Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Catch Up and Crankiness

Things have simmered down a bit finally.  I have been sort of MIA because four days after Mr. Helen's mother was buried, his uncle died.  That means my FIL lost his wife and brother within about a week of each other.  With his uncle's death, that is 5 deaths of close relatives in the last six months. Grief exhausted might be an understatement.  Really, it's too much in what feels like a short time.

I found this beautiful rose plant that we put at my MIL's grave on Easter.  It made us feel better to see something pretty there.

Our weather has finally gotten nicer so that means semi-opening the patio.  At least we get the table and chairs set back up and move the grill to its regular spot - and more grilling happens.  I've actually been cooking a lot of good food lately!


I called this rotisserie chicken cheat:  heat the rotisserie chicken on the grill while you grill the sides.

The best chicken shawarma I've ever made - I'll never make it any other way.

We feel like spring has really arrived when I make curried chicken burgers with avocado and serve with chop salad.

The recipe I developed of that really expensive Detox Salad I used to buy in the Hamptons.  We like this every bit as much and it's a fraction of the cost.

I had my first shorts and tee run yesterday morning.  Of course this morning it was back to long sleeves and pants, but at least I didn't need a jacket.  And no more headlamp as dawn breaks while I'm out.  I love running this time of year!

And now for the crank you've been waiting for.  

Let me first say that my food processor is the most used appliance in my kitchen.  I'm probably not exaggerating when I say I use it about once a day at least and several times in a day when I'm really cooking.  

For 20 years I had a KitchenAid food processor that I loved.  It had small bowl inside the bigger bowl so if you wanted to chop just 1 onion, you only had that small bowl to clean.  When it finally died a natural death a couple years ago, of course I wanted another.  Needless to say the models had changed a bit but I found one that was similar and Mr. Helen gave it to me as a Christmas gift.  

I HATE IT.  I have been taking photos of the issues with it and plan on telling KitchenAid how disappointed I am in this product.  Also, Ima find me a new food processor because I literally cannot take it.

When I use the small bowl, it whirls stuff up and out into the big bowl, thereby defeating the purpose of the small bowl.  It also catches stuff up in the lid and I constantly have to stop it and scrape it down.  And don't even get me going about how bad it is to grate cheese with gobs of it ending up under the lid.   Here is some of my evidence.

Finally, I can't even express how annoyed I am with my grocery store bakery.  I will confess that I love a good cinnamon twist, and they make a good one.  It's not something I buy often, but it is something I will buy as a treat - generally on a long run day. There are two kinds - one with sugar sprinkle on it and one with glaze over it.  I prefer the glaze.  I actually hadn't had one in a good long time and while I was grocery shopping swung by to see if there were any left.  There weren't but much to my dismay, the entire case was filled with signs like this:

Above you can barely see a sugared twist and below are scones.  But WHYYYYYYYYY?!!!  Every single thing in the pastry and donut case now has a sign like that.  I don't want or need this information in any way, shape, or form. I swear it took everything I had not to rip it down.  As I stood there saying aloud, "Why would they do that?"  A woman next to me said, "Will it really stop you from buying what you want?" As I took this picture, I huffed that I didn't know, it might.  She asked me why I was taking the picture and I replied that I was taking it to send to my cinnamon twist loving friend in Texas so that she could be indignant with me.  (Thanks for sharing my pain Shelley.)


  1. The calorie posting does give me pause sometimes. Sometimes. If my heart is set on something, I'll get it.

    I think this is now a requirement for signs in some states to post calories. I will say that 340 for a cinnamon twist isn't bad at all! The bear claws at Panera (which are tasty) are around 500, if I recall.

  2. I love your rotisserie chicken cheat! Good idea for when it's been sitting in the fridge. Your curried chicken burger looks amazing and I am suddenly so hongry right now. :)

    In California, they have to post the calorie counts on everything at restaurants, which is good and annoying at the same time, LOL. I feel your pain, but sometimes I just go for it anyway. LALALA I can't hear you, nutrition facts!

    As for the food processor, WTH Kitchen Aid?? I hate it when they make "improvements" to tried-and-true appliances. I hope you find a better replacement - I'd be over that mess, too.

    So glad you are getting nicer weather for your running - at least you got a tease with the shorts and t-shirt weather...soon that will be an everyday thing, YAY!!!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the deaths. Hugs to every one!!

    Hip hip hurray for the patio and the resurgence of the grill!!!!!! Woohoo!!!

  4. I"m sorry to hear about all the sadness in your life lately! It seems like those things happen in bunches, sorry to say. Hopefully you're done for a while.

    I love my Cuisinart food processor. We're actually on our 2d one after the first one bit the dust. That was after 25 years, so no complaints. It gets almost daily use over here. The nice thing is that all the old accessories worked on the new one.

  5. So sorry for all your losses, that's a lot of loved ones to be missed in such a short time.

    Wow, all your food looks so delicious, it's almost lunch time here and now I'm super hungry.

    And those sunrise photos: stunning!

    Luckily they don't put the calories on the tabs here yet. Not that it stops me from buying what I want though. I actually never look at calories, as soon as I do I start eating more because it feels like I can't have anything I want. Now that I eat what I want I don't lose weight (have to exercise for that) but I'm not gaining either. Been on the same weight for months now.

  6. Here's to brighter days ahead Helen! Not sure how I missed this post! It always makes me happy when I bring my gazebo chairs out.

    I think you posted your detox salad before - would you mind letting me know if you did? I can't remember off the top of my head, I'll google it and see if it comes up. Whole Foods has a similar one and its delicious.

    My Kitchen Aid just bit the bullet, but it's just the bowl - the handle kind of fell apart so it doesn't "know" that it's closed to start. I need to see if I can replace just that, because the motor part is just fine. It was a gift from Tony so I kind of don't want to replace the whole thing.

  7. Your sunrise photos are so beautiful! And the rose too-what a nice thing to do.

    I have never owned a full size food processor. I inherited a small one from my dad and his wife, and loved it. And I've had to get a new one since then. Not very expensive--maybe you could get the small one for your small jobs, and just keep the big one for big jobs?

    The calorie thing. I'm okay with it. It usually keeps me from getting something "not worthy." I'm with Lori--340 for a cinnamon twist is a good deal :)

  8. If something like the calorie count causes you to choose something else- like those delish ribs and veg. then that's a good thing- IMO.

    Onward and here's to finding the right tools in the kitchen and with choices.