Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five

1.  Have I mentioned that I despise winter?  I can't remember it bothering me as much as it has the past few years.  I'm talking bothering me to the point where I'm looking at employment advertisements in Florida and I don't care if Mr. Helen comes with me or not.  Then the other morning the weather guy mentioned that on the shoreline of Connecticut we usually get about 18 inches of snow in a season.  Last year we had 51 inches but that was because of the February blizzard that dumped 3 feet.  This year, we've had no blizzards, just one storm after another and we've had 55 inches of snow.  At least I feel vindicated in my hate.

Poor Patio!
But at least we can put our snow there - on city streets they're bringing in bucket loaders to take the snow away, it's made the streets so narrow.

2.  As much as I dislike winter in general, this year my distaste comes from the way it's messing with my running. I really miss outside winter running.  I fondly remember looking forward to and enjoying weekly 10 milers.  It has been so bad that not even my reliable running places, like the cemetary or the state park, have been able to keep their roads clear. Many times I've told people that winter running can be the best running you do, as long as you have the right gear.  I must have been talking about winter running when we only average 18 inches of snow.  Or maybe winter running in Texas.  Certainly not what I've dealt with this year.  I just can't bring myself to do 10 miles on a treadmill - there's nothing good about that.

3. Though we've had a bit of a warm up into the 40s, that sort of temperature brings rain, flooding, roof collapsing, and all sorts of other issues. (P.S. Today we are forecast to have thunderstorms - oh and possibly a little twister or two.) Not to mention that we just have so much snow on the ground right now, it's just not going to melt that fast as we're heading back downward with our temperatures.  Without new snow, everything just looks dirty and blah.  I shouldn't worry about the dirty gray look though, we're already forecast for 2 new storms next week.

Poor azalea is nearly buried.  Hope it comes back.

4. I think what bothers me more than anything, is I feel like winter is winning.  It's beating me down and affecting my will and ultimately my health. I've had several times in the past month where I've overslept because I turn the alarm off and go back to sleep.  It's like I can't face the cold, the dark, the treadmill, and the piles and piles of snow that are out there. If you know Doing A 180 you know Helen doesn't like to exercise in the evening, but especially during winter.  Most days it's home at 4:30, pajama attire by 4:35.

Ok, even I'll admit that the miniature snowman made by our neighbors little kids is cute. 

5. But you know what?  Quite by accident I discovered that our smart DVD/BlueRay player that allows us to stream Netflix or Amazon Prime or various other services also has YouTube.  I wondered if I could watch an exercise video through that so I tried it - and it worked.  Problem was that the size was not much bigger than my computer screen.  All of a sudden a dialogue box popped up that asked, "Do you want to try You Tube for TV?  It's new!"  So I exited and found that and not only did it make the picture bigger, you can go on You Tube on your computer or smart phone, find a video, then link it to the TV and that's where it plays.  So the picture is the full TV screen!  I may never buy another workout DVD in my life!  I was so excited, I put it on pause, ran upstairs and put on workout clothes, and did a 30 minute workout on the spot - at night, after work.



  1. Don't let winter win!!! It's nearly the end of February...spring is just around the corner! Hang on (for dear life)!!!

  2. Yep, the storms we had yesterday are coming your way - it was so weird to hear thunder and see lightening when there was still so much snow on the ground. This is Chicago's FIFTH snowiest winter in history. And now it's half melted, this morning the temps dropped and people were flying off the roads and spinning out.

    Hope you get a gap in your weather to get out this weekend - it will be so good for your soul!!

  3. My biggest peeve is that you can't even walk because of either lame people not shoveling or the fact that you cannot see around the snow piles at intersections and it is so dangerous. We live on a main road and the snow banks are 5 feet tall. We have to have one of us go to the end of the driveway and signal whether it is clear to back out into the road. That sucks. Now it's raining and we have huge snow piles and massive lakes because the storm drains are covered in snow. Good times, I tell you :D I am a little more used to it because we usually average 60 inches in a year, but this has been worse than that already, I think!

  4. Take that, Winter! Helen will NOT be defeated!

  5. Sweety I feel so much for you. I know how much you despise winter, I've been reading your blog for a couple of years now. Like Shelley says: hang in there it's almost March, this can't go on forever.

    I understand that with this winter conditions running outside is not an option. Yes you can run outside all year long but it really depends on where you live and that's not where you live. But you will be running outside again soon!

    I know there are TV's/services now here too that can do much more than my own TV can. I think there are TV's here now that can play youtube videos too, it's a great invention and happy for you you already got it. I recently bought copies of Beachbody workouts and the DVD's don't play on my old DVD player. I have to use my laptop for those but luckily I just bought a new one with a big screen. But I prefer to use my TV screen for it.