Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Perfect Storm

Sandra Boynton says it better than I ever could.  Seriously, I cannot believe how sick I am.  I really think it's a "just" a cold, but it has hit me hard.

So, I ran the Army 10 miler on Sunday the 9th.  Monday the 10th we walked all over DC sightseeing. Tuesday we were in the car for 7 hours driving home and during that drive I kept saying my throat felt funny, but I also felt some seasonal allergies had flared up while we were in DC so I wasn't giving it too much credence.  Wednesday, I did my first short run after the race and just felt "off" the whole time.  By Wednesday night my throat was so sore I was beginning to wonder if I actually had strep but I know to wait these things out.  Thursday I went back to work and the first words out of my bosses mouth were "Are you feeling OK, you sound funny." I took a walk after work, just because my body was craving movement. By Friday, the sore throat was dissipating but I still didn't feel well.

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling really lousy and to the news that two people I love had passed away.  My favorite brother-in-law's father died and also my longtime running partner.  When I got that news, even though I wasn't feeling great, I just wanted to run to honor Pete, and so I did.

When I got home from that run, I was coughing like crazy and things went downhill from there.  I spent the entire weekend feeling lousy both physically and emotionally.

On Monday, I got up and made myself go to work.  Honestly I hate calling in on Mondays or Fridays - people tend to snark that you're trying to lengthen your weekend and even though I never abuse sick days, I really didn't even want someone to joke with me about it.  I dragged myself through the day, and then I went to calling hours for Pete. I needed to formally say good-bye.

But last night, I never slept as I spent the whole night coughing and so today, I called in and I'm making myself rest.

Last weekend when I told Mr. Helen I was in a perfect storm to get sick, little did I know.  I can't even recall the last time I was this sick.  It sucks because we are in the midst of record breaking temperatures and it's like summer has come back to visit - and though my brain is telling me to get out and run, I just feel lousy.

I'm pretty sure I didn't even take this much time to recover from a full marathon although I don't remember getting this sick either. You know I'm hoping this resolves itself soon so I can get back to a regular routine before my left brain convinces me I've lost all ability to run or eat healthy lol!


  1. Good grief, Helen! You're like the energizer bunny. Please stay home and allow yourself to heal. Do you really think years of practice will be erased in a week? I'm so sorry about your loss of family and friend. I feel like I have known Pete from your stories about him over the years.

  2. {{hugs}} Please get all the rest you need. Your routine now should be rest, fluids and whatever decongestant/cough syrups you need right now.

    The weather is strange. We are hitting 80 today. I was out biking in shorts and it has been a long time since I sweated this much while riding.

  3. You sound like me, when I came back from California (aka going 90-to-nothing for nearly two weeks) with a little sore throat, which turned into a cold, which at one point I wondered if I had mono because I felt so wiped out and just plain terrible. I'm sorry to tell you it took me nearly three weeks to feel better - not sure what is going on with the common cold, but they seem to be extra bad right now.

    That said, I hope you start feeling better! Maybe take a sick day and go lie in the sun on the beach. You're allowed!

    I'm sorry about Pete, and your BIL's father. Like Debby, I "know" Pete via your stories; I'm sure I'm doing some of my running the way he did, since he coached you and you coached me back in the day. I'll do my run tomorrow morning in his honor.

  4. sending virtual Jewish penicillin (aka chicken soup).
    and in my virtual brain it is all kinds of homemade--not Campbells as Ive been serving the sick child.

  5. There's some bad viruses going around right now--just rest and let your body heal! I hate calling in sick too--the last time I did, my boss called me to ask if I could come in for the afternoon to see patients. Really? Really?

  6. Other than bronchitis that I seem to get (and get meds for asap) every few years, I too, am never sick. So when I do actually get sick I am like "what the hell is happening to me?!" I was actually just thinking about you yesterday and how much you would be enjoying this nice weather!