Thursday, April 23, 2015

I Want a Do Over

I always have a tough time transitioning from the treadmill to the outdoors, even though I run on an incline with the treadmill.  There's just something different about the varying road conditions, rolling hills, and traffic that is different enough for me to feel uncomfortable during my first times out in the spring.  I can also guarantee that if I'm going to have an injury, this is when it will happen.  

Last week after my weekend run, I started feeling a tug at the top of my right leg.  I babied it and only walked a couple of days but it seemed to get worse, to the point where when I would try to bear weight on that leg alone (like when going up stairs), something would twinge and it would feel as if I was going to fall. I wondered if it was a pinched nerve somewhere causing it as it was very hard to figure out where the feeling was coming from, but I wasn't sure as I also had some clicking in the knee area and my hip felt very tight. After my run this past Saturday, I kept moving all day busy with weekend tasks and my leg felt fine - until I sat down.  Then it sort of locked up and when I went to stand and walk, the feeling of collapse came back.  I finally gave up and took 800mg of ibuprofen.  About 30 minutes later, it felt like a miracle healing!  OK, so now I know it's inflammation.  So I started babying it and using the RICE technique.  Stopped running and only walked a bit and by yesterday it was feeling better enough that I contemplated a run on Friday morning.

Yesterday morning I got up and my leg was OK but I was truly feeling lousy.  As I got coffee and watched the news they said the pollen count was really high so I took an Allegra.  The lousy feeling continued on, along with intermittent sneezing and then a dull headache.  I began to suspect a cold vs. allergies but didn't want to admit it as I just got over the bronchitis I had.  I was really dragging by the time I left work but no rest for the weary as I had to go to my mall job. As I left work walking down the 3 flights of stairs to the parking lot where I put my car, I got to the second floor landing and suddenly my leg twinged, I reacted to stop from falling but I ended up jamming my injured leg so hard it took my breath away and I saw stars.

There went all my progress and I got definite confirmation (I'd been researching the pain) that it wasn't a nerve but rather somehow I'd managed a pull to my rectus femoris thigh muscle right at the very top.  Or maybe the nerve in that area had been pinched and was causing the initial feeling but now I've got a full-on strain.

While at work, it was bothering me so much, it was hard to stand and especially hard to sit as when I would then stand it felt like my leg was collapsing.  Additionally, I was getting stuffier and stuffier and sneezing like a maniac.  I absolutely could not wait for 9 p.m. to come so I could go home.

When the mall closed, I staggered back to the office and deposited my paperwork and the cash bags then staggered out to my car and went home.  As I was walking in the house I thought,"I feel so lousy, I almost wish I could just lay down and cry."  I put my things away and reached into my coat pocket to make sure I put all my keys back into my purse for the next day and....pulled out the keys for the mall.  

Yep, I had to get back in the car, drive back, find a security officer to let me in the office and deposit the keys in the overnight locker.

Finally crawled into bed around 10:00, but not before having a good cry while I washed my face and taking an Aleve D-Cold, 10 mg muscle relaxer, 600 mg Motrin, (both of those for the leg) and a Xanax because baby, it was just that kind of day.  Mr. Helen pulled me close, kissed the top of my head and said, "Come here my sweet, hard-working, drug addict wife - tomorrow will be a new and better day."

According to my Fitbit I got 6 hours of sleep - probably thanks to the Xanax and muscle relaxer but I don't care, at this point I'll take the sleep however I can get it. Woke up with a full blown cold and a tender right leg thinking please God, let Mr. Helen be right about today.


  1. So sorry Helen. Hope the cold is gone quickly and the painful leg heals even faster!

  2. Ugh, ugh, ugh. At least you did cry and get some of that out. Days like that suck to no end.

    At least the weekend is just about here.

  3. What a terrible, horrible, no-good day! Here's to a better one, and I hope you heal quickly. I'm impressed you're awake and have posted...after both a muscle relaxer and a Xanax, I'm pretty sure I'd still be unconscious, LOL!

  4. Nothing to say but "sending a giant hug your way".

  5. Sweet dreams, Helen. Praying you'll wake up tomorrow to a new and better day.

  6. That was a Very Bad Day. I hope you're seeing a brighter day today and that your leg and cold feel better very soon!

  7. What a long day! Sorry that happened, but happy you got six hours of sleep - last night I got 9 hours - I wish I could loan you my gift of sleep for a while!

    Here's to a better weekend!

  8. What a shitty day.

    I have to admit that I am kind of surprised how many meds you take and not the "candy" ones either but the heavy stuff. Most of the things you take you can't get here without a subscription.

    Hope you feel better by now.