Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday Ten: Things My Garmin Taught Me

1.  I am way more sedentary than I think I am, especially during the week.  If I have a day when I do not exercise, then go to work, I am lucky to have 2-3,000 total steps during the day.  Believe me when I say, in my head I'm much more active than that.

2. Even on days when I run or walk only a couple miles, I struggle to get my step count anywhere near 10,000 steps, which I guess is what is recommended as a minimum. (Who came up with that anyway?)

3. When I have a sedentary day (i.e., under 5,000 steps), my TOTAL calorie burn is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1900 calories

4. On busy weekend days, even on days I do not exercise, I easily make 9-10,000 steps and with added exercise I easily make 16,000.

5. On active weekend days my calorie burn is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3,900!

6. Sunday during our third snow storm in four days, I made myself go outside and walk on my treadmill for 3 miles because I knew I'd be stuck in the house all day.  Because I was just hanging around my house cooking and sitting and watching TV, I ended up with only 7,800 steps. I can only imagine what it would have been had I not walked.

7. Interesting resting heart rate info.: as the week goes on and I exercise more, my resting heart rate goes up, which indicates that I probably do need a rest day each week.  But how restful do I need to be?

8. While not every day has be a high intensity exercise day, on most days, because of my super sedentary job, I really do need to try to move in some way for 30 minutes, which means I'm going to have to suck it up and get out after work if I plan on using my morning exercise time to do some body weight and strength training workouts, which are important too.

9. I definitely need to utilize my stand-up desk at work and not sit so much.  I think standing builds in some natural moving around that just doesn't happen if I'm sitting for hours.

10. The biggest thing I've realized is how easy it is to maintain and/or gain weight if sedentary.  I mean, I knew this in my head, but these stats are driving it home.


  1. In my personal experience gain/loose weight are highly dependent on what and how we eat. Everything else is marginal and a myth. I wish it weren't, as it is much easier to walk, run, count steps and workout than to keep a diet, and refrain from eating goodies.

    Physical activity is healthy and it may prevent gaining weight but it does little or nothing in loosing weight, at least in my case. Besides a balanced diet, sleep (the reccommended 7-8 hours daily) also promotes weight loss.

  2. I'm in exactly the same place as you - I just purchased a new FitBit HR and on those crazy sedentary days, without workouts, 3500 is about as high as my step count gets.

    As you said, in my head, I'm so much more active than that!

    I'm thankful that the weather here is improving (those storms by-passed us in SW Ontario, thankfully).

    Here's to more movement for both of us!

  3. I'd forgotten about your stand up desk (as I sit here at my desk). I bet using it for even an hour per day would make a difference.

    I don't count my steps or anything like that, but when my son gave me his Apple watch, I set it up for an activity goal (which was super easy to achieve while we were walking all over the theme parks in Orlando, LOL). Now I only wear it regularly on Thursdays, when I volunteer, and I'm always shocked when it dings that I've hit that goal. I do like those "extra" days when I'm moving more.

    Once again, you post leaves me sad that we don't live closer together - we could totally meet up for a walk every day!

  4. My Garmin and/or my Apple Watch beep me all the time: MOVE! But I'm on my feet most of the day. I'm not so sure how it all works...

  5. Our WW leader was talking about an app that will remind you to get up and move at least every hour if you have a desk job. Luckily for me - my office is really big and three floors and I don't want to be the asshole taking the elevator up three floors when we have an internal stairwell. Even when I had that hacking cough, because of my walk to the train and the amount of walking I do at work, I always hit 10k without hardly trying.

    Hope you had an awesome V-day dinner! :D

  6. Those are interesting facts. I'm guessing you don't get a long enough lunch or coffee break to get some exercise in then? Because my job was 12 hours, we got a longer lunch break. I'd eat lunch, and then head to the stairs to get my exercise in.

    Three snowstorms? Eek! I guess I like our rain better :/

  7. Since leaving my job at the end of last year, my daily step count has really increased because I'm actually moving around. It feels good.

    John has started standing while he is working online. Not sure if he burns more calories, but he said his back got tired LOL! He needs a cushion mat.

  8. There was a Japanese doctor who came up with the 10000 steps. He found out the average person takes 6000 steps a day. The extra 4000 is the minimal activity you should take in a day (the 30 minute exercise "rule").

    I get over 10000 almost every day, the only day I sometimes don't is Sunday. That's my least active day of the week.