Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I Forgot to Tell You This and That

OK southern peeps, I am jealous.  I'd heard of this mayo but had not seen it anywhere. When we went grocery shopping in Nags Head I saw it and bought a small jar.  It's now my favorite mayo and I can't get it here - wah! Interesting to me is that this mayo is sugar free.  Maybe that's why I like it so much.


Remember the Saturday in July that I worked the kids event at the mall then went downtown to the street fair, then went back downtown to watch the fireworks?  I walked 26,389 steps that day with no purposeful exercise. That was pretty amazing to me, I guess because in general I have a job that is fairly sedentary but have always felt I was much more active once not tied to my desk.

Now, I don't wear the Fitbit because I sold it.  It started making my arm break out in a rash every single time I wore it.  Since I mainly bought it for sleep reasons and I had the data I needed, I wasn't upset to sell it since I didn't want to keep getting rashes.  Interesting that arm rashes were one of the warnings in the packaging.  I never expected it to happen to me, but my arm did not like that material.


For some reason, I haven't seen as many sun flowers this year.  I wonder if they go through cycles? But on my last morning run prior to vacation, I saw this GIANT one!  Not only the flower itself but look at the size of the stalk on that thing.  I had the camera pointed up over my head to get the flower shot!


Mr. Helen is testing for his Fourth-Degree Black Belt September 10-11.  Right now he's in full-on git-er-done mode which means he's at classes every day and/or working out like crazy.  He's still feeling the meniscus surgery he recently had, so I'm a bit concerned that he might set himself back with all this maniacal training but what's a wife to do?  He won't listen to me anyway.  On the side of yes, that's annoying, he told me he's going to lose 15 pounds by September 10th. I should have known this was coming because I overheard him talking to someone about "cutting weight," which is what wrestlers and fighters do. It makes me feel pissy that he can even think that, then try to do it.  I think that way too but it doesn't happen so easily.  I'll let you know if he manages that.


Here are the mementos I bought myself on vacation.  I didn't put them in any other post because those posts were long enough!

An "OBX" starfish bead for my Pandora charm bracelet

I collect Christmas ornaments of lighthouses.  Bought this one to commemorate Bodie Lighthouse
plus the profits go to the National Parks Service.

Saw this in the shop where I got my bead and couldn't resist another ornament.
Nags Head sand and small shells inside.


It's now so dark in the morning when I go out to run that the sun hasn't risen before I get home. That's depressing and I am so not ready for hours of darkness.  Weatherman this morning said we are losing 2 minutes of daylight per day right now.  Nooooooooooooo!


Having a spa day with my sister on Friday for a very late celebration of her 40th birthday. I'm trying a new treatment this time - a crystal salt body scrub.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I've been thinking of it as sort of a reset and transition day.  Not to mention it will make for a nice extra long weekend... always good to have that.


  1. I like these kinds of posts! So we are losing 2 minutes of daylight per day? That makes sense, because ALL OF A SUDDEN it's dark, when I could have sworn we had another 45 minutes left of daylight. And it's extra dark in the morning, too. I'm with you on the noooooooooooo!

    Love your souvenirs! I have an ornament with sand and seashells in it that my BF made me from California beaches. Fun reminders at Christmas, of sunny days. The new charm is really pretty, too.

    I'll have to look for Duke's mayo this December when we're in NC. Not that I eat a lot of it, but hey, when you want it, you want it to be good, right?

    So Mr. H is planning on losing 15 pounds in what, 15 days? MEN. //rolleyes//
    I'm sure he'll do it. And I'm sure he'll do great for his Black Belt, too!

    Yay for a spa day! I've never had one. Sounds like a great thing to do with your sister. I forget that this is a long weekend coming up, as our town does not shut down - all schools are in session and everyone has to work (except for the bank people).

  2. Spa day! Let us know how the scrub is. I have been wanting to try one of those some time.

    No long weekend here, boo. The urgent care is open 24 hours a day, so I will have to be doing work, but it's not really too bad when you work from home.

    John and weight loss bug me sometimes, too. He does struggle more than other men, I think, but this week he is biking less because he is getting a new wheel and he lost weight this week. Me - biking more, watching what I eat. Maintain. I really try to be supportive and cheer him on, but am really depressed by it at the same time.

  3. My brother was out riding his bike and saw a field of sunflowers that were not yet in bloom. I have to find out where and head out with my camera when they bloom!

  4. That will be a fun day at the Spa, enjoy!

    I know it seems 2 weeks ago that I went for a run and it was light. This week when I got home the sun wasn't completely up yet.

    Now that you mention it: haven't seen many sunflowers here either this Summer.

  5. Two minutes a day doesn't seem like much. But I sure have noticed the darker mornings and evenings. I am one that pretty much likes that. It means I finally might get a bit more sleep!

    I love your starfish charm and your lighthouse ornament. What a great thing to collect.

  6. Hi, I’ve been reading your posts and just wanted to share something? Please email me back. Thanks!


  7. It's funny Helen because when I visited my PIL this weekend they go to bed at around 8:45 p.m. - the first night there they said "do you have everything you need?" Yep, I had my glass of water for my bedside table and they literally turned off all the lights in the house. Good think I had my tablet and Netflix with me! And they get up at around 6:00 a.m. - it was still dark outside - the latest I slept in was 7 am!

    Love your Nags Head loot - I love buying Christmas ornaments for my tree too - I keep telling myself I need an all snowman ornament tree, but I have so many memories of all the ornaments I have!