Monday, October 19, 2015

All in the Dark

I have been looking for a new pocketbook for quite some time.  Like most women, I can be picky about my purse so it takes me forever to find something.  You know what is irritating as heck?  The fact that "designers" are making pocket books out of plastic/fake leather and still charging $200 or more for them.  Actually it irritates me that synthetic hand bags cost more than $20.  It's ridiculous.  I actually bought a couple different ones and returned them both.  Last week I was in Macy's looking for some new black slacks and walking through the accessories department, found this beauty!

This is a leather Tignanello Satchel in Walnut.  It was priced more than I was willing to pay but there was one of those 1 days sales and it was 40% off and then I had a coupon for $25 off $100 so it came all the way down to just $90 and I had that in gift cards.  Jackpot!  I love it and it also is convertible with a strap that attaches if I need to put it over my shoulder.  Perfect.


I know I have complained both on this blog and on Facebook - and probably IRL to some people too about the ridiculous size of chicken breasts these days.  For me, chicken breasts are one place where bigger is not better so I have been on a search for reasonable sized pieces of chicken.  It has gotten so bad that even some of the all natural and/or organic ones are 8 oz. each.  Mr. Helen came on these at the commissary where he works and I finally got some on sale.  They really are perfect portions - about 4.8 oz. each so they cook down to about a 4 oz. piece of chicken.  Plus they are individually wrapped so I can freeze the bag and pull out how only how many I want. Much more reasonable.  I am willing to pay extra just to have normal sized chicken.


Preview of what we did this past Saturday - full post on that coming up later in the week.


Last Friday we had a beautiful sunny day that warmed up to about 68 degrees.  I left work by 3:30 but had to grocery shop, then put the groceries away and by the time I could get outside it was 5:15.  Because the sun angles change so drastically this time of year, the patio no longer gets sun by that time of day and once the sun starts to drop in the sky it's cold.  But with the cooler weekend weather forecast I was determined to sit outside figuring it would be my last chance before the freeze.  I put on a jacket and took my martini out there anyway, just to get the fresh air.  Only lasted about 45 minutes but I guess that's better than no fresh air at all.


It did indeed get cooler all weekend long and by Sunday night even our area was forecast for a hard freeze.  I thought maybe I'd set out warmer winter running clothes just in case as I couldn't imagine the struggle I'd have this morning trying to find that stuff at 4 am.  Alarm went off and I got up and I grabbed two outfits - one winter, one what I would normally wear in fall and went downstairs to open the back door and do a temp test.  Ummmmmm okay then.  It was 27 degrees.  I put on my winter gear and turned the news on to see places in New York where it snowed 9 inches.  Well, at least I wasn't dealing with that, right?  Still dark AND cold?  Not my favorite running combo.  And I realized this morning that my runs from start to finish on weekdays are all in the dark now.  Sunrise doesn't happen for a good hour after I get home.  Blah.

Just how much is that lottery this week?


  1. Yes - cold!!!! We thought about biking Sunday morning to breakfast, but it was 26 degrees. So, we walked instead LOL! It doesn't feel as cold walking, especially since there was no wind.

    I buy natural chicken breasts so that the size is more manageable. They cost more, but I am the only one eating meat, so I will pay for it. I hate to think of those poor chickens walking around with 16 ounces of breast meat on them. If they can even walk.

    Love the purse. That looks like my style.

  2. I love that purse!

    My store sells boneless chicken breasts for $1.29 every three weeks. They are enormous and I can get at least three portions off of one HALF of a chicken breast - so crazy! It's worth the work to break it down though at that price.

    We haven't dipped into the 30s yet, but we will probably this week. I still don't mind the colder temps - its weird having my bedroom window open though - Tony was always so cold I could never have it open.

    Happy Monday!

  3. Good night Irene, that is COLD!!! Dang. I got to wear a long-sleeved technical shirt when I ran this morning, but it was only 52 degrees. Could have gotten by with a short sleeve, but I wanted to encourage the cooler weather. All of our weekday runs begin and end in darkness; I think that's why it's so nice for the longer runs on Saturday, because even though we start out when it's pitch black, the sun has started rising by the time we are finishing, and it's so pretty to see.

    Beautiful purse! Love that color. I've had a couple of Tignanello purses over the years (like you, I get them on the Macy's super deals) and they last forever.

  4. I LOVE that purse! It is the perfect color and shape and price!! If I had all those coupons, I'd buy it for myself!!

    And the chicken breasts. I was kind of puzzling over why you didn't just cut the giant ones into 4 ounce pieces, but then I guessed that the whole ones were more aesthetically pleasing.Sometimes I buy the frozen chicken tenders. They are 4 ounces for two of them. And they're a little different than the breasts.

  5. Chicken breast are sometimes huge here too and I use one half for the both of us. I divide most meat I buy in portions for 1 person before I put it in the freezer and get out what I need the next day.

    Love the purse, great color.

    I went for a run this week (after 3 weeks of no running) and had the same feeling: dark, dark, dark. Blah! I really hate running in the dark and have decided I will run only 1 time on a weekday during Winter. I will do an extra DVD at home instead. I'm not training for anything and running twice a week (1 run at the weekend in daylight) is perfect for me during Winter.