Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here Comes The Bride

**Fair Warning:  Long, Photo Heavy Post! Though I've tried to make collages and limit words, it's a big one!**

While Mr. Helen and I are generally quite conservative when we travel, for this special occasion we decided we'd indulge a bit, including some room service and valet parking for the weekend.  The valet parking was especially helpful as we were in a large hotel with a large parking garage.  It was so nice to just walk to the valet stand and ask for the car!

I am going to do my best to share the day with you, but as you can imagine, there are so many things I wish I had photos of but don't, simply because I was mother of the bride.  There were many times when I was helping her or otherwise occupied and I'm sure other people took photos but I just don't have them yet.  Maybe one day I can do a Wedding Day Redux post.  In the meantime...

Wedding Day started quite early for me, at 6:00 a.m.  I got up, jumped in the shower, and just as I was putting on the complimentary robe, my hot fresh pot of coffee was delivered to the room.  Just what I needed to get myself awake and drive to my hair appointment, which was at 7:30 am.  I wasn't sure what to expect since it wasn't my regular salon, but I'd had the salon recommended and I'd had text and email contact with the stylist.  It turned out to be a magnificent experience - not only was my hair gorgeous, it lasted from 8:15 that morning, until I took the pins out at 11:00 that night!  Bonus: it cost me less than I would have paid at my home salon.  I think you'll agree she did a wonderful job.  (Note: if my hair looks lighter, it is.  I had highlights put in a week before the wedding.)

As soon as I got back to the hotel, I began to do my makeup and get dressed because Little Helen had asked us to come to her suite for 9:45.  Just as I got to our room to find it empty, I got a text from Mr. Helen telling me he was in the restaurant having breakfast with my mother and aunt.  Seriously?!  I decided in my next life I want to be a man...

Eventually he came back to the room, quickly got dressed (no hair or makeup for him lol!) Honestly, I was so happy with all the choices I made, and I felt really beautiful and thought Mr. Helen quite handsome in his suit. (Sorry, the lighting in the hotel room was tough.)  I said it yesterday about the shoes but truly my entire ensemble was everything I hoped it would be: comfortable, light, airy, pretty, and easy to wear for 8 hours.

Finally, we made our way to the suite.  When we walked in, there she was, already made up and just finishing up the buttons on her dress.  She was literally glowing from the inside out and to say that she was the most beautiful she's ever been would be an understatement.  These are all photos from the suite, where she had a fruit platter and pink champagne.
Gorgeous Fruit Platter

One of my very favorite shots of my girl, taken by my sister-in-law.  The pearls on her wrist were her something old- E.'s nana's pearls that she made a bracelet.

Another favorite shot taken by her sister

Her bouquet and shoes

The Bride and her Best Woman

Her toenails were painted purple.  Love this shot of our Gracie holding up the dress so the photographer laying on the floor could get a picture

I don't even remember this photo, but here it is.  Kind of fun, right?

I caught the photographer's assistant holding her bouquet while something was adjusted for a photo

And of course, a shot of us three

At the rehearsal dinner she had presented us with special toasting glasses that we used in the suite, then took on to the reception with us.

It seemed like a blink of an eye then it was time to go.  Her ceremony site and reception venue were within walking distance but Mr. Helen arranged a limousine to take us and her 3 attendants (Best Woman and two people carrying her dress) to the ceremony.  That was one of the better decisions of the weekend.  When we booked the limo, we did not say "wedding" because whenever those words are used, outrageous prices are quoted.  We were thrilled to see a huge stretch white limousine with a tuxedoed driver and the driver was thrilled when he realized his pickup/drop off was a bride.  Big ups to Lindsey Limousine, who provided spectacular service and quoted a fair price.  Use them if you're ever in CT. No photos of the limo but I have these of the bride waiting to get in.  Love the one with Mr. Helen in the background directing traffic.

Off we go!

It was a short 10 minute ride to the Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens.  When the limo arrived we could see the photographer hustling around telling everyone to get ready.  These gardens do not allow seating except for the elderly so most of the guests were standing.  Sort of felt like paparazzi as we walked down the aisle.  We could not have asked for better weather - bright blue skies and sunshine, with only a touch of humidity. It was a gorgeous ceremony and they did several unique things besides stomping the glass and jumping a broom, one of which was that they cited their vows (except the ring exchange part) in unison.  Enjoy the ceremony!

First the groom's parents.  The groom was already waiting.

Here we come...

The Best Woman and Best Man had us all make a community vow to support them in their marriage.  That "We Will!" was as loud as it gets lol!

E.'s sister on the left and Mr. Helen's on the right were readers.
The poem "Looking for your Face" by Rumi, brought us all to tears.

I just love this shot, so you get to see it.

Finally, the vows were taken, rings exchanged, a kiss, a stomp, a broom jump (sorry no photo of this yet) and the new Mr. & Mrs. were introduced!

Immediately following the ceremony, everyone but wedding party and parents/grandparents hung out for formal photos.  I can't wait to see those but in the meantime here are some others taken while we hung out.

Little Helen's attendants: her sister and cousin to carry her gown, and her Best Woman

Grandparents:  Mr. Helen's dad and my mom

Us with our new son-in-law!

Once we were done, we were also excused to go to the reception as well and by then it was 12:30 and I was starving.  Believe it or not, in all the excitement, I forgot to eat.  Miracles do happen, dreams do come true LOL!

Next post:  more photos, the reception and the after party.


  1. How absolutely lovely! And such luck with the weather, too! I love outdoor weddings, but there is always a risk. We had ours outdoors in Colorado and 2 days before the wedding it snowed and then the day of it was 70 degrees and gorgeous :D

    I love your dress. I hope you can wear it again. It looks so comfortable and classy.

    1. That dress was the bomb-diggity. I am definitely keeping it in hopes of wearing it another time!

  2. Helen, I got all teary eyed when I saw the first picture of your daughter in her gown - absolutely stunning! So happy everything went well and that you felt and looked beautiful!! :D

    1. Beautiful! I've followed your blog for a few years, but I don't think I've commented...this is a lovely post, beautiful wedding. P

    2. Glad you popped out of hiding to comment smithfunnyfarm.

      Biz, you are right, she was stunning, even more so in person.

  3. I agree with you--that picture that you said was one of your favorites of your daughter--that is the prettiest picture I've seen of her--she has a gorgeous smile!

    Thanks for sharing the day. It was not too many pictures. Just right, so we got a little taste of how the whole thing came off!

    BTW, that fruit platter looks gorgeous. I bet you didn't eat any ;)

    1. You would be correct about me not eating any fruit Debby. I did manage 2 glasses of pink champagne though. Champagne is grapes. Does that count?

  4. What a gorgeous wedding. I don't know who is more beautiful, you or little Helen!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day and CONGRATS to all!!!

    1. Awww, that's sweet of you to say!

  5. What a wonderful day! Everything came together so well, and my gosh, Little Helen looked incredible. Such a cute couple - they look really happy and self-assured together.

    Your entire ensemble was so pretty; how much fun did you have being the MOB? :)

    P.S. I totally expect to see more pics as they come in!

    1. I bet I said 50 times that it was so much better being the MOB than the bride. Lots of fun and glamour without all the stress!

  6. Beautiful - down to the very last detail. Thank you so much for posting this.

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a fantastic day. Your girl was so beautiful but so were you and Mr. Helen. Give me more of these heavy photo posts because I love it.