Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Scene and Seen

It seems I don't have too much to say these days.  I feel like I've just flowed into my summer rituals.  I guess because this is my favorite season I don't want to spend a lot of time writing as I'd rather spend my time living.  How about some photos from the past week or so?

Out running and saw this turtle in the grass

These flowers seem to be everywhere.  Anyone know what they are?

We made this pineapple whip recipe to celebrate an office birthday.  It was refreshing and delicious!  I think Shelley would love it.

Had a beach day with my friend Em.  We watched this girl do a full-on body weight workout including planks, side planks, sit ups, butterfly sit ups, squats and leg raises.  The many men around us particularly enjoyed it.

Saturday night on the patio.  I'm saving a seat for you!

View from the Patio: pink and blue sunset

The recipe for this Sweet Potato, Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salad with Spicy Cilantro Dressing was in my local paper.  Made it over the weekend - Mr. Helen couldn't get enough - it's so good!  Interestingly enough, there is not one single ounce of fat it in this recipe.

Another house I often run by and admire their flowers.

The small park right around the corner from my house.  Photo taken on my way home from a run.

View from the Patio: home in time to see the sun rise...


  1. Girl you are so right that you just enjoy Summer. We all know it's your favorite season, why waiste time behind your computer. Enjoy!

    Love especially the pics from your neighbourhood, love seeing where my blogger friends live and in what kind of area.

    Loved this post.

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your runs! I loved the idea of the pineapple whip! Did you start with frozen pineapple in a bag or buy a fresh pineapple and start that way? Wonder if there'd be any difference in the taste?

    1. We were doing it in the office so it was easier to just buy a bag of frozen pineapple, especially since we were making so much of it!

  3. I like seeing pictures from your area - although that beach exerciser gives me pause. I wouldn't have the nerve...plus, didn't she kick up sand in her face as she moved about??

    Glad you are outside and enjoying Summer. Oh, and yes indeedy, I would like that pineapple whip! :)

    1. She was actually on a blanket Shelley. And Em had a good point - if we looked like that maybe we'd do a beach workout too lol!

  4. Someday I'll make it your way and have a seat in your backyard patio! Love all the pics and that you are enjoying your summer!

  5. It's funny, if I were going to exercise on the beach, the idea would be to do so in solitude and not smack in the middle of a lot of people, but whatever.

    I don't know that that flower is. Maybe dianthus? It's kind of hard to tell.

  6. Thanks for saving a seat for me Helen! I'll be right over!!! :)

  7. Whew. I thought you were gonna say that woman on the beach was twerking. Yet sadly, I'm certain that many young ladies already have.