Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Next 40 Days

Otherwise known as Lent.  I did not grow up in a faith where Lent was observed per se, but as I've become an adult I have found that I actually like choosing a little something to practice over the 40 days. In fact, I have several friends who practice no "religion" at all but take part in changing something for the 40 days of Lent.  It is a great opportunity to self-examine I'd say.

This is what I've chosen for this year:

Just kidding.  And I saw the funniest thing on Facebook about Lent.  I follow Sonja Jones who was one of the runners-up for the last round of Biggest Loser and she reminded everyone that today is Ash Wednesday, not as Protestants have known it: "Ma'am, ma'am, ma'am!  You have something on your forehead" Wednesday. LOL!

In all seriousness, I have been giving this season some thought and while I'm not giving up anything, I am going to spend the next 40 trying to be kinder to myself.  Winter has definitely been beating me down and I've been letting winter win.  The funny thing about it is that none of the actions I might take because of winter (i.e., being cranky, overeating - especially carbs, skipping exericse, vegging in front of the TV or computer) are things that make me feel better or put me in a place where I'm living my best life for my best health.

So, let's just call it a Lenten Reset and go from there, shall we?  Day one of be nice to Helen season.


  1. You look especially pretty today. I like your hair. And that's a nice outfit you're wearing. Goes so well with your earrings.

    Day 1 of Be Nice to Helen is off to a good start. ;)

  2. I LIKE this idea!

    I need a "like button" for Shelley's comment. :)

  3. Yep, it's all about choices and how you choose to see the day! I am glad you are going to be nicer to Helen - she's pretty nice! :D Hugs!

  4. <3 this.
    we jews (ok the child and I not the JEWdle puppy :-)) have decided to do a lent resent re-evaluation of our own here, too.

  5. Day 1 of being nice to Helen - you are a good person, and never forget that.

    I grew up Catholic and had the ash on my forehead all day on Ash Wednesday. Everybody in school knew who the catholic kids were.

    And, since I am commenting a day late, here is be nice day 2:
    You are an awesome runner!

  6. I love the term "lenten reset"!!! I'm actually taking on a "Lose the Booze" for charity for the month of March. You don't drink for the 31 days, and give the money you would have spent to the charity. As you said, the idea of the self examination and giving something up, so I'm all over it. And I'll be drinking my face off next weekend to prepare. HA!!! Just kidding! Truth be told, I haven't "drunk my face off" since I was in university. And I graduated in '93. LOL! Have a great weekend Helen!!

  7. That's a nice thing to do for yourself the next 40 days and when it's over Spring has hopefully arrived!

    Here are people to who give up something for 40 days. We have Carnival the 3 days before Ash Wednesday but it seems more people (in the south) are celebrating that than Lent :)

    Have a great day Helen.

  8. Self-compassion--being kind to ourselves--so difficult sometimes, and absolutely imperative to our success. Be kind to my friend, Helen. Excellent choice!