Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Few and Far Between

That title best describes my blogging this year.  I know some of you read faithfully and every time I think about quitting blogging altogether, I realize that blogging is a sort of modern day pen pal, and that's how we keep in touch.  So, I apologize for the long spans of time between blogs, especially over this summer.

Truly this has been a pretty busy and pretty big spring and summer for us starting with Mr. Helen's 60th birthday, then followed by Little Helen's wedding and our vacation.  I guess I've just been busy living life instead of writing about it.  A bad pen pal these days.

I promise I am putting together a vacation post but as a preview I can tell you I had a life lesson reinforced while I was there and I lost my usual 4 vacation pounds.  It's so crazy to me that this happens every time I go on vacation!  I'm sure they will find their way back but since I'm back to not weighing myself I won't even know.

In the meantime let me share a little story with you.  As usual I went on vacation with no plans to exercise set in stone.  Yet, every single day except one I couldn't resist walking on the beach or the pathway, it was just so pretty.  I also think I was finally relaxing after the weeks of disruption from all the big events in my life this year and my body began to crave movement. I thought of you and your TX heat every single day Shelley, because I wasn't forcing myself to get up at 4 am so by the time I got out it was generally after 8 am and the sun was beating down and it was h-o-t.  Here's to early morning  pre-dawn workouts! And, since we got back last Saturday, I seem to be getting my groove back where it comes to exercise. Who knew Nags Head was where I needed to go to find it?

Sunrise, 6:15-6:20 am, August 9, 2015, Nags Head, NC

Anyway, as I was off and running (pre-dawn) yesterday morning, a truck with both windows rolled all the way down went down the street but had to stop at the stoplight.  Sometimes I am filled with dread because that's exactly when unwanted cat calls or wolf whistles or other remarks are made.

As I ran up to the vehicle and then by it, I heard:
Passenger 1:  Here comes that runner.
Passenger 2:  Damn, look at her go!
Passenger 1:  Man she's working that hill.
Passenger 2:  We are sloths.
Now that's the way to talk "to" a runner - have a conversation with your passenger. Yeah, that powered me through the rest of the run.


  1. Reading that conversation those guys where having about you made me smile so thanks for sharing. Can't wait to read about your time in NC.

    As for your blogging schedule blog if or when you feel like it. I don't comment often I'm bad that way but I do enjoy your writing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the talk between the 2 in the truck! I would have felt good about it too.

    Don't worry about blogging not so often, I would be said if you would quit. I don't expect anyone to blog for example 3 times a week. Just blog when you want too, it's what I do too.

  3. Oh no: I forgot to say that the sunrise is really beautiful.

  4. You wrote when it works for you! We will be here when you have the time and inclination!!!!!

    I love the overheard conversation!!!!!!! You rock and that conversation proves it!!!

  5. I love that conversation you were privvy to - hell's YES to people appreciating the effort you put into a run!! And I laughed at your pre-dawn workout time, because I was just thinking that yesterday - I'm awake more than two hours before sunrise to get my run in! Big props to US. :)

    I like the idea of you blogging as a pen pal. You know I'm going to say to do what works for you!

  6. Love, love, love the conversation you overheard! Yes, we runners that get up early to get it done are rockstars! I enjoy your writing as well. You always give such great descriptions of things!

  7. Yay for that conversation! I dread approaching cars, too. I have heard too many 'fat ass' comments to not wince probably forever.

    I would imagine that you found your mojo not just because you were on vacation, but you really reached the pinnacle of stress with the wedding and the huge deflation after that can't be underestimated as far as relief goes.

  8. I am so happy you got rejuvenated in the Outer Banks. It brings back happy memories for me because my Dad would actually don a bathing suit and get in the water with us - something unheard of because he normally had long pants on, long socks to his knees and shoes on when standing on the beach!

    When I win the lottery I'll rent one of those giant houses and have you, Shelley, Lori, Roz and our little blogging family spend a week there - how fun would that be??!

  9. EXCELLENT!!! Glad you had a great time, and I'm so glad you overheard the conversation!

  10. Yeah, I actually didn't think you were writing less often. You kept us up with all the big events going on in your life, plus some fun conversations about our "usual" stuff.

    Love the car conversation, and love that you are enjoying moving.