Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Tortuous Long Run and A Weekend Getaway

My sister, who lives in the Hamptons, offered her house to Mr. Helen and me if we wanted to come for a long weekend. She has been away traveling a lot and offered us several weekends to choose from so we could be there alone. It's a really nice home with a pool and set back on a cul de sac so it has lots of privacy. The issue that arises is that Mr. Helen has split days off - Saturday and Monday - so he has to be able to get vacation time for Sunday.  1. Hard to do this time of year with everyone taking vacations and 2. He's pretty dedicated to his job.  In other words, annoying.

We talked and talked and taled about it and finally I just said to him, I'm going.  You can come with me but I'm still going either way.  As readers of this blog know, I was not thrilled with staycation and I was thinking a long weekend getaway would be just the ticket.  So I started making plans to go alone. Talked several times with my sister about things to do and also, how I could get a long run in on Saturday morning, since I'd be traveling on Friday morning.

I got my reservation to go over on the ferry and was all set but then Thursday night Mr. Helen informed me he had worked the time off.  I think it was driving him nuts that I was going to go without him.  So, I had to change the ferry reservation and unfortunately, we couldn't get on until 6 p.m. on Friday because it was booked.  Since I now had to wait, I decided I would get up early Friday and go ahead and get my long run done since I'm not over confident of the running areas where my sister lives.

My plan was to get up at 4:00 like I normally do, and get out by 5 because of the heat and humidity situation.  If you didn't know, we've been in an extended high heat/high humidity stretch here, which is very unusual as normally we have cooling ocean breezes.  Well, I ended up staying up too late Thursday night and didn't even wake up until 4:45 so by the time I got out and running it was nearly 6:00 (I needed coffee and to make my Nuun for later, etc.).  It was also 78 degrees, 95% humidity, and 75 dewpoint and all those numbers would rise fast as the sun actually got up. Plus, instead of a body workout day or a rest day, I had run 5K the day before so my legs weren't really rested. But, I wanted to get it done so I decided I'd run partially by the ocean, hoping for a breeze, but also because that route has some shade for when the sun came up.  Long story short, it was brutal. But I survived it and have the photos to show.  I took pictures to keep my mind off the fact that I was dying lol.  Here's the photo story of my run.

I took a few shots of the sky when I first started.  I'm mostly in the dark on my weekday runs so it was nice to see the sun coming up, even though I knew it was gonna get hot!

 There were a couple of places I could turn back towards home and make the run shorter.  This was one of them.  I felt ok right here but really wanted to jump in the fountain!

I stopped in front of the repurposed fire station to eat some Shot Bloks.  This was about 4.5 miles in and I was starting to drag a bit. Lori and Debby, I took these pictures of flowers for you gardening gurus.

I just loved this King Hibiscus.  Photo below this one is the whole plant.

Shortly after the flowers, I thoroughly regretted my decision to keep going because by mile 6 my shoes were squishing, I had sweat so much.  Mile 7 consisted of way more walking than I intended and by this point there was almost no hiding from the sun.  I was drained but there was nowhere to go but home. Finally, I got home and immediately took my shoes off.  This is how wet my socks were!

Once I stripped off my socks, and took the insoles out of my shoes and left everything on the patio to dry, I went inside and got my Nuun slushie and headed for an ice bath.

Definitely not as fast as I've been running but this run was a get it done and survive it run.

Thankfully all I had to do after this was finish packing and wait to get on the ferry.  We arrived at Orient Point at 7:40 then had an hour drive to my sister's.  Even though we didn't get there until late, I'm glad we went because starting Saturday morning, the next two days consisted of sleeping in, lazing around the pool until noon-ish, then we showered and went into town, one day to walk around and the next to listen to some music.  Then back to the pool and relaxing and dinner and back to the pool until bedtime.  We stopped at a couple farm stands and did a couple leisurely walks for a bit of "exercise."  Honestly, these few days were far better and more relaxed than our full week off.  I arrived to this week feeling completely refreshed!

We really enjoyed the pool and the float.

The heat followed us.  So crazy for beach/coastal areas!

Sag Harbor is known for attracting mega yachts.  This wasn't even the biggest one we saw.

I had my own pool boy.

Mr. Helen was wearing his fancy ring that I bought him for our 20th anniversary.  He said, "Hey take a picture of our rings."

Bacon-wrapped filet, baked potato with sour cream and fresh chives, and caprese salad - the tomato and fresh mozzarella were from a farm stand down the road.  This meal would have easily cost us $150-$200 in a restaurant over there but we made it and probably enjoyed it even more since we were poolside in our bathing suits eating it up.

We had such a good time and this getaway was the perfect reward for that brutal long run.


  1. Now THAT is a nice getaway! I love that you just went ahead with your plans and oh hey, Mr. Helen managed to make it...sometimes, you just have to be the decider in the marriage. Can't get over that heat, though - wow. Good thing you had such a beautiful pool and shady backyard to stay cool with!

    1. Oh and P.S. - how do you make a Nuun slushie?

    2. That getaway was so nice I've been scheming on how I could get back one more time even if he can't come.

      I make the Nuun slushie by dissolving the tablet in 16 oz water then putting in the freezer for a couple hours. By the time I get out and run and get back, it's slushy! Plus after I drink it down, I just add water to the icy stuff that's left which makes it super cold as well.

    3. I will have to try that slushie idea as it sounds wonderful!

  2. Wow, so glad you had such a nice getaway, after such a rough start.

    And thanks for the flower pics! That looks like a giant zinnia to me. And don't you LOVE the beautiful color on that hibiscus?

  3. This humidity is so yucky. I was trying to wipe my sweat with my bike gloves and they were to soaked already and I just smeared it around LOL. Ewww. Not to mention how it saps your energy.

    That getaway sounds perfect! I love how convenient that you can use your sister's mug and it's your initial, too. That's makes it look like personalized service :D

  4. I wish I had a sister with a home in the Hamptons. Your weekend looks glorious. I'm so jealous!

  5. OMG, I would have been or by the pool the whole time - love it! So glad your getaway was a good one this time! :D

  6. Catching up!

    Oh wow what a lovely weekend away, lucky you your sister has such a beautiful place that you could use. And glad that Mr. Helen decided to go, much more fun than going alone.

    You are a rockstar for doing that run! Well done.