I've done, week two is either a maintain or even a slight gain.  I am thrilled with that two pounds!  So, in two weeks I lost a total of 10.6 pounds which is the most I've ever lost in two week in my entire life, including back in the day when I had a young metabolism and good hormones. I declare this plan to be very good as a jump start into a new eating plan or to get you off a plateau.
  • Restrictive food list.  If you don’t mind eating from a pretty limited food list, this plan is for you. If you're willing to follow it to a 'T' you really can't help but lose weight.
  • Reminded me that sometimes a good snack doesn’t have to be complicated.  One of my favorite snacks/side dishes was simply half an avocado cubed with about 10 grape tomatoes halved – mix together and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Really worked as a detox – cravings stopped within a few days and made it very easy for me to decide if I was really physically hungry or just head hungry.
  • The breakfast smoothie is actually very good, especially with the added yogurt.  I will most definitely keep this in rotation as a breakfast option for myself… especially on the weekends when I tend to eat breakfast a bit later.

  • Restrictive food list:  I definitely prefer more variety in my diet.  Could a sister just get a pork chop and a sweet potato please? I've never been so sick of brown rice in my whole life! Definitely reaffirmed my belief in everything in moderation rather than deleting and deprivation.
  • I like to cook and felt for someone like me, who works full time outside the home, it required quite a bit of prep to get through each of the two weeks.  My friend, who does not work outside the home, didn’t prep a thing until she was ready to eat.
  • I wouldn’t want to try this with a large family – unless your significant other is willing to cook every else’s meals and you only have to deal with your own.  In fact I wouldn't want to try it only with a significant other either, unless that person was willing to be super supportive.  Mr. Helen was.
  • As with any real "diet," I had about three days of being super hungry.  Between actual physical hunger, head hunger and cravings, you feel a bit crazed.  I was glad that I work in an office alone and that I could only get to whatever food I'd brought in.  This is just another reason why you need support - Ann and I did quite a bit of messaging and texting in the beginning.
  • Somewhat difficult to be social, when the socializing is food-related, again because of the restricted food list.  My friend actually gave up after the third day in a row of eating out (they had out of town guests) and ate a piece of pizza and had a glass of wine.  Thankfully she got right back on track.
  • Two weeks is a long freaking time… I was ready to throw in the towel about 10 days in but just hung with it because I’m stubborn, because I promised Ann, and because Mr. Helen agreed to put off our Valentine’s Dinner (which we made at home). Ann actually gave in a couple more times in the second week. 

What Now?
I most definitely feel ready to move on from this however, as I said last week, once again I’ve been reminded that not all calories are equal, as much as I’d like them to be. It's funny how "extras" can so easily creep into your diet even though you think you're being careful. It was worth it to go through this because it has given me an excellent jump start and reminder about portion sizes and how they relate to food choices.

I plan on going back to a varied, healthy diet with sugar and alcohol being treats (as before and as they should be) and counting calories.  If I see my weight loss starting to slow drastically or plateau, I would very much be willing to do the Dr. Oz plan again – only maybe for just one week at a time.  I’m even thinking I might do 2-3 weeks calorie counting, 1 week Dr. Oz but again, I need to see how it goes as I rotate other food back into my diet.  As much as I love vegetables, woman cannot live by vegetables alone - not to mention that it may be a very long time before I eat brown rice again.

I’m definitely feeling “clean” and motivated – we just booked our tickets for our vacation to St. Martin, which means 10 weeks to a bathing suit.

Frequent questions are being answered by Dr.Oz here.  Any questions for me? 


  1. Loved this recap Helen! For me if you tell me I can't have something, that only wants me want it more, even if I don't really want it - if that makes any sense?

    I am going back to my night time workouts - I tend to eat less at dinner, don't have my wine and it's only 25 minutes long. :D Have a great day!

    1. I totally get that Biz and believe in moderation. I knew this was very short term which was why I even considered it and I'm glad I did.

  2. Sounds like you got what you wanted out of doing this, which, what more could you ask for? Love your 10 week bathing suit motivation - woohoo, glad you booked your trip! Hang your suit up in the kitchen...that'll keep you on track! ;)

    1. GMTA Shelley! The suit I want to wear wouldn't look so great on me right now and this morning as I was dressing I thought I should pull it out and put it where I have to see it every day!

  3. 10 pounds is amazing! I don't think I have ever lost that much over 2 weeks.

    Sometimes it is easier if you have a restricted food list, but it doesn't take me long to chafe at that. I have noticed in my eating that I like to eat 90/10 style for losing and 80/20 for maintaining. However, if I really, really look hard and be honest with myself, I am doing more like 70/30 or less, which leads to creep.

    So jealous of St. Martin!

    1. This is definitely a first, now to keep it on the downward trend. I agree on the percentages. I can usually have a splurge one day of a week but the other 6 I have to be on the straight and narrow if I want to lose weight! I think this process helped me understand why people choose really restrictive things like Optifast, etc.

  4. Thanks for the recap. I'm so glad you got what you wanted/needed out of it.

    1. I actually got more than I expected, which was nice for a change!

  5. What a great result! The 2 weeks really worked for you. It must give you so much motivation to move on from here now that you have lost so much in 2 weeks.

    When I read Biz' comment I thought: hey, she stole my lines :) because if I can't have something, I want it more and like Biz even if I don't really want it, I want it because I can't. That's why I stopped eliminating food and try to eat everything in moderation.

    Great work Helen, congrats on a great loss.

    1. And you and Biz' reasons are the same reasons why I would NEVER do this weeks on end. But I'm capable of doing anything for a couple weeks and by restricting the way I did, I got the jump start I wanted. I don't regret it at all.