Thursday, June 11, 2015

Flowers, Food, and Funnies

Even if I do say so myself, I have taken some really good photos with my iPhone lately.  I wish I could consistently do this

My neighbor's beach rose

The Irises that also belong to my neighbor and line her retaining wall, which is the right side of my driveway.

Martini on the patio.  I used a filter on this one but can't remember which.


I got an eye job!  Just kidding. I have hereditary eye bags and since I was in my early 30s I've wished to get rid of them.  Now, I have, through the magic of this free photoshopping app.  And yes, of course, now I really do want to get my eyes done. Oh vanity!


One of the very very few convenience foods I eat - and I would say I average eating these about two times a month - is a Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast bowl.  I generally end up consuming them because I'm running late for work and don't have time to make breakfast. At $2.50 for the bowl, it's a pretty inexpensive breakfast.  But of the reasons I don't want to eat stuff like that is because of all the fillers, processing, etc.  so when I saw these new bowls by Good Food Made Simple, I bought a couple to try.

As you can see, not many ingredients, not many fillers, and unfortunately, watery and not much flavor either. Back to the filler-preserved deliciousness that is Jimmy Dean Delights


I just love a good crockpot meal that allows me to go to the beach, or have some time to read or watch a movie.  I have made these Braised Pork Carnitas twice now and we love them.  Both times, I omitted the salsa from the recipe and I have officially scratched it off my copy.  Mr. Helen likes it over white rice or in a wrap.  I like it in lettuce wraps with a bit of guacamole & chopped tomato on top.


We've had a few days of real summer weather this week (unlike last week with the overnights in the 40's).  I love it!  I've been sitting on the patio trying to soak up the sun, even if it's only an hour after work trying to get a bit of a base tan before my first beach excursion, which if all goes well, will happen tomorrow.  While I can't afford to go away right now, I decided I would take a vacation day and actually not do chores or get involved in any projects.  The whole plan for tomorrow is to get up, work out, go to beach and stay at beach until dinner.  Normally I would be fretting about being this pale and being in a bathing suit on a beach but I need this down time so bad I don't even care! Sunshine for the soul.


  1. I clicked on those pictures - wow! The clarity is amazing!

    I (Rob Lowe voice) LITERALLY laughed out loud at your assessment of the Good Food Made Simple breakfast bowl. Thanks for taking one for the team! :)

    Enjoy your beach day tomorrow!

  2. Good for you for taking a vacation day and use it just for you! Enjoy your time at the beach.

    I don't use my Nikon anymore, the photos on my Galaxy S5 are so much better and I always have my phone with me. The camera I have to think about bringing it.

  3. I love, love the fact that you are taking a beach day! Hooray!

    I really like the pictures on my windows phone. They are really good, but I have a hankering for a real DSLR camera. Now that the house has sold, I might look into getting one.

  4. Loved this blog. Made me laugh and also made me hungry. Have you already shared the pork carnitas recipe?

    1. If you click on the recipe name up there, that is a link to the recipe!