Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday Ten: Yes.

1. It has been hard people because we thought we were getting an early and nice spring then BAM!  Snow, sleet and ice, freezing overnight temperatures that made my daffodils lay down in defeat, and lower than average daytime temps.  When it warms up, it pours rain. I'm itching for this:

2.  As I transition to more and more outside running, which means lots more h-i-l-l-s, I feel more general fatigue as the week goes on. Though I try to condition myself on my treadmill by always using the incline, it's just not the same as being outdoors. Lots of times on Thursdays, instead of an outright run, I do intervals 2:1.  This can be walk/run or run/sprint.  One loop I do is flat for the first 1/2 mile then uphill for the next mile. On that loop I tend to walk 2, run 1, then when I get to the part that is flat and downhill for the next 1.5 miles, I switch it up to run 2, jog or walk 1.  I did this last week and when I finished I had done 3.1 miles in 39:07  That's an average pace of 12:37!!  That might not seem exciting to some of you but for one entire part of that run I had a 14 mph headwind, thus that means during my running segments, I was running F-A-S-T.  Whoop!

3. We brought the seventies back with our Saturday night fondue.  I love that it takes a while to cook all the various foods so it sort of forces a leisurely dinner.  We started with a smoked cheddar fondue and then did the main course with chicken stock that had been flavored with herbs and spices. We've already talked about doing this again on the patio this summer.

4.  To go along with the fondue, my cocktail this week was some Prosecco. Honestly, I love champagne and Prosecco but the standard 750 ml bottle is the equivalent of 5-6 flutes, which obviously is way too much unless I want to feel like crap and have a headache the next day.  I was so excited to find a pack of three small bottles.  Each bottle is 6.3 ounces (187 ml) which is about 1 1/2 flutes.  Perfect portion control!

5.  Truth.

6.  Even though it's still a bit wintery, I've been moving right along on my spring cleaning.  This past weekend I got the living room and dining room and all the windows on that level done.  I have to say I feel quite accomplished to see everything from ceiling to floor clean as a whistle.  Bonus: I keep thinking about how great my free time will feel this summer as I won't have any chores nagging in the back of my mind!

7.  I am delighted to find that I can still stomach Shot Bloks. It has been quite some time since I've even needed to use anything to fuel a run so I wasn't sure how I'd handle them.  I ate 3 bloks (there are 6 in one package) after I'd been running about an hour and felt strong for the rest of my long run on Saturday.

8. After that 10 mile run, I ate this giant bagel.  With chive cream cheese.  Totally worth running 10 miles to eat with no guilt or worry about where those carbohydrates would land!

9. Runner's World has started two podcasts.  "Runner's World" which is a bit technical and where they talk to running elites, and "Human Race" which is quite similar to the column in the magazine where they talk to an ordinary person who has done something extraordinary with their running.  I love to listen to podcasts when I walk and when I'm cleaning my house so I'm happy to add these.

10. I know I've mentioned before that I have an up and down relationship with fruit.  It's something I really want to like but often don't.  My sister was telling me Gracie is the same way: if the fruit isn't just perfect, she can't bring herself to eat it.  I recently bought some strawberries that smelled wonderful and were.... absolutely awful.  I stored them in my keeper so they wouldn't go bad while I figured out what to do with them.  Then I came across this recipe for Strawberry Crumb Bars.  Oh my goodness, just delicious!  I think this basic recipe could be used with any sort of fruit therefore I will call it my "this fruit sucks" savior.


  1. I hear you about the hills. No fake incline or hill training keeps you tip-top for the real deal. I think the conditioning comes back fast, though.

    You know I loves me some fruit - a lot of fruit LOL!
    When I get a bad batch of strawberries, I will just make a quick jam out of them, not meant for preserves, but to eat right away.

    1. Right now I have been on a blueberry kick but the stores around here keep running out of them or they are way over priced. It seems the only fruit I can ever really count on is a banana - it lets you know exactly when it's ready to be eaten!

  2. What a great Tuesday Ten! Well, except for the weather...it's like the winter that you didn't get has decided to appear in April. No thank you, Mr. Winter - you had your chance, now go away until the REAL winter timeframe!

    That bagel looks so freaking good. And I'm thrilled for you that your running is working out so well!

    I haven't had fondue since the early 80s but OMG I want some so badly now. It is the perfect food.

    1. After today our weather is supposed to shape up and be more seasonal. I'm just looking forward to having more than 1 day in a row of sunshine!

  3. You are challenging me with all your cleaning tips lately! I love podcasts too--practically can't go into the studio without my kindle and podcasts. I am working my way through back seasons of This American Life.

    The strawberry crumble bars look so delicious. That is the kind of thing I can't keep my hands off of! When I get a bad batch or just have too many, I put them in the freezer. They work fine in smoothies.

    Sorry about your weather. We have gotten some heavy rain that has challenged some of my flowers. But they do usually pop back up with some nice sunshine. Your sunshine will be there soon!

    1. See, I don't drink many smoothies as I rather chew my calories. Thankfully those strawberry bars were a small pan and after I had two over the weekend I told Mr. Helen to eat them up!

  4. Hannah has had her spring cleaning pants on for a few days now, so pretty soon there won't be anything else for her to get her hands on and make me throw out! I kid, but she's pretty forceful when she gets her cleaning pants on!

    I love those ShotBloks - when I was doing my running club for a short time, they totally saved my blood sugar from dropping during a run.

    OMG, I wish I could eat ALL the fruit - and even though it's good for me, the natural sugars makes me have to take so much more insulin, I have to ween myself.

    I am with you on this weather - so ready for spring, but most likely we'll go from temps in the 40s, to 80s with no spring!