Monday, February 2, 2015

Go Away Linus

That's the name of the current snow storm in case you didn't know.

I know there are lots of places in the USA where more snow falls than what we get but here's the difference:  on coastal Connecticut it snows, then it will generally "warm up" to the upper 30's which causes it to melt and it goes away.  Often we won't get snow at all, even when it is snowing in the northern part of the state.  For some reason (global warming?) right here on the coast we have been getting hammered for a few winters now, and we truly are not equipped to deal with all this snow. The temperatures have not only NOT warmed up, we've been having colder than usual temperatures... so the two feet of snow that fell last week is still on the ground. The kids in my city are not in school again today which now makes 6 days without school that will have to be tacked on to the end of the school year.

Even though the snow was supposed to start over night, I wouldn't let Mr. Helen put my car in the garage like he usually does. That's where my treadmill is and honestly, last week my workouts were sporadic due to all the snow we got.  I just decided I'd rather have to clean the car off this morning than miss my run.

Why yes, I did enjoy my bodyweight workout and run this morning... and now I'm enjoying the fact that my boss called and told me not to come in to work.  So yay for a snow day!  Or rather I should say a snow/sleet/ice day because that is what is happening.  It has snowed about 4 inches and now it's turning over to sleet.  Then it will become freezing rain, then go back to snow.  The recommendation is to wait until later on this afternoon to clear off cars/driveways so that the ice is over a layer of snow.  And believe it or not, that makes it easier to clean it up.  Rather than chipping away at ice, you're able to move the snow and ice together.

In order to make it easier for us to clear our driveway later, once my run was done, we cleaned my car off and put it in the garage.

I took this photo right after I finally got back in the house - thought you might like to see how absolutely cute my "Shelley" hat is with my coat.  And look!  Shelley's mom decided I needed a scarf to complete the ensemble and sent this to me last week.  I love, love, love the whole look.  Thank you Judy!

Keep warm peeps.


  1. You are a "vision in magenta." But you do look really really cold!

  2. I did not know the storm was named Linus and I was trying to correlate Peanuts with your title. But yes, Linus can just skip town!

    So there's an art to uncovering cars. Good to know. Not that I will ever need it, because OMG just no way could I do what you do. Glad you got your workout in on your terms, at least!

    That scarf is perfect - so funny that my mom had the same color in roving as I did in yarn. :)

  3. Happy snow day, Helen! I love your ensemble!

  4. Hooray for a snow day! Even though we got about 14 inches of snow yesterday, I made it to work in record time today - I think everyone decided to take a snow day but me!

    I wore my "Shelley" hat this morning when I cleared off the car too - love it!

  5. How cute and pink you look!

    We were too cold to get the ice, thank goodness, but got 13 inches of snow. Now it is in the negative 20s. The snow doesn't bother me quite so much as the freaking cold! This snow will just keep piling up and piling up all winter and never melting.

  6. Love your hat, it's the same color as mine and I use it on my long walks.

    You know that we never have the weather you are having here in Holland. But I do know what you mean that the state is not equipped for these kind of winters. For example last Tuesday it froze overnight and the roads were slippery: result huge traffic jams, trains not riding. Imagine what happens here when we have the same amount of snow as you have: chaos.

    I was wondering if the kids have to catch up on the snow days and now I know. It's sweet that your boss phoned that you didn't have to come in for work.

    And last but not least: seeing all the snow pics of you and Lori and another blogger that lives in Vermont gave me a kick in the butt and I picked up running in the morning yesterday. Shouldn't whine about dark and cold, it's nothing compared to you.

    Stay warm, stay safe and I keep wishing Linus goes away fast.

  7. LINUS!?
    I guess the pray the fun name makes us forget the ick-factor.