Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vacation, St. Martin: Flora, Fauna, and AMAZING Sunsets

Since I did the shopping post on Shelley's birthday, I figured I'd better do the floral post on Lori's birthday... don't want to show favoritism to my blogging friends!  But tomorrow is her birthday and I wanted to get through these vacation posts and beaches are schedule for Friday.  So happy birthday early Lori lol.

This post will be full of lots of photos but not too much text.  The flowers in St. Martin are just gorgeous. Some folks who live in the southern part of the USA, where more tropical flowers are tolerated, will probably be familiar with these.  But I don't get to see hibiscus unless I buy a plant for our patio because our winters kill these kind of flowers.  When I left for St. Martin, my own tulips hadn't even bloomed so to get off the plane and see all this gorgeousness just made me happy. If I know (or think I know) what the flower is, I labeled it.  If it doesn't have a label and you know,  please tell me.

This is called a sea grape tree, I supposed because of the grapey looking clusters.  They are on lots of beaches and provide natural shade


 This might be a red ginger purpurata but I'm not sure

Frangipani!!! One of my very favorites and they smell really good

The natives call this a lily

 Beautiful pink hibiscus

Another Frangipani

Another lily.  I love these!

Red hibiscus... and my leg as I was twisting myself to get it at this angle lol.

These flowers grow on these vines on the beach

The other thing that St. Martin offers - as with any place near the water, is amazing sunsets. Since we weren't actually staying beach front this time, we had to make special trips to get these sunset views and only managed that two times. As usual each sunset was a bit different:the first was sort of cloudy and wispy and gentle and the other, the sun went down like a ball of fire.  Both absolutely gorgeous!

Sunset #1

Sunset #2

If I ever get around to doing my St. Martin wall in the family room, some of these photos will definitely be included.  I hope you enjoyed them!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!! Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday with us Helen!!

  2. So pretty! I think the blue flowers might be a plumbago?

  3. Yay, my post! Those lilies are so unique and cool! Now I want one.

    1. I want one too but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't survive in our climate Lori :(

  4. Beautiful photos Helen. The tropical flowers are stunning. I really love the sunsets. You have definitely convinced me to add St. Martin to my list of places to visit.

    1. Yes, go. You'll never forget it.