Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year Tuesday Ten

1. I had the loveliest New Year's weekend.  Lori and her husband came to Connecticut to celebrate the end of her old job and Mr. Helen and I got to spend some time with them.  The four of us went out to eat on Friday evening and when I tell you the two men talked like old friends who'd known each other for many years, I'm telling the truth!  Lori and I both were fairly shocked.  And this is really sad, but the only photo I took that evening was of my food, even though I had the best intentions of having someone shoot a picture of all four of us.  Oh well, enjoy this picture of my Drunken Noodles.

2. While John went off to tend to some business on Saturday, Lori and I spent the day together exploring Mystic.  Mystic is fairly well known as a tourist area, but I rarely go, except maybe to a restaurant.  So, it was super fun to me to spend the day walking around the shops and having lunch with Lori.  We had lunch at a place called Bleu Squid which specializes in gourmet grilled cheese and CUPCAKES!  Which Lori loves and is why I suggested it.  And of course, we ended the afternoon with a Latte.  It was a wonderful day and once again I was reminded why women need other women to spend time with.

A four cheese grilled cheese with applewood smoked bacon and tomato - delicious!

We tried to take our photo with Mystic Seaport in the background but it was blowing our hair the wrong way so like true women, we turned around.  Also, I am incapable of handling "selfies" so Lori had to master this shot lol!

4. Because I'd been fighting an awful cold/flu of some sort for several days, we made plans to stay home for New Year's Eve. I made a seafood dinner for us and enjoyed a glass of Prosecco atop the cute beverage napkins Little Helen had given me as a stocking stuffer,

5.  We tried desperately to stay awake until midnight by eating later and having dessert even later than usual. We enjoyed two of these yummy cupcakes.

We actually made it to about 11 then decided to go to bed and watch the rest of New Year's Rockin' Eve - not a good idea as by 11:30 we both had fallen sound asleep.  I must have woken up at some point and been annoyed by the TV noise because it was off in the morning.

6. New Year's Day I slept in until 8 o'clock!  And woke up feeling like death warmed over.  So I took an Aleve Cold and Flu, had some coffee while waiting for it to kick in a then went out to run the last run of the Runner's World Streak I'd started on Christmas Day. The goal was to run at least 1 mile every single day between Thanksgiving and New Years - 39 days in all.  35 of those days I ran outside and 4 of the days I ran on my treadmill due to pouring rain, an ice/snow/rain storm, and two mornings where it was all black ice on the roads. I ran 122 miles in all - averaging a little over 3 miles a day. I'm proud of myself for sticking to this challenge, which became especially challenging after my brother died. But, I was thinking this morning, because I tend to stick with things once I start them, this challenge really kept me moving during a time when I probably would have quit exercising at all for a while.   I decided to run 2.17 miles for 2017 and also because I really was not feeling well. I was happy with the run considering how yucky I felt.

7.  When I got home, Mr. Helen and I started taking down all the Christmas decorations.  This ended up being quite comical - he was tired by the time we got finished and kept saying he couldn't believe how long it took.  I told him that he'd been spoiled because I generally did this by myself and that's why I would say it took the whole day.  He promised to help me from now on.

8.  We had our Hoppin' John, cornbread, and Mr. Helen's super delicious pan fried chicken for dinner. This is sort of a traditional meal for us though the meat changes from year to year. I make the black-eyed peas in the crockpot. For several years I've used this recipe from Plain Chicken - easy because I use leftover Christmas ham, and the beans come out so delicious!

9.  As usual, I did quite a bit of reflecting on New Year's Day as I putted around. Like I said before, 2016 had it's ups - me doing the Army 10 Miler after 6 years of not racing, and of course ending the year by getting to meet Lori!  There were also downs - my thyroid getting out of whack and stalling any progress I'd made on weight loss, falling just before my race, the lack of a proper vacation.  Of course it all got put into perspective by the worst down of all when Joe died.

10. I usually weigh myself on New Year's day, and if you remember last year when I posted about this, I had gained 7.2 lbs. and I had the thought that if I could just lose 2.2 ounces a week, I'd have that off by New Year's Day of 2017.  As I tried to decide what to do about it, I came up with the $5 bet between Mr. Helen and me that went swimmingly until the above-mentioned thyroid malfunction, followed by my brother's going downhill to death.  Honestly, I didn't care what I ate meaning, while I had never "dieted", I had always worked on putting together nutrionally sound meals, and for the last couple of months of 2016, I just didn't give a crap.

I had reset my zero scale when I started the $5 bet because while I knew things would fluctuate from week to week, I wanted to see at the end of the year, what I'd managed.  While I hadn't looked before and had let Mr. Helen take the pictures and either pay me or not, I wanted to know now.

That is a net loss of 17.8 pounds!  So I lost my 7.2 plus more all without dieting, which is the most exciting thing of all.  Mr. Helen said I had gotten up to 26 pounds lost before my thyroid went nuts - but I'm not letting that get me down.  In fact I feel encouraged that once my levels are good again, I will be able to lose that and more as I seem to have figured out a way to eat that is comfortable for me.  And for the first time in years, I'm not obsessing over food - just enjoying it as it comes.

All in all a good start to 2017.


  1. Wow! Bravo on the no dieting and weight loss. That's a nice bonus.

    It looks like you got one of the chocolate outrate cuppies? That was John's and he loved it. :D

    I don't think it's sad that neither of us got a lot of photos. That meant our phones were put away and we were being present in the moment.

    1. Yes, that chocolate outrage cupcake was Mr. Helen's as was the other chocolate frosted one. He loves chocolate.

  2. I had to laugh at turning around because of the wind blowing your hair - yep. Great shot of you two. :)

    And now I get your number for your last run of the streak - doh! Usually I'm quicker than that for meaningful mileage numbers.

    I'm so happy for you that your non-dieting way of eating worked out, despite your dumb thyroid. Peace with food and losing weight? Wonderful!!!

    1. Yeah, you know because I wasn't feeling well enough to run 20.17 miles... ;)

  3. I saw on FB in the middle of the night that you and Lori had gotten together! So fun. I love your Tuesday Tens, and I love that last quote that you posted. I hope your New Year goes just the way you want it to.

  4. I was so shocked when I saw the picture of you too together! So happy you guys got to meet up. And hooray for the weight loss! I know the last couple months have been rough 😭 Hugs! Ps - love the last quote 🙌🏻💕

  5. I think you guys look great in that pic--you'd never know it was windy! And yay to the weight loss! What a great way to kick off the New Year!

  6. So much fun that you and Lori finally were able to meet. Great photo of the 2 of you.

    And wow! Congrats on the weight loss without dieting, that's great. And double congrats on finishing your running streak, very impressive.

    Here's to a fabulous 2017 for you!

  7. Kudos on the loss!!!

    It sounds like you had a fabulous New Years!!!!!