Thursday, June 18, 2015


Do you watch Scandal?  Mr. Helen and I recently started and we are hooked.  We are already on Season 3 and hope to get through Season 4 before the new season starts in the fall. I'm not sure why I never DVR'd Scandal because it's a Shonda Rhimes show and I generally love her stuff.  Oh well, thanks to Netflix, I can catch up.  I'm also watching Orange is the New Black (Mr. Helen doesn't care for it).  It's an interesting show based on a true story.  I do have to say that I liked the first season of that show best, but now I feel committed to see it through.


So you know how you plan something and it doesn't quite go how you thought it would?  Well, that's how my day off beach time ended up last week.  But the change was good!  My friend Em had the opportunity to come and join me, which of course meant I got to see her little guy. It was his first time ever at the beach and he loved it! He's 10 months old now and if you say the word no - even if you're not speaking to him - he shakes his head no.  He also has learned the sign language for "more" so his mommy never has to worry if he's still hungry because he tells her, patting his little fingers together and saying "Mo, mo."  Plus any kid that will eat my Chopped Veggie Salad is a champ in my book! Isn't he adorable in his surfer dude rash guard?

Of course, though I planned NO CHORES, I ended up doing them before and after the beach because I was supposed to meet my sister for lunch on Saturday and I was working at the mall on Sunday so I just had to.  Friday night my sister called me and cancelled our lunch and since I had my chores done, I got to have a second beach day on Saturday! I took another guy with me this time.

I secretly think it's funny that Mr. Helen and Baby M. have the same style of hat. It was nice for us to just have some down time together.  A couple of hours in, he had to prop his leg up on the cooler and we used an ice pack that was in there, for his knee.  He is definitely better but admitted he was disappointed when he went for his last followup and the doctor told him no running for at least 3 more weeks.  He can't help himself and finds it hard to be still but as I pointed out, we are no longer spring chickens and things take longer to heal!

So my one day of beach turned into two and I totally felt refreshed and ready to tackle this week.  It was like a mini vacation.

Anyone who reads Lori or Debby's blogs gets a garden tour.  I don't really have much yard but I do find a way to enjoy flowers via my patio pots and a couple of plants in our strip of front yard.  The thing is, my thumb can be brown and sometimes even the easiest of plants will die on me.

That right there is a Gerbera Daisy that my brother gave me for my birthday back in March.  Once the blooms stopped I normally would have thrown it away but this year I decided I would try to keep it and put it outside.  I did and it has been blooming like crazy.  I'm so proud of myself lol!

Also in the flower category - these next couple of weeks are my favorite time to run because of the honeysuckle.  I ran by this huge patch of it yesterday morning and had to stop for a brief second to really enjoy it!  If we had any sort of fence I would totally put honeysuckle on it.


As longtime readers know I so dislike eating in front of the TV and that has been an ongoing battle in my house ever since Little Helen grew up and left home.  But this time of year, it's easier to get Mr. Helen to sit at a table because I grill, then we sit on the patio.  Maybe another reason why I love this time of year so much!


Speaking of Little Helen, she is coming home this weekend for a dress fitting.  I am so excited to see her in her altered gown.  We are 5 weeks away and counting down to the wedding.  While changing wallets last week, I found this:

That is a gift card for an Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa.  I don't remember having it and had no idea how much was on it.  The spa is in the same town where Mr. Helen works so I sent him with the card so they could swipe it to tell me if there was anything on it.  I suspected that it would be useless as I'm not one to waste a spa card.

He texted me:  "$126 - enjoy!"  JACKPOT!!!

I'm calling today to make an appointment to get highlights in my hair for Little Helen's wedding.

I love "found" money, don't you?


  1. That is a jackpot!

    Happy to hear you had 2 beach days in a row and had such a good time. Here's too many more for you this Summer.

    I love Scandal but it's only on Dutch TV here and there weren't enough people watching so they cancelled the show. Now I do have Netflix but not everything that's on US Netflix is shown here, something to do with television rights. So Scandal is not on Netflix here -> bummer. Orange is the new black is but I haven't started that yet. So much to see, so little time.

    Thanks for the tip a couple of months ago about Empire though, I love that show. Only 2 more episodes here and we're through season 1 too.

  2. Score on the spa!!! How much fun to get a surprise treat like that! I found a punch card for my local garden center the other day that I had totally forgot about. It was filled and that gives me $25 to spend there :D

    I read OITNB and I wouldn't say I liked Piper enough to want to watch a show about her.

  3. Wait, those flowering plants are supposed to rebloom??? ;) Nice job with that one - love gerbera daisies and yours looks so sunny and pretty!

    Have not watched Scandal, but I just finished OITNB, Veep, and Silicon Valley and am finally watching GOT. May have to give Scandal a try once I'm through with GOT - I liked How To Get Away With Murder, so I'm betting I'd like Scandal as well.

    What a great find with that gift card!!! How fun to get a freebie spa day right before the wedding.

  4. I read this earlier today but realized I forgot to comment. I meant to tell you that ever since Tony passed away, I have eaten at my dining room table every.single.night - even if it's just me at home. I think I have eaten at my table more in the last 7 months than I have in the last 14 years! Hooray for eating at a table!

    Jackpot is right! I wanted to get my hair highlighted now that the grey hair is peeking out a bit too much, but my frugal mind can't wrap my brain around the cost - starts at $80 and goes up to as much was $125!

  5. Oh my ! So many good things in one post! Totally love your "found money!"

    And I am jealous of your Gerbera daisy. Occasionally I will buy one, because they are so gorgeous, but I never have any luck keeping them alive. I think its too hot and dry for them here. And your honeysuckle runs! You know, I have that pink one, which I am enjoying. But it seems to have no smell. I am going to have to buy another regular one, because that is a smell I LOVE.

  6. I *love* found money! Enjoy your treat!