Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Tea Fit for a Queen

When I last left you, my sister and I were driving in I95-South bumper to bumper traffic and I was apoplectically deep breathing.  We had quite a bit of setup to do once we got to the venue and I was afraid it wouldn't get done before people started arriving, specifically the groom's mother.

My laid back sister kept saying that it would all be OK and if anyone arrived early we'd put them to work.  And as soon as we got there, she ordered two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and told me to chill. Which I did, after I made about 15 trips from the car bringing everything in.  When the groom's mother and sister arrived, I was literally standing over an air conditioning vent with my glass of wine trying to cool off.

The rest of this post will be photos to show just what a lovely time we had.  For once in my life, every person who RSVP'd showed up and no one extra showed up.  When you see the photos you'll understand why we hoped that would happen.  It really was very nice and intimate and Little Helen was delighted which is all that mattered after all.

Table center piece made by my sister.
She actually arranged the flowers herself and made the purple hearts with their initials.
It's a tea set which she gave to Little Helen

Table setting with the tea cups I purchased.  We also covered the tag with oval stickers and wrote each person's name in gold.  Mixed up the seating so most had to talk with someone new.

Little Helen arriving... Grammy Helen in the background

Fruit salad, 4 kinds of scones, 4 kinds of teach sandwiches, plates of gluten free items, clotted cream, homemade apple butter, strawberry jam and butter.  Plus ice water, iced tea, hot teas, coffee and wine from the bar if someone wanted it. Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the cupcake tower which had Coconut Lemon Curd, Double Chocolate, and Peanut Butter Frosted Chocolate cupcakes. But you get it - lots of food!

Little Helen and her Best Woman (that's what she's calling her)

Dare I say... my first plate?  Ham and dill scone, raspberry & white chocolate scone, egg salad sandwich, cucumber and watercress sandwich, the spreads and tea.  I went back for the chicken curry salad sandwich and a double chocolate cupcake!

My beautiful daughter and me...

Beautiful bride to be with mother-in-law and me.  You can see my "mother of the bride" pin here.

So excited when she opened this gift - Waterford crystal champagne toasting glasses.  Something she really wanted but didn't register or ask for. 

This is a piece called "Richard's Platter from Edgecomb Potters that she really wanted, given to her by her future mother-in-law.  

Everyone loved this bag and said if she didn't want it, they'd take it!

Inside was a place setting of her dishes.  She received 5 more,  plus someone had shipped her two so her set is complete.  Very happy lady.

Grammy Helen's tradition:  practical cotton pajamas because you can't be sexy all the time.  We all laughed so hard.  But those of us married a while secretly wanted those PJ's - they were adorable.

Sexy lingerie from her Best Woman.  This came with a gorgeous lace-sleeved robe.

There were many more gifts, but I didn't want to inundate you.  At the end, there was a special surprise that brought the room to tears.  Those who have been reading this blog for a while, remember that 5 years ago we lost my sister-in-law Pam to ovarian cancer after a valiant eight-year battle.  These are Mr. Helen's remaining sisters.  The one on the left is the executor of Pam's estate. She presented Little Helen with Pam's wedding rings to wear as her something borrowed.  This was especially touching when her aunt said, "When Helen married my brother, we were so lucky to get a niece too!"  They've always loved and treated her like a blood relative - especially Pam who would visit anytime she was in the city where Little Helen lived.  In fact, when my sister's husband died in that horrible accident, Pam was visiting and as soon as she heard, she drove straight to Little Helen's office and picked her up and stayed with her for two days.  We are going to tie them with a teal blue ribbon and pin them into her bodice.  Teal blue is the color for ovarian cancer, if you didn't know. Plus that can be her something blue.

In memory of Pam, a favorite auntie.  She would have been so delighted for Little Helen right now but we know she's watching over us all.

If I do say so myself, a royally grand time was had by us all!  9 days and counting...


  1. What a beautiful shower! I love the look on Little Helen's face as she walked in - you guys did good. :) Cracking up at the cotton jammies, but hey - that's where it's at! LOVE that pottery platter (and I just got lost in their website, drooling over all the pretty things). You all looked fantastic and wouldn't know there was so much stress leading up to the event.

    Oh, and I heartily approve of "plate one" - and hell's yes to plate two...and I'd turn a blind eye to plate three.

    1. Little Helen have me the square serving bowl in Bahama Blue last year - I love it. I want to get a cake plate next!

  2. What a sweet moment with the rings. That is something to really treasure.

    What a wonderful shower, too! I never had a bridal shower. It just never coordinated with half the wedding party in NY and half in CO.

    Cupcake tower. I would love to have seen that. And eaten it.

    1. As soon as I realized I'd forgotten to take a photo of those, I thought, "Lori will be disappointed not to see the cupcakes." I was right!

  3. OMG, tears welling up in my eyes as I read the part about Pam - so touching indeed!! It all looks amazing, and I could see if you had one more "show up" it would have upset the whole apple cart. Job well done!

    1. It was really a lovely, intimate setting. The food was so good and my sister and I decided that even though we could have made that food, we were glad to pay the small price per person and leave the mess behind!

  4. Loved the theme and all the pics and details.

    You might have said - did each person take their cup and saucer home or did the bride to be keep them all?

  5. Yes the guests kept their tea cups as their favor. We had paper to wrap them and cute polka dotted bags to carry them out. The bride to be kept the tea set that the flowers were in.

  6. Well, alls well that ends well, right? My favorite part was the passing on of Pam's wedding rings.

    You look mah-velous, by the way!

  7. So lovely, Helen. Beautiful bride, beautiful mother-of-the bride--lovely ladies all! I liked what you said about having someone else make the food. You deserve a work-free day at your daughter's shower. Excellent decision. I also loved the tea cup favors. Another great idea! Happy times!

  8. My dear you sure know how to throw a party! What a great party you gave your sweet girl.

    And the gift from your sisters in law is really really sweet and made me emotional too.

  9. I am late in commenting, but everything looked so fantastic! What a happy, perfect occasion. I'm looking forward to the wedding, even vicariously, LOL!